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Racism in WhatsApp.

First of all, let me put forward my intention behind this post. I do not want to accuse WhatsApp makers for racism. Neither I have any intention to start a debate. 410 more words


Patrick Stewart is The Sh*t Emoji.. Not a Typo

The longstanding debate to whether it is a little smiling dookie, or some chocolate ice cream has been settled. Its poop. Now that we have an emoji movie coming, which we are 90% sure is a sign of the apocalypse, it stands to reason the little smiling pile of excrement is going to be heavily featured–for better or worse. 244 more words



So I was having a text conversation with a friend today, and she ended one of her (always intelligent and salient) texts with a winky face emoticon. 971 more words


What the crap?

Saw this at Walmart today:

I’m not saying they should or shouldn’t. I’m just passing through life, in this case my favorite retail giant, noticing things and making comments. 231 more words


Equals Mortified 

Idk why i feel like i need to explain this right right now of all times.
I sometimes remember- i should explain this!
And then i forget. 151 more words


End of Year Lists – 2016

Bests. Worsts. Most Deplorable.
Extinctions. Revenant Appearances.
Dead Writers. Dead Actors.
The Heart Broken. Ten Angels.

Superimposed a grocery list
on scratch paper scribbles
prawns, bubbly drinks, 175 more words


More Emojis!

Loyal readers,

I have written about emojis (or emoticons) before, and the implications they have for linguistics. Needless to say, as a language convention I find them quite fascinating. 508 more words