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Movie Review: Nerve (2016)

Howdy folks, I’m giving this another go. Most of over half of me hopes nobody actually reads anything I’m writing because it’s scary enough to post something online and the rest of the little bit of me knows that I’m doing this in the least risky way possible under a false name, writing about other peoples’ work, with no consistency or exposure. 816 more words


Critics' Choice Awards 2018: Best Dressed.

This year’s Critics’ Choice Awards saw a galaxy of stars either with a pretty gown but not a cool carriage — or a not-so-good gown but worn with poise. 18 more words

In Style: Casual (January 6-10)

How about another round of some cool casual wear? Take your pick and dress up! 25 more words

In Style: Casual (December 2017)

Simple yet cool — that’s what our chosen celebs were for December’s casual wear! 12 more words

It's Kind Of A Funny Story

It’s Kind Of A Funny Story is a movie about a teenage boy who is feeling suicidal and admits himself into a psychiatric ward. While in the hospital he meets lots of other people, some of which are going through similar issues in their lives. 52 more words


Nancy Drew (2007)

Nancy Drew
Dir. Andrew Fleming
Premiered June 15, 2007

While re-watching the Spider-Man trilogy, it struck me that perhaps it would be more suitable for long-running superhero comics to be adapted into period pieces. 819 more words