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Where Do I Begin?

I was gaining momentum and coming out of my depression. I was no longer in crises or crying in therapy every single session. The erotic transference having resolved itself, I could begin to put more energy into exploring and working on the issues in my marriage. 883 more words


The Ultimatum

While I was in the throes of misery, I did the dumb thing.

I issued the ultimatum.

Her or me.  If he couldn’t let her go, I would leave. 347 more words


He Thinks It Is Okay

The most baffling thing about this (and the other one I dealt with a few years ago) is that he tells me.

He tells me everything. 318 more words



Every few days my focus shifts to something new. Last week I couldn’t stop focusing on his feelings for her and then her in general. After our huge blow up over his feelings for her last week my husband put up a huge wall and became very distant. 596 more words

Emotional Affair

"I decided he was an ass"

Many years ago a friend of mine met a man. They worked together, both were in relationships at the time. After thousands of shared hours, hundreds of conservations and dozens of lattes a farewell was bid. 321 more words


A “New” Normal

It is evening and I’m tired.

I’ve made, eaten and cleaned up dinner.  I’ve made his lunch, filled his water bottles, cleaned out the french press, the coffee mug and made sure the kettle has enough water for tomorrow. 373 more words


Seeking help.

I’m so glad that as soon as I learned of my husband’s situation I reached out to a therapist and saw her immediately following the discovery of his emotional affair. 376 more words

Emotional Affair