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An infinity, it seemed, engulfed him,

As if to be a tiny atom swirling aimlessly throughout the galaxy,

A ‘Greater Perhaps’ branched out its welcoming arms, 170 more words


Letter to Myself: Try To Make Peace With It

When people look down on you, it will definitely hurt but try to make peace with it. This doesn’t mean that you should be a doormat – that’s a sign of weakness but what people think of you matters little compared to what you think of yourself. 595 more words


Journal Poetry - Collection #1

I don’t write a lot of poetry and when I do it’s usually in my journal. The fact is I’m just not very versed in the word gymnastics that it takes. 529 more words


Blog Vacation

So for this weekend I decided to remove myself from writing anything from the blog to let my mind relax. I have really enjoyed this outlet for my stress and seeing the odd people liking what I have been writing has been nice. 881 more words


There is No Such Thing as Good or Bad - Everything Just Is

“There is no such thing as good or bad. This is because we have 2 parts of the mind; we have the part that observes and the part that thinks. 541 more words

Angus Baynham-McColl


Aching with the

Days fantasies

I watch a

Pink sunset;

Which seems to wash over

My sunburnt skin like a strange heaven


The Day Hate Won in America

In the early hours of Wednesday, November 9, it was announced that the United States had elected Donald Trump to the presidential office. I still can’t believe I have to type that. 1,872 more words