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Random London Photos

As many of you know, I visited London in March. And I took a TON of pictures, but only had time to upload a few to Facebook. 129 more words

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Coming Soon...

… very soon. It’s with the proofreader now, and that means before long, it will be shipshape and Bristol fashion, meaning ready to go on sale. 193 more words

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British Posters From the Second World War

I think everyone is familiar with that the iconic KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON poster, now everywhere and repurposed to sell, lampoon, or support virtually everything (I will probably have a KEEP CALM AND TRUST HETHERIDGE version for… 229 more words


Bonfire Night

“Remember, remember, the fifth of November, Gunpowder Treason and Plot”

On November 5, 1605, Guy Fawkes was arrested for plotting the assassination of King James I… 1,055 more words

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Why Cornwall?

So, most of you know me from the Lord & Lady Hetheridge books, which are set in present-day London. And I adore London, so when I first had the inspiration (about a year ago to this day) to create a new series set in wartime Britain, why not London? 182 more words

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Doctor Sleep: A Novel by Stephen King ... a review by Emma Jameson

So first … a caveat. I almost never write book reviews. Think about it. As a novelist, when I write a review, that review arrives with a certain amount of baggage. 623 more words

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My London Trip, Part Two

More pictures and little bits and pieces.

I found this building in South London and immediately thought of Kate (formerly Wakefield, now Hetheridge). This is just how I imagined the flat she shared with Henry and Ritchie. 111 more words

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