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My 200th Post: Improv & Me

I love improv and believe (when my heart and head are in it) that I’m good at it, too.  Here are some other things I love and believe myself to be good at.   1,740 more words


Fighting Fear

7 months. It’s been 7 months since I wrote my last post on here. My dream in life is to become a successful writer, living my days scribbling words that articulate the pictures in my mind – and yet I haven’t written on this blog in 7 months. 352 more words

Wide and Deep Rapport

Conversations are 3 dimensional, many people have the mindset that by merely talking their rapport with each other is going up. But life isn’t like the Sims… 234 more words


What is true customer service?

I hate dealing with customer service – for ANYTHING! Especially since most of it is done via the internet ‘chat’ service rather than an actual person which, in my humble opinion, is a shame. 519 more words

Life In General

Do you still

Do you still

Do you still love me

Or do you want me to move on

Do you still want me

Or am I tagging along… 86 more words


safe stuck

I really hate you sometimes.

I love you beyond reason at others.

I’ve a long list of your crimes.

But we’ve met each others mothers.


Emotion at work

I feel scared a lot at the moment

I feel frustrated a lot at the moment

I feel joy a lot at the moment

I feel sad a lot at the moment… 899 more words