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She Made Me Eggs...

She made me eggs today.

She made me breakfast this morning, which was a really nice gesture. The food was delicious. She made me eggs with toast and fruit and some yogurt. 431 more words


Our issues: a quick story on how this began

About two months ago my fiance, Tiffany, told me that she was unhappy in our relationship. This conversation, or argument, happened not too long after our 1 year anniversary (Yes, we are engaged to be marry when we’ve been together for only a year. 1,332 more words


This is a Good Place

It took me a few months after my first relationship ended to realize that it was emotionally abusive.

It took a few years to realize that I was… 54 more words

Emotional Abuse

With (Un)Intentions

I recently found out I’m an abuser; I am an emotional abusive partner. I emotionally abuse my partner, which as had horrible consequences on our relationship and, more specifically, to her. 621 more words



          I didn’t always love my family. I polished the home, cooked every day, and cared for little ones when the sniffles and spotties came. But I didn’t spend enough love-time with them, listen to their hearts as much as I should have. 966 more words

And so it continues!

It’s been weeks since I last blogged. You would think or hope that means that I am super busy and doing just fine. Well that’s not entirely true. 1,500 more words


Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is often referred to as silent abuse because the scars or effects of it don’t show in a physical form. However, the scars are extremely deep and take a long time to heal. 734 more words

Emotional Abuse