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The Emoji Tag! ☺️

Hiya! I hope your feeling happy? ☺️

I got this random idea in my head to create something called the emoji tag…. So here it is! 345 more words



Directors : We are From LA
Prod : Iconoclast
Agency : BETC

Emoji Input extension for Chrome

Emoji has become a popular feature in smartphone messaging apps like Whatsapp. The Emoji Input extension can be used to similarly pick Emoji to insert into emails and other websites in… 58 more words

Emoji Craze? What's The Best Solution?

I came across a great review via Bridget Carey of CNET, regarding a weekly review she did on emojis (see full video below). In the video segment, Bridget discusses the popularity of emojis, and a few new apps that have recently launched, that have jumped the emoji bandwagon. 513 more words

See, government does have a sense of humor!

My friends at @FEMA –

See, government DOES have a sense of humor.

Bonus points for the fed emoticons in the twitter reply too. #Nooice


Sleep Depravation and the IPhone battery

Sleep Depravation shows the extent of the convergence between humanity and technology. I have developed battery life akin to my iPhone. When I first brought the Sleep Depravation 4 just under 3 years ago I just needed a quick sync and full charge every week to ten days and worked in full power.After 3 winters and several depravation upgrades (they’ve got heavier, louder and harder to shush down), this third summer has seen my joints stiffen and my energy plunge as short trips (what in the name of Waitrose was I thinking) to opposite ends of the UK have left the toddlers with on tour timings and tantrums and Didsbury Wife and I so low on juice that even an altruistic induced lie-in only gets us out of the red for a couple of hours. 154 more words

Didsbury Son