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"Sizing up" emotional reponses

Here is a copy of a recent theoretical paper I wrote on the importance of “sizing up” emotional responses (musical and otherwise).  A formatted version can be obtained from the… 2,266 more words

Mind Gapping While Searching For Stars

Lately I’ve been stealing stars

The lights in my house are beginning to dim and I’m not sure about how much time is left until I have to sleep in the dark again… 161 more words


Lines left upon a seat in a yew-tree

In this poem, Wordsworth contrasts the Enlightenment sensibility by showing that Nature is a above men and a guide for peacefulness.

L.1 “Traveller! rest.”, shows the sense of adventure of the unknown by naming the man traveller. 350 more words

Obvious, or not?

Didn’t my actions say enough?

Why did I have to come right out, and say I love you?

Wasn’t it obvious enough?

Now nothing’s the same. 50 more words



Hey everyone,

It’s been awhile since I have written – sorry! 6 months wow

So the last post was “Moving forward” – well, I haven’t made too much progress but I did realise yesterday in my counselling session how far I have actually come. 176 more words

25/08/16 22:39

Ever get so full of emotion you feel like your head is going to explode? I had that today. I ended up yelling at my family and just crying for hours.  383 more words


Hello everyone,

Today I was forced to take a day off work to watch my brothers. I mean, it wasn’t all bad, but a day off work when you are a college student can feel a lot more meaningful to a person than someone who is in a career job. 547 more words

Life Struggle