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I miss your touch on my skin

I miss the way you explored my body with your hands

Trembling and unsure fingers

Not knowing what was okay to do just yet… 72 more words


Picture that night,

Lounging with Bob Dylan

Neil Young, and Louie.

Quite a night to be alone


The dark, hazy room,

Filled with a slight tinge… 246 more words


Mrs. Sane

When we first met, I remember my excitement for you.

You were the most honest person I had ever met;

Even said things others would normally hold back. 285 more words

Managing Emotional Overloads

I’m no expert but when it comes to managing emotions but I think I’ve got a little insight. I’ll keep it brief. Below are my 5 tips to handling emotional overloads. 473 more words

Joy Abandoned

Taken from a FB Q & A yesterday:

Joy left in November and only shows her face briefly. Holding it together doesn’t seem to allow for joy.

117 more words


I’d never sobbed so much. Granted, I probably have, I just don’t want to admit it.

It was the last night of taraweeh, the last night of Ramadan, and it suddenly dawned on me that I might not be alive to see the next one. 121 more words