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Book "Review": Allegiant


HATED this book. Seriously. I mean, it gave answers to a lot of questions that people may have had throughout the first two books, but this one was LAME. 202 more words

Book "Review": Insurgent


The second book of the Divergent series HAS to be my favorite. I liked that Veronica Roth didn’t take forever cluing people in to what had happened in the last book and jumped right into things. 68 more words

Book "Review": Divergent

I honestly didn’t think I would even like this book. I’m all for dystopian novels, and I am pretty sure the rest of the world is too… hence their popularity lately. 266 more words

Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens Audiobook Review

Book: Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens, HarperAudio, February 2014

Book Info: Audible purchase, Running time: 7 hrs, 45 minutes. Performed by: Emma Galvin. … 493 more words

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