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The dark days continue.

A letter to my husband;

I am writing you because after last night I couldn’t stop thinking of the many things that were said. I feel like we can talk in a healthy way, but we have done so little of it in the last 5 months frankly 15 years. 332 more words


Painful Thoughts

I’m so hurt right now more hurt than I have ever thought I could be. I don’t understand how this has happened. I have done everything for him. 257 more words


So Much Pain

Sometimes nights are really hard. Mostly because I so badly want him to show even the smallest sign of loving me before we go to bed, but I don’t see anything and that hurts. 686 more words


Gut Punch

When I started going through his email I found a picture of her. She was sitting on a couch. In her pjs- nothing risqué. Just stupid ugly pjs. 653 more words


Finding Things

One of the worst parts of this ordeal has been finding things. Why can’t my husband be better at hiding or even throwing away things? It seems like when everything would start to get good again I would stumble across some piece of crap jem. 470 more words


Future Plans

After being apart for 3 days we were talking one night. I had lost and regained hope through out those 3 days over and over again. 1,718 more words


clips, pics, and surprises

Sent: June 30  9:12am
To: Scarlett <scarlett.beauchief@gmail.com>

I crashed last night, sat down in my chair, after getting home at 10pm or so.

Exhausted from: 86 more words

Emotional Affair