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Breathe Me - A Silent Tribute, Delicately Preserved

There is overwhelming agony that saturates the deepest of desires, sometimes making it nearly impossible to restrain ourselves from giving into fleeting temptation. Writing the inner dialogue that plagued my mind, allowed me to safely and cathartically bridge the gap between reality and the inevitable next move; winning the heart of someone who was never mine – an unavailable man who needed no introduction and once desired nothing more than to be won. 868 more words


So you've had an affair....

Hello there.

If you’ve found me I’m guessing you’re confused and in pain or maybe you just enjoy gawking at a slow motion car wreck. Let’s go navigate this hell fire together. 47 more words

The Beginning of This

Sometimes you reach a point where you look back over your life and wonder what the hell happened.  Personally, I have not been completely content for quite some time.   528 more words


Having To Confront An Old Crush

Tomorrow I start work again.

Well, I go in for 30 minutes anyway.  I don’t have any students yet.  In fact, the one piano lesson I have scheduled is a trial, so there is no guarantee the person will want me as a permanent teacher.   505 more words

Somewhere in the middle

I have been married for 24 years.   I can’t seem to let that go.  24 years moving to 25 and my life has been shattered.  I am broken.   448 more words

Love And Marriage

Apples Are Not The Only Fruit

“You absolute slutbag of a whore.”

“What? What have I done now?”

“You’re touching her. Even now while I’m talking to you! Put her down, you’re making me vomit.” 315 more words


You Ruined Everything

It’s so easy to come here with the things I don’t say aloud. I like to think I hold my tongue because I am wise, but sometimes, it’s more because I’m scared. 1,144 more words