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5 Ways to Relieve Panic

Do you wake up in the middle of the night with your heart pounding, do you have problems falling asleep? Does your brain feel jumbled and your stomach nauseous? 417 more words


I'm Not a Player, I Just Crush A Lot

There is no denying that I have not done everything perfectly in my departure from the life of active alcoholism.  On the softer side, I classify as supporting evidence for the expression, “He put down the bottle, but picked up the fork”.  1,060 more words


A Theme Of The Abyss.

Her heart has

The most

Noteworthy pigment,

A color seen

When you close

Your eye-lids.

– Original-Dante ©2015



Cascading tears of monumental proportions,

Fall down your face raging like the ocean.

Yet unclear and unfamiliar the situation is,

Too deaf to decipher…thought you were a true wiz. 197 more words


A Short Thought on The Design of Character

I truly believe that you cannot write, act out or create any character that is not, in some way, a part of you.
Yes, you can put pen to paper and make a stock character… 72 more words


Giving myself permission to be me

Self-doubt is a debilitating phenomenon.  Most of us have experienced some form of self-doubt throughout our lives and the worst time for me was during my formidable years in high school.   293 more words


Explaining our interest

This six-year-old ‘darkly cute’ instrumental piece on glock, heavily edited tuba and bowed violin, and drum and steam samples accurately represents how I feel this morning (and I composed, arranged, and produced it). 1,401 more words

The Dream Quadrant