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On Being Convinced, On Being Compelled

What compels someone to action?

This question is asked tirelessly year after year, especially during election season—major party strategists are, at this very moment, dissecting the latest pole numbers and election forecasts as they work to mobilize their bases to head to the poles and… 1,083 more words



The void is always within me,
hidden behind this face.
Masked like a vigilante,
with a visage of disgrace.

This mask I must erase,
peel off all this borrowed skin. 266 more words



I am a passionate romantic

With no passions

And no lust for life.

With an extraordinary craving

For what I’ll never find.

Had I been given another body, 118 more words


I self identify as an adult emo-kid: Dicussions with Myself on Emotion, Pessimism, and Passion. 

I find it extremely strange that, after all these years I’m still emotionally turbulent.

It just cannot be helped that I have enough feelings to put an angsty fifteen year old to shame, and I’m at my wits end with what to do with all this emotion. 468 more words


Shapeless Shadow

It feels like every light in the room is switched off in that instant.

A powerful presence emerges, slowly taking its shape in front of me. 257 more words


Lorikeets helping each other dry off

In with a chance for the Clique Challenge. The theme “Emotion”

“Congratulations – your Clique entry has progressed to the 2nd round – Great job! 51 more words


Why your Business should use Emotional Analysis

Many studies showed that consumer behavior is driven by rational thoughts and also by emotions. While it is quite easy to measure the rational aspect of a behavior about a brand (through its availability, its price or its quality for example), it is much more difficult for marketers to measure emotions, although today many new technologies allow businesses to directly measure customer’s emotions. 424 more words