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Art Page- Sounding Board!

So i had an idea the other night which was to create a web page where people who feel alone, troubled, emotional, angry, scared, depressed, happy or sad, can go and upload their art to the page for others to see. 89 more words



“Doc, let me give you a tip. When you are talking to them about it, don’t sound upset.”


“Don’t sound upset.”

“Upset? When did I sound upset?” … 174 more words


Connect branches up

Loneliness follows us all

Tree lone warrior

© Hannah Pereira Sgroi 2015


Further Reflections on Gratitude

In reflecting and going deeper with my gratitude practice since my last blog on the subject, I have noticed that, in my experience, gratitude and appreciation are the natural expression/outpouring of receiving and allowing in the Beauty, the Goodness, the Inspiration, the Truth, the Love, the Gifts… of whatever or whoever is in my presence now. 488 more words


The art of complaining

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At the moment I am in the middle of an on-going complaint with a big multi-national company. I won’t name them or say what the complaint is about but I do think the art of complaining is like the art of negotiation. 490 more words


Do You See

Pencil on Bristol board



This is me.


I have anxiety and depression.  Below is the conversation I have inside my brain on bad days. Below isn’t even really a bad day it’s just a okay day. 462 more words