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Truth, Not Truthy: BBM First Messenger to Get Stephen Colbert Emoji

Hey #TeamBlackBerry, it’s been a while since my last blog eh? I’m good, thanks for asking. Now that we’re all caught up, I may as well just get right to it. 268 more words


"FingerBib" (Aphex Twin Cover)

“FingerBib” by Aphex Twin is one of my favorite electronic tracks of all time, so I decided to cover it. Hope you like it!

“FingerBib” Recorded and performed by Emoticon… 10 more words


Hwang In Sun solo dengan Emoticon

Hwang In Sun adalah salah satu kontestan Produce 101 yang tereliminasi di semi final. Di program itu dia dipanggil Aunty Hwang oleh kontestan-kontestan yang lain karena umurnya yang jauh lebih tua (kelahiran tahun 1989). 148 more words


Owl Emoji Hits The All-Time Record

Yesterday was a very good day for stats on my blog! Thanks to my Searching For The Owl Emoji post! Not sure how it went viral but with the days going up to the reveal of 38 new emojis this summer, I am certain that this post will get even more traffic. 140 more words

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Tzuyu Chou in the Battle

At the end of 2015, a Taiwanese singer, Tzuyu Chou, sparked some controversies due to her behavior of waving a Taiwanese flag in a South Korean TV show, which was highlighted by another Taiwanese singer, An Huang, in Sina Weibo on January 2016. 678 more words

there won't be any weekend

I know it’s saturday but there won’t be any weekend, I promised, the pulse will count out the same in sixty seconds and I cannot live any other way; I am anti-heroic when it comes to arresting the life in me. 206 more words

A new study confirms it: We really don't know what we're saying when we use emoji

Emoji characters may seem trivial, but they are fast becoming a foundation for online communication. Ten billion were sent on Twitter alone last year, and roughly… 538 more words