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Love that Transcends Languages and Borders

Two weeks down, Seven to go.

That seems crazy to me. In some ways it feels like we have been here for months, yet it seems unimaginable that we only have seven weeks left. 565 more words


Spiegare il razzismo a tua figlia

Sabato scorso, 9 giugno, rientravamo in tram da una bella giornata trascorsa in laboratori creativi alla Fondazione Feltrinelli, quando la corsa del mezzo si è interrotta e ci hanno comunicato una deviazione per la quale avremmo dovuto cambiare tram in Stazione Centrale. 421 more words


A Lesson From Emma Dupree and the Granny Women Who Endure

Every week I will feature the kind of everyday heroes I look up to. They come from all walks of life, age groups and beliefs. I hope you’ll learn as much from them as I have! 737 more words


"Just hear me out"

More on Emma and Kirby’s situation next time …


My Pitch Critiques - Emma

My Pitch went really well, the ideas I had seemed very effective, every one who reviewed my pitch like it, if I was to change it for the better I would defiantly make the plot less confusing, my pitch had a really good setting and I like how it came together, I would also ensure as my friend James pointed out I have only included one actor, so the pitch should have more actors in it to make it a more believable film idea, and make it a lot more diverse as it would probably be quite boring, my pitch’s plot whilst complex and needing to be a lot less confusing I personally like the direction I took with a twist, it made the film appear to be something completely different so in that aspect I wouldn’t change the plot, as I stated I wanted to make a film a cross over of Sherlock Holmes meets fight club, using split personality to progress the story. 77 more words


Short Film Robbery 11/06/2018

For our short robbery film, we each had to work on a pre-production plan that included things from script, to storyboard.

Steph worked Makeup and directing, Jordan played the thief because he can look like a thief , Dan played the police officer since he can run a decent pace and can pull of the look of a police officer, Camera and Johnny played the innocent bystanders who get mugged, whilst everyone else worked with filming and other behind the scenes work. 672 more words


Evidence of Teamwork - Emma/Neil

level-2-teamwork-neil     LEVEL 2 TEAMWORK SKILLS

Completed Teamwork evidence

another form of teamwork was the short film I co created with patch, dan and Jordan, I helped in the overall production including creation of script, creation of a character, camera work, and editing, we all co created the project and each made a short amount each, to see my short film click here: 13 more words