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Graduation Day!

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for ever since I accepted my position with Emirates- Graduation Day! This means that I have successfully completed my probationary period with the airline and am now officially Cabin Crew. 202 more words

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Middle East To The Midlands

My latest trip was to Birmingham in the UK. Close to home, but not close enough to actually visit home, so I made them come and visit me instead! 376 more words

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Back to school...!

Hello again!

The next three days I will be attending Emirates Aviation College for a Service Assessment. Should everything go well, I will complete my probationary period with Emirates and graduate on Thursday, April 28th! 237 more words

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May Roster

The May Rosters have all finally been published and this month I will definitely be doing some swapping around as best possible I feel…

VIE – Vienna, Austria Layover… 127 more words

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Scotland In The Spring

So I was originally rostered to be going to Lagos in Nigeria however I am VERY prone to being bitten so I wasn’t looking forward to that and there’s actually not very much to do there. 568 more words

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Lovely Lisbon

I seem to have spent a lot of time in Europe for my past few destinations with Emirates, however I can’t complain as every destination has been wonderful. 1,492 more words

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J'Adore Paris

What a beautiful and perfect layover. I was originally rostered Johannesburg, but as I was given two I wanted to swap one and when someone sent me a swap for Paris I couldn’t click accept fast enough! 766 more words

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