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On the 12th moon

Otis looked up, dark eyes as round as saucers, at the full moon. A quick check on his fingers confirmed it. This was the 12thmoon. Knowing that it would only cause hunger pains he walked down the street to the corner bakery anyway. 179 more words

Short Stories

Oh dear one, take your crown...

Karuna…one of compassion, a crown owner.

Let me guard your enemy, remove harm and suffering.

She knew that someone evolved in Reiki and she began to investigate its truth, its history. 348 more words


An ember alight
A glow that warms every inch


Poem - Have a Day

That’s the thing about ‘Having a Day.’
You gotta get up and make it happen!
Maybe you’ll lay flat on your back
writing poems with your thumbs… 36 more words


Drawing Upon The Universe

This is a new drawing which is…..

Drawing Upon The Universe

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Art / Arts

Of A Time Passed

There was a time when life was real, when the smiles were true and the heart was pure. That time has long passed. Now the heart is wounded and it wanders in the crowd searching for a cure.

(c) 2019 Niladri Mitra


Luminary Stick Homes

“A tragedy, perhaps we could deign, or hope, to call it that,
Could be the awareness in solidarity; “I am the sole proprietor,
And/or creator, of concept x.”, “I, alone, am at fault/blameless… 104 more words