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Sad Songs: A Defense

I have heard it said before: if you want to feel happy, don’t listen to sad/angry music.  Angry music when you’re angry will only make you feel angrier.  540 more words

Aspiring Musician

AFOG -- Another F*&%ing Opportunity for Growth

One day, a little over ten years ago when I was feeling suicidal, I was explaining to my sister and her husband my rationalization for it being perfectly okay for me to commit suicide. 768 more words


Acupuncture and depression: ‘Gate of Hope’

The acupuncture point Qimen, translated as ‘Gate of Hope’, is an example of an acupuncture point that may be especially useful for people with depression. 589 more words

Mind Body Spirit

Black hole survival

The Black Hole/Pit is like quicksand. The more you struggle, the worse it gets. The key is to “float”. Clear your mind and relax your body by learning and practicing Mindfulness.

243 more words

broken languages

you fall apart like

sentences, each word

fraying from the

other, softly spilling

blank spaces