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Review: Inside Out

We finally made it to the new Pixar flick, Inside Out. I can’t say that I properly saw the entire movie, because my eyes were filled with this salty watery liquid a majority of the time, which made it really hard to see. 155 more words


How Do You Replenish?

With so many people working harder than ever, it is imperative to develop a way to replenish oneself. I am not referring to merely resting either. 335 more words


The Virus - Post Moretem

I spent a few weeks making a small games called ‘The Virus’. It went ok for the most part. I had a few problems though. 436 more words

Post Mortem

Be the Emotional Sponge

A few weeks ago I was called an emotional sponge. What I’m pretty sure was meant to be an insult, after a little reflection, I took to be the highest of compliments. 292 more words

Self Love


Here’s something I wrote just yesterday. Let me know what you think!

By: Oliver Shields
I know the past: it’s written. Show me your dreams, your visions, I don’t want the concepts. 214 more words


So, Anyway...

I just finished reading John Cleese’s book “So, Anyway…” and it struck me how I, the reader could become so moved by someone else’s life story. 443 more words