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The Salmon Eater (prose poem)

The road between deadend Voluspa on the outskirts of the Bogachiel and the salt-pocked driftwood spat out by the Pacific is long, though not by birdflight. 788 more words



Heart: Maybe this isn’t meant to be solved.
Brain: What do you mean?

Heart: I mean, we don’t need to make it vanish.
Brain: How? 177 more words

30 Days Of Writing

First Poetry Post


Do you see my loving hunch dear Mary Anne, English winds blow kisses as the wheels collide against the land, seeking peace and serenity is such a hopeful yearn, eyes flash smiles as the engine takes yet another turn. 314 more words


Regress to Progress

The bittersweet feeling of leaving home and venturing out to the unknown is a feeling that is not completely uncommon to me. I’ve done it multiple times during my adult life. 482 more words


Do Fonts and Colors change your view?

Fonts have more meaning to them then some might imagine. There is a psychology behind fonts. They can either drive one towards or against a webpage. 241 more words



Ever since my huge fight with my mom where she practically walked out on me, I’ve been noticing that my abandonment issues have gotten a lot worse. 213 more words

Whose Normal is Normal?

Back from DC and I’ve never felt so energized and so tired at the same time. The last few days had moments of excitement, panic, stress, happiness, and… no, pretty much only those extremes. 862 more words