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Guilty, it's an
You find it 
festering in 


I have never been guilty.  This does not mean that I am a stranger to foul behaviour.  God knows I’ve had my share of sin to get free of, and get into its place.  58 more words


Guilty as Charged

Even the merest thought of how I might respond to today’s Daily Prompt word has me all tied up in knots. Sometimes I feel baffled by the prompt word, or uninspired, or just too damned lazy to bother, but occasionally a prompt word jumps off the page and whacks me on the head – bam! 347 more words

Daily Prompt


I wonder what the future holds, open, unafraid and ready to embrace. A metamorphosis from boy to man, student to teacher. My energy was once guided, I was lost; I am ready to guide, but knowing always I will be guided still. 8 more words




You are my one refuge
and you are my only true hope,
because you are my stronghold.

The strength of your strong arm,
has done many miracles, 77 more words


Can Shame be Healthy?

“She walked through mud and dung, bleeding, goosefleshed, hobbling. All around her was a dabble of sound…”Shame, shame, shame, shame on the sinner,” chanted the Septas… Bells were ringing, ringing, riging… This is my penance, Ceisei told herself. 429 more words

About You

Light Stream

This is another new image which combines my paintings with photography…..

Light Stream

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