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Winter in July

Winter has yet begun again.

That crispness in the air, the bite of the wind, the scent of wood burning off the chill.

I sit in front of the stove, pushing the stubborn logs into the mouth of the flame, and think of you. 195 more words


Closet Burden

My closet is too full.

My closet is filled with knick knacks I have tied pieces of myself to, in case of the emergency that I must act like myself and be myself outside of the comfort of my own home. 489 more words


the art of giving yourself permission

The act of giving yourself permission involves…

I have no idea.

It must be an art for sure, that’s what I’ve decided. But I do not have the slightest hint of talent in it which makes me quite sad. 90 more words


How Happy Brains Respond to Negative Things

New research provides a whole new understanding of the brain’s amygdala—and suggests that happy people take the bad with the good.

Source: How Happy Brains Respond to Negative Things


Dichotomy: Truth and Kindness

I recently decided to cut myself off from a few youtube channels of which I was a regular viewer.


Well, these were political commentators. While I agreed with the commentary most of the time there was something I never agreed with on these shows. 100 more words

Sex - as I understand it!

Well my conversation tonight has been about sex…not the nitty, gritty naughty bits but basically the way in which everyone is different and have different needs. 253 more words

Urban gloom

I took this picture at sunset in a hotel in New York. The colors and atmosphere of the weather make it my ultimate pathetic fallacy… 38 more words