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Writing Prompt: 5#

Describe the feeling of an astronaut floating further and further away from Earth


My first song: you played me.

I’ll sing it out, from the heart,

I’ll play from the strings you tore apart, does that ring a bell.
You hung me out to dry, 181 more words


Living Memory

I will paint you with colors
you weren’t able to see yourself in.
For every chance you will never take,
I will leap with your bravery. 27 more words


Killing Me Softly

How is it that a song can so perfectly capture a complete stranger’s heart? Phantoms drift through a soul, nameless but achingly present, without words to explain the ache or hope or love burning holes through a chest. 340 more words


The Pity Party

There are times where my depression can hit hard and come up from (seemingly) nowhere. I know there are things I do not entirely grasp which cause it to come about at times, but I do not yet know what it is (diet, perhaps?). 838 more words


The Struggle

‘Relationship’. The word is now taboo.

In the moments of confusion, unhappiness or even silence. I find myself desperately trying to understand the situation from his perspective. 301 more words

Romantic Comedy