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Know What Annoys Me?


Or, rather, dealing with you, the person that is you. Or whoever it is that you become when you annoy me.

Not all the time, but sometimes. 114 more words


The Power of Authenticity

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Authenticity requires a certain measure of vulnerability, transparency, and integrity.”

Janet Louise stephenson

Authenticity and emotional freedom

To be your authentic self, whether that be with family, friends, peers, or people that work for you, can be a truly liberating and helpful experience!

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What some days feel like...

Ashton might not even be watching that show on Netflix because his mind is somewhere else.

You can feel when a day isn’t going to go well for you, not that I’m saying that you make up your mind before waking up that its a bad day today, but something happens and you know that okay it is not a chirpy and sunny day for you. 143 more words


Don’t you dare

Hate me;

Loosely moving

Around me

As if I can fucking

Sleep right now?

So stop this,

Because you haven’t

Earned this fire… 98 more words


7 reasons why love is not our cup of tea -From the Crazy Singles

In real life, though the entire world seems to be smitten by love, please hear it from the minority community of the happy singles. We are here to give you reasons why “LOVE” is just not our thing. 292 more words

Food For Thought

Many ways of loving



Life Updates

Blog #21: Tutors

I look back on previous tutoring experiences with positive vibes, thinking about the students, their progress, their achievements. You can imagine them in your head, the first session and the development of our practice from then to now. 320 more words