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An Emotional Affair - Part Nine

Having prayed the night before that God should grant him counsel in the night and clarity in the morning, Bolu woke up and tried to recollect his dreams.   190 more words


An Emotional Affair - Part Eight

As was their weekly custom, Bolu and Lola attended Church together on this first Sunday of April.  They sat in their usual seats, and greeted their regular neighbours.   195 more words



One of these days
everything about our lives
that is hidden and sacred
and beautiful
will be found out
and uncovered and exposed—
everything we’ve said… 54 more words


I miss him

My busy weekend hasn’t stopped me thinking about Rob all the time. I had thought that by me taking control and ending our affair that I would cope better, but I was wrong. 78 more words

A light heart

My heart is so light lately. H and I have been doing SO well. I will, however, admit that I had a hard night on Saturday. 984 more words

An Emotional Affair - Part Four

Daniel Akunne was a man expert at getting what he wanted.  With each new triumph, his confidence and skills grew.  He had learnt early the virtue of patience and the art of cunning, and was resourceful in making the best use of all the gifts God had blessed him with, including his charms. 163 more words


An Emotional Affair - Part Three

At about 5:30pm, Bolu got a call from the other woman in his life whom he had been neglecting of late.  The other Mrs Adetayo, his aging mother, Bimbo.   192 more words