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The Pain Inside my Heart.....

I can hear my heart,
As it cries so hard.
Broken and torn,
Still keep holding on.

It’s empty yet too heavy,
Too much load maybe. 39 more words

...so damn broken

My heart breaks,
My tears leak.
My dreams are shattering,
My head goes heavier.

No goodbye,
Not even a single try.
Yet it seems to be the ending, 32 more words

Without You

Why should I smile ?
              When you won’t see me happy ..
What of my beauty  ?
              When you won’t compliment. …
Why should my eyes shine ? 109 more words


Hope and Delusion. 

There’s a line between hope and delusion that I don’t want to cross. I’ve reached a point in my life where I am about to lose many of the friendships I’ve developed over the last four years. 128 more words


the hidden value of sadness

How can sadness be useful?

When we are sad we seem to be somehow diminished. Absorbed with the source of our sadness. Distracted. Unable to function fully in that moment; emotionally and mentally disabled. 525 more words