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there won't be any weekend

I know it’s saturday but there won’t be any weekend, I promised, the pulse will count out the same in sixty seconds and I cannot live any other way; I am anti-heroic when it comes to arresting the life in me. 206 more words

A new study confirms it: We really don't know what we're saying when we use emoji

Emoji characters may seem trivial, but they are fast becoming a foundation for online communication. Ten billion were sent on Twitter alone last year, and roughly… 538 more words


Gue biasanya nyebut emoji ato emote ato emoticon. Tergantung mood. Huahahaha.

Tapi intinya yang gue sebut itu pasti udah diketahui semua orang yang pake aplikasi pesan singkat. 734 more words


From Emoticons to Emojis: the Evolution of Online Communication

I remember learning to type on a computer keyboard and only being able to use my right hand because the left was too slow. I remember waiting for my family’s incredibly clunky desktop computer to load up, pixel by pixel. 365 more words

FacebookLive now popping FB emoticons in real-time feedback #SMEM

Whoa. Facebook Live now allows for pre-identified Facebook emoticons in live free floating display DURING Facebook Live.

Yep, Periscope should be a bit worried as this kind of action is now impinging on what makes Periscope so favorable to end users. 32 more words

Emojis: The New Universal Digital Language?

Oh emojis. You make : ) : D : P look like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, which is ironic because if you think about it, hieroglyphs were ancient emojis. 338 more words

When Millenials Rule the World

Somewhere in Iraq, March 28, 2035 9:56 AM PST

The head of ISIL is discovered
On the button his hand hovers
Advisors ask him “Are you sure?” 424 more words