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New data imply slower global warming

Leaving aside whether ‘climate sensitivity’ (to carbon dioxide) is a valid concept in the first place, it’s been obvious for a while that climate modellers have seriously overestimated the actual level of any warming that has occurred in recent years. 269 more words


9 questions about climate change you were too embarrassed to ask

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This explainer was updated by Umair Irfan in March 2018, and draws heavily from a card stack written by Brad Plumer in 2015. 4,398 more words


Breaching the threshold


Global inequality in terms of wealth and consumption is on a constant rise. Put differently, only the richest two per cent of the world has 80 percent of world’s total wealth. 1,076 more words

The UK may commit to net-zero carbon emissions. That’s a big deal.

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When we talk about individual countries and what they’re doing about climate change, the focus tends to be on the two big emitters, the US and China, as well as some of your sexier renewable energy leaders, your Germanys and your Denmarks. 1,789 more words


NC DEQ develops case to halt GenX emissions

“RALEIGH – After a late-March legislative tour of the Department of Environmental Quality Reedy Creek laboratories, DEQ Secretary Michael Regan was clear that action over air emissions at the Chemours Co. 301 more words