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A chance to change some dubious climate accounting

The UK should change the way it accounts for emissions under its legally binding carbon budgets, whether or not it remains part of the EUETS. 739 more words

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A wealth of ideas about wealth funds

There are many ways of designing a wealth fund based on revenues from carbon pricing.  Debate about these is necessary, but should not distract from the merits of the broader proposal.  1,209 more words

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Reform of the EUETS has at last made significant progress

The effective limit on the size of the MSR proposed by Council is an extremely welcome strengthening of the EUETS.  However it will still take a long time for the EUETS to become fully effective. 493 more words

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Paul Manning Speaks at Hazmat Management Magazine's Remediation Technology Seminar

I was delighted to to join the roster of speakers at  Hazmat Management Magazines’ Remediation Technology Seminar at the Mississauga Convention Centre in Mississauga today., 196 more words


Additional actions in EUETS sectors can reduce cumulative emissions

It is often claimed that additional actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in sectors covered by the EUETS are ineffective because total emissions are set by the level of the cap.  2,123 more words

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It is a subsidy, in a sector that likes to think it was weaned off subsides in the 1980s. - Brian Fallow. 

If you own a car or a truck, you pay a price on the carbon dioxide emissions from its exhaust pipe. But if you own cows or sheep, the emissions of methane when they belch or nitrous oxide when they urinate are exempt under the emissions trading scheme. 74 more words

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