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Crying (4 Stars)

Once upon a time, somebody told me that crying was the female equivalent of an erection. Entirely elusive when it would come in handy (you know- funerals or when you’re trying to get out of stuff), but quite likely to show up uninvited at inopportune moments (such as meetings or in the middle of a tryst). 744 more words


while on a three hour drive to the high desert of central oregon i pass through the majestic cascade mountains still capped in winter’s fortress.  aside from drivers tailgating itching to go faster than the 60mph of energy my small scion engine generates along the two-lane highway through the mountain pass, the trip went without a hitch, my mind wondered across spacious landscape skyscrapers of granite decorating the horizon. 115 more words


that overflowing cup

after so many intense cards – the moon, the devil, three tens in a row – it feels extremely calming and empowering to receive an ace today in my daily reading. 351 more words

Daily Readings


So, I have exams week coming up.. pretty much now.. I have an exam in 2 days.. But like any other young adult with any self worth I procrastinate. 281 more words


Afflictive Emotions: Pride

Pride is an afflictive emotion that involves a profound feeling tone of pleasure attached to perceived personal qualities, actions, possessions, or accomplishments. Also known as arrogance or conceit, pride is considered an… 542 more words

Afflictive Emotions

Define Tyrant

The very first step towards understanding ANYTHING is knowing that a THING is a THING.


Whether it’s the colors of the rainbow, or knowing if your leaders are corrupt, you first have to have a way to think about those things: colors, corruption, whatever. 326 more words




I never really thought myself as an angry person. I did keep my calm at many times in my life. People being arrogant, insults, general plain nastiness. 349 more words