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67 Days

A relapse of the untimely birth of fate, a relapse of the untimely death of flame drenched in the inevitable cause of flowing fortune of bliss and serenity. 204 more words

Portrayal by Society.

Have you ever felt so pressured to be something your not, or act in a way you are not comfortable with, all because of society? 544 more words


Cry for help...

As a people, we like to bury our heads so far in the ground, trying to pretend that the problems we have, are something else. The answer might be staring at you right in your face but we just assume it will fix itself and ignore it. 324 more words



Religion is a tricky business.

The reason for this is that religion, especially nowadays, is such a sensitive issue for so many people. People’s attitudes towards religion, in my view, have never been more varied or extreme than today. 702 more words


Burgers, third dates and fries. Oh my!

So I went on a third date with Jake yesterday. I’m feeling kind of hollow at the moment about it. When I was on it, I kind of felt void and that I was only doing what I thought was correct according to how I think dates go. 181 more words


Reminiscing and Depression

Ever have those conversations with an old friend that get deep and hit a somewhat intellectual level?

Yeah, as a mum, they don’t happen very often for me; most of my time is spent watching CBeebies, playing trains and wiping snot – oh how I love Autumn and the colds and germs it so lovingly it brings with it! 617 more words


More Lines, Less Margins.

Lines upon lines,


Of my inner-most lies,

Adding necessary palpability

To my God-given ability.

– Original-Dante