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Tuk Tuks in Thailand

So my latest trip was my BKK/HKG/BKK multi sector and the first stop was Bangkok! I was so happy when I saw Bangkok on my February roster as I was looking forward to a massage and visiting a country I hadn’t been to before. 1,014 more words

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My Mum Visits Dubai!

I haven’t written on Dubai in a while so I thought I would inform about my lovely long weekend with my lovely Mum. When I saw that my January roster had given me four days off in a row I thought it would be silly for my Mum to not come out and visit! 1,250 more words

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What Should Your CV Be Like?

Hello! How are you doing?

On the previous post I said I would create a post just to talk about the CV because I assume it is something very important during the process. 229 more words

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The Emirates Final Interview (!!!).

First of all: yet I did not realize I have reached this part of the process!

The Final Interview (FI) is nothing more than being interviewed by the recruiter, who takes into account your previous working/living experiences, specially regarding customers’ service and multicultural experiences. 601 more words

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The Emirates Assessment Day.

The Assessment Day (AD) is the event to which you need to receive an invitation to go. Here in Brazil, all the ones who have made it on the… 623 more words

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February Roster

I have just gotten my February Roster and I have some exciting destinations! This month I’ll be going to:

Chennai, India (MAA) Turn Around
Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bangkok (BKK/HKG/BKK) Multisector… 113 more words

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Shivery In Stockholm

I had been looking forward to going to Stockholm when I saw it on my roster as it was another cold destination that I would be able to wrap up all warm, drink lots of hot chocolate and hear the crunch of the snow under my boots! 693 more words

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