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Tonight there is not tapping against my windowsill. The silence bears heavy and the light is too bright. The fresh breeze has disbursed and the rain no longer falls on this city. 115 more words


Biggest Regrets?

An impromptu Twitter question revealed some fascinating answers to the following: what are your biggest regrets?

A philosopher who studies life changes says our biggest decisions can never be rational

How do you make a decision if the decision will change who you are fundamentally?  Can we use reason under these circumstances.  Philosopher L A Paul argues that reason and logic will be unable to guide in these situations. 9 more words

In the car on the M4 (...with some hardcore dance tunes this evening): my transitory dwelling place, my space in-between

It was a pleasure to be asked by Work Wise UK to contribute to their guest blogs during their national UK campaign last week – ‘Commute Smart Week’. 1,454 more words


Helter Skelter

Charles Manson died Monday at the age of 83.  After spending 48 years in the California House of Corrections.  Some are saying his death is marking the end of an era,  but he was the beginning, not the ending.  217 more words


Temper Tantrum: Being Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

Many parents use discipline tactics that their parents used with them. If you were spanked as a kid, research shows  that you are more likely to spank your kids. 222 more words