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Revolution, The BEATLES | Declassified Matherton Harmonic speed diagram

Revolution was a song written by John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney.

There measurements were synthesized by matherton, by himself.
The lyric in the song John says he wished he had not included was… 118 more words


Talk to somebody

In the U.K there is a telephone service called the Samaritans, which provides confidential emotional support for people who find themselves emotionally overwhelmed. You can ring this service for any reason at all be it a family fall-out or issues with suicidal ideation and they will provide an impartial listening service that can be invaluable when you feel like you have no-one to talk to about what’s on your mind. 437 more words

LOVE POEM #97 - Envy


When you look through the windowpanes

at the placid winter sunlight,

an icy arrow pricks my heart

seeing your eyes wander the paths.

Read the other three sins I’ve written about: … 72 more words



My life had become a gleam of sorrow.A few weeks later,i gathered some cojones to visit her graveside.I left my phone at my apartment and walked all the way to their residence.On my way,i could meet young ladies.Whenever i passed any lady,i would turn my face and i would think it was her.Probably due to the similarity in the voice or the physique.Then i would pause,take a deep breath and walk on disappointed.There are those times you still live in denial.I couldn’t tolerate the thoughts of her demise.Not yet. 754 more words


Dysfunction and Heart Bifurcation

It’s clear
From your voice
From how bad you’re shaking
That it’s over.
I laid in bed for weeks.

I get a message.
Not a call. 209 more words


Finding YOU

An emotion widely exploited

sometimes for the right,

sometimes for the wrong 123 more words


It's the Little Things

A granddaughter’s “I Love You”

A blooming flower.

Sunshine on my face.

Understanding in your lover’s eyes.

Memories inspired by a song.

An unexpected handwritten note. 27 more words