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Dream Space #1

Along with my thoughts, memories, and prose, I thought I would keep a record of my dreams. I am a strong believer in dreams, and often my writing can be inspired by things I had dreamt or imagined when I slept. 478 more words



That once built up but did not escape,

Now flow freely as quick as a heartbeat.

When anger drew closer words would spill out,

Now it’s these droplets that take all of my time. 61 more words


These wounds they will not heal 🎶

I paint a smile on my face. I hide all the cracks. I hide the sadness. The pain. The misery.

I tell people I’m OK. I don’t allow people to see me cry. 356 more words

The Reinvention of Good

Can molar-grinding, marrow-gnashing, bile-tasting frustration be used for good?

We’re about to find out.

I start writing my next novel today and I am literally (ha-ha) choking on the stuff. 82 more words


Panic Attack

Unannounced and unwanted

It begins to consume.

From one small thought, the ignition of fire.

The brain burns, flares up in panic,

Clouded in smoke, thoughts lose their path. 40 more words



Your hands were gripping my waist and I could barely feel the air in my lungs before I realised I had

stopped breathing;

feeling gasps escape your lips… 48 more words


Headstrong 頑固な

She was terrified

But taking on that challenge

Made her a legend

Art: Natalie Floss