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Nevermind Watchdown: S11E7, or Bill, WOULD YOU AND WAYNE'S WORLD DO A SONG??

Bit of an odd panel, this one. A heavy metal legend on one side, a comedy legend on the other. Should be fun either way. 814 more words

Mark Lamarr Era

Big Hair: The Geordie Style

Style and glamour are a huge part of everyone’s lives these days from the second you turn on the TV. The newest wave of reality shows such as Geordie Show and The Only Way Is Essex have had a massive impact on our culture and provide hours of pure entertainment, but just how can you recreate some of their sense of style in your life? 329 more words


For The Love of Bracelets!

It’s only day two of Ten but it’s sunday. As im getting ready for church this morning i’ve been crying inside because I want to put bracelets on so badly. 222 more words

Emma B


Hello there catch coco readers! Although the weather has been a bit mad. It is summer, so time to show a bit of skin and get into your favourite dress. 205 more words

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