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Apples Are Not The Only Fruit

“You absolute slutbag of a whore.”

“What? What have I done now?”

“You’re touching her. Even now while I’m talking to you! Put her down, you’re making me vomit.” 315 more words


You Ruined Everything

It’s so easy to come here with the things I don’t say aloud. I like to think I hold my tongue because I am wise, but sometimes, it’s more because I’m scared. 1,144 more words


Fairy Tale Love (kind of)

I have two friends going through similar situations right now, and it’s really got my head spinning. They’re both in serious, long-term relationships and they’ve both started talking to other men on the side – an emotional affair of sorts for each of them. 544 more words


More invested than ever.

I’ve been MIA, I know, there was just too much going on since after my birthday. Here are the things that I realized since my last post. 634 more words


What I Want

I want a husband that loves me- and I feel that he loves me- all the time, even when we fight.
I want a husband that loves only me. 528 more words


Sweetheart Saturday|Emotional Affairs

I’m really hoping I’ll be back to publishing fresh content tomorrow. I’m on the last leg of being sick. For now I’ve pulled this post from the archives for Sweetheart Saturday. 47 more words



Does anyone else out there with these kind of issues ever feel like it’s a punishment? Without getting to religious, I’m starting to feel like this is some kind of punishment. 600 more words