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Emotion in Syntax

The first thing I was taught when I started writing was how to correctly use both diction and syntax to further the emotional response evoked from the reader. 497 more words


Five and ALIVE!

Today is Greyson’s 5th birthday! Say what?!?! That is us ⬆️ this morning at the Campus Corner having a Birthday Breakfast before the bus picks him up for school. 983 more words


we did it to ourselves

We live in prisons that we’ve created to keep us far apart from each other. To keep us yearning because for some sick twisted reason, the few and far between moments we collide in each other’s presence seem then more meaningful than the constant soothing hum of each others beauty.


You gotta have faith

I’m sitting home right now in my pajamas when I should be at work busting my butt. But, the boys have their 4 year and 4 month check-ups that I cannot miss. 571 more words

Tripartite Poetry Regarding the Human Psyche of the Emotionally Inept Girl


Come one. Come all!

Step right up
to the greatest show on earth.

Stare into the eyes
of our Emotionally Inept Girl!
But don’t let this Medusa… 247 more words

Creative Writing


Today has been a day for expressing and feeling other people’s emotion, in both positive and destructive ways. In only I had a membrane to allow only the positive emotions reaching me from others and getting into my heart, and not also the negative energies. 818 more words

Mental Health