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Cat at Midnight (and Other Haikus)


The dusty, bent wood

dutifully holds the books

I forgot to read.


Nobody saw her

spreading her dark, tattered wings;

they just scorned her flight. 109 more words


Own it.

Recently, I’ve been told that I need to learn to just own my emotions. That I do not need to make excuses for the things that I feel, even if those emotions are too much or expressed too loud or are too uncomfortable for others to be around. 617 more words

(Poetry) My Wicked Little Heart


A whisper is inside me
Begging to slip out
I’m afraid to say it
These sweet words hiding in my mouth
Where your tongue slipped in… 86 more words


Escape the Chaos

Often we let ourselves suffocate in the alluring fume of chaos.

Chaos of glamour, temporary pleasure,

Chaos of overwhelming success uprooting our feet off the ground, 143 more words


Writing Prompt: Predictive Text Poem

One of my fellow #PoetsOfInstagram issued the challenge to use only predictive text to write something. I was quite surprised this came out of it. It’s like a reminder to myself. 66 more words


Creating with Emotion

Last week I wrote about writing a clear intention/thought of what it is you want to create. Now you need to infuse that thought with emotion. 328 more words


Why It Is Good To Feel Bad

When I notice how the general perception of negative emotions is, and how is being dealt with them, I cannot help but wonder. It seems, generally speaking that we do not want to feel bad, and therefore get away from any negativity as soon as possible. 837 more words