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Prisoner of love from the past

being in love with the past
is one of the painful feelings
I’ve ever felt
everyday is a suffer
on how will I tell to myself… 253 more words

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Mice’s facial expressions can reveal a wide range of emotions. A machine learning approach reveals subtle ear, nose and whisker movements

By Laura Sanders

Although it’s tricky for us humans to see, mouse feelings are written all over their furry little faces.

With machine learning tools, researchers reliably spotted mice’s expressions of joy, fear, pain and other basic emotions. 374 more words

To Err is Human... Really?

All of us have heard this phrase, “To Err is Human…” in many of the conversations; people use it in jest or to shrug off a mistake they did or as an excuse for the mistake committed. 257 more words


The relationship of music with geography was so well recognized by the exponents of Indian classical music that each raga of Indian classical music is closely associated with not only a particular season, but also a particular time of the day

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Basically music is a mood enhancer. The background music of even your cartoon serial is not just any kind of music. The makers hire expert musicians who understand the nuances of the musical notes to create the desired emotional effect.

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Emotional Coping Strategies

These are just a few ways to cope with emotional downs that I’ve tried and have helped to a certain extent:


Emotional Journey

Reflecting back in my life, there were probably many instances or circumstances that emotionally battered me; being diagnosed with dyslexia and feeling inferior to my peers, lacking a sense of belonging and relocating back and forth between Malaysia and Australia. 1,147 more words


Pandemic and Pandering, part one: Why am I getting so many emails?

Even those living under a rock can’t have missed the crisis the world is going through now in the form of the Covid-19. The people living under a rock might even be doing the best self-isolating. 340 more words