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The thing about friends

There is an infinite number of moments that friends can share.   Some of those memories may be remembered differently, based on individual perspectives, but most times the memories can transport people back through time to partake in a journey of laughter and recollection. 248 more words


Heads in the sand: Most of us would prefer not to know whether bad things are going to happen

By Alex Fradera

Humans are infovores, hungry to discover, and nothing holds more fascination than the future. Once we looked for answers through divination, now science can forecast significant events such as the onset of certain hereditary disease. 753 more words


Haiku 225

Squeezed-thin tubes of paint
twist themselves up in shy pride
praised for their brilliance


2017, April 25 - 2549 - painting 2

tossing paint around (5)
like a wild expressionist (7)
buried in color (5)


So Long, My Friend!

She closed the door of the car, looked at me and smiled. Her eyes reflected the depths of despair, the emotional turmoil simmering beneath. I wanted to reach out to her once more, to take her hand and reassure her. 305 more words


I want you

I want you.

But I want you for all of the wrong reasons.

I want you because I am hideous and you are beautiful.

I want you because when I am alone all I want to do is cry but when I am with you all I do is laugh and smile. 86 more words


Lessons to Practice #12: Emotionally Charging Your Scenes

Hello and good evening, faithful audience. For this next installment of my “Lessons to Practice” series, I’m taking a closer look at the way in which we bring scenes alive in order to sustain a viable, engaging, and memorable story.   1,143 more words

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