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Last Call

I thought you were the one for me
Always jumping ahead of myself
Must gain self control
My weakness is winning
My surroundings are real… 144 more words

Another Lovers Lover

I am realizing how your views maybe somewhat off
Worried too much about what others think makes the mind go soft
Just be who you are and like what you like… 188 more words

Work of a Harvest

My development has drafted self-security to guard me from attacks
The daggers of life puncturing stabbing me all over my back
You never see what lies ahead or just around the corner… 236 more words


“First impression is the last impression” we have grown up believing in this proverb all our life. But is it really true? Does the first impression really matter that much? 187 more words



When things get tough, what do you do? When things are just not going your way and you start to fall apart, how do you keep yourself from hurtling down to the abyss? 314 more words

Will you?/Your will

Will you grant me my deepest desires?
Your will be done in my needs, not my wants
Will you keep me safe in dire times? 46 more words


For Nights When I Feel Too Much

There are many, many things in life that I have never been good at. Math has never come easily for me. I still don’t know how to properly hold a bat. 825 more words