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Need For Affect & Design

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This post covers the topic of Need for Affect and how it can be used to improve and influence User Experience & Design. 669 more words


There is a constant flow between night and day with the transitional periods of dusk and dawn, or winter to summer with the transitional periods of autumn and spring. 255 more words


An Introduction

From a young age, I’ve been very aware that I don’t react like others to normal/usual occurrences. I’ve also been very aware how different I look to others, mainly being a chunk. 873 more words


Composition and Composure

Does your photography move you emotionally?  Do other people comment on how it moves them?  Is there a “wow” factor?

Experienced photographers who share their knowledge with new photographers spend a lot of time talking about composition and the “rules”.   1,029 more words



I knew exactly what friendship was, until you came along.
Friendship wasn’t afraid to belittle me, and show off all my scars.
Friendship played with my heart, and used me as a joke. 125 more words