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Existentialism and Human Emotion

I should like on this occasion to defend existentialism against some charges which have been brought against it.

First, it has been charged with inviting people to remain in a kind of desperate quietism because, since no solutions are possible, we should have to consider action in this world as quite impossible. 10,313 more words

Cliché Amour

Hold me close when the night draws in

and the dew drops form from the mist –

they make flowers glisten just like your lips… 277 more words


Author your own silverlining.

What is life, if not a learning experience? Situations we find ourselves in may not always favor the positive, and with that said, what makes us who we are are how we handle the negative (as well as that positive). 457 more words


At That Jiffy

In the aura enchanted with Stardust, as we’ve always mused,
Under the moons silver, With chilling winds blowing around,
And the moment, When I stare you in the dark, 10 more words

Bangalore Tales

Stages of Life

 The peony life cycle is not unlike our own

“Every stage of life is beautiful”  

Barbara Scoville


Felt sooo good

Weakness overcame her. Weakness of the flesh, as she took him to bed. Without much prompting. It had been so very long. And that one alcohol-soaked experience only a faint shadow etched into her memorybank. 32 more words


Thoughts from Friday3


I find it very funny that certain memories can be buried so far that you forget about them entirely.  Then, when they do resurface they make you feel negative emotions so strong that you bury them right back down.  252 more words