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My Time on Earth

It has been almost 55 years of mars, scars, and wonder if it will ever end.  Being taught to leave something the world will remember my name by sent me searching for my opportunity.  113 more words


Issues with Respect

This was a draft that sat here for a while before I got back to it and finished my thoughts. The RDP of “respect” 892 more words



At the end of episode#010 of his college life. He(the one in jean) was chit-chatting with one of his classmates at a place called ‘airport of the college’. 168 more words


Inflection Point

The unicorns of experiences,
and rainbows of feelings,

began gradually transforming into

sledgehammers of harsh truths,
and chainsaws of differences,

when we thought and thought and strangled the thought with the wire of distance,
of both space and time.


My Heart Will Not Argue.

I know my head is stronger than my heart,
My head will tell you something,
My heart knows it’s not true…
But, they both know I did it to save myself. 88 more words


U is for U Don’t Have To

Many of the posts in this blog describe and explain the “rules” of writing fiction. They are useful, but only up to a point.

You don’t have to follow the “rules,” at least not slavishly. 357 more words


This is a pattern of behaviour which might (or might not) be associated with excessively (exuberamtly) amplified behaviour, expressed vocally or by “body language”. A universal attribute is the absence of rational direction. 99 more words

Humans As Social Animals