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why i have no emotions

When diagnosing why I tend to be the carefree one in all my relationships, I realized that my independence might have to do with a lack of depth of emotion. 104 more words

I Have

Have you ever loved someone so much that the pure thought of loosing them makes it feel like someone has reached into your chest, pulled your heart from everything its attached too, and dropped it to the bottom of your stomach? 247 more words


Emotional Courage

Hey, I hope that your day is going well. Today, I will be talking about emotion and courage.  I know that for most of us have reached a point in our lives where we are emotional.   195 more words


Ghost story

My eyes wide, I witnessed a ghost story,
In the mirror, was my own reflection.


The Renegade Press | Tales from the mouth of a wolf

“As someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety, I know how difficult it can be to admit that you are struggling. I know the crushing feeling of despair that settles into the back of your mind and pushes down on your chest until you feel as though you are drowning underneath a sea of hopelessness. 181 more words



I tend to be a hopeful person most of the time. The optimistic one that’s always shouting “Don’t lose hope!” and fake smiling to cover the doubtful frown. 206 more words


Carry Me Away

In the Carmel Valley, there is an amazing little concert hall tucked away amid oak trees, rustic wineries, and sunny cafes. This beautiful July evening, I was blessed to attend a cello and piano concert with my father. 174 more words