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Thoughts on Archipelago (2010)

I’m not usually one for scenes of awkward tension—even Craig Ferguson could pull those off with his guests on a regular basis—but the extent to which… 157 more words



All those little butterflies,
Fluttering over these bright sunflowers
Humming the song of the rainbow
As she walked past them
Spreading the brightness
In her charming smiles. 147 more words


hopeless words

Why did I continue to spew words which
pierce my heart like knives,
twisting into my soft flesh,
causing blood to ooze from the wound, 82 more words


Roots and Wings on the Family Tree

As Thanksgiving approaches, I find myself more emotional and reflective of the many milestones in our long family history, both happy and sad, that have taken place at this time of the year.  203 more words

977 Emotional quotient

Emotion is inner Quality

resides in heart of person.

It may be good emotion

like love, mercy, equality

goodwill, joy, peace etc.

We have to create such… 107 more words


Does anything ever change?

So 2 years on…..

I’m not really sure why I stopped posting, maybe because I ended up in a very dark place due to things I couldn’t possibly post online. 628 more words