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The Unobtainable One

Who said you belonged to me? Safer in the “I’ll be fine”, mixed emotions in the “I don’t mind”.  Safer in the unobtainable number one. 83 more words


A Study of the Self

must i caress the wind or must the wind caress me?

i am charged with bullets that could burst through a shield of emotion but i have stored them away in my fanny pack, because the fire inside of me had simmered down to a spark before it extinguished itself. 269 more words

10 signs you're the emotionally unavailable one

Being emotionally unavailable means an inability to be honest with yourself or another person, exaggerated reactions, and inappropriately handling emotions. It’s terribly hard to admit that you might not be as open and evolved as you think you are when it comes to dealing with your feelings, but here are 10 signs you’ve got some work to do: 877 more words

Sex & Dating

Job 31:6 Let God weigh me in honest scales.

Sometimes we allow our emotions to get in the way of our recovery progress. 137 more words



The withdrawal has started
Slowly but surely we’re shutting up shop
The doors are still open
But the stock is dwindling
We’ve started to review…

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Tell Me

Yes, I know you’re hurting
I can see it, I can feel it.
But for us to grow,
Please stop skirting
The issue.