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Shitty wife

I found a blog: https://mustbethistalltoride.com/about/
This man has analysed himself deeply since his divorce and he has some interesting points. His open letter to a shitty husband is pretty perceptive. 292 more words

Fallen to temptation

I thought I was being strong, even though Rob is always on my mind, I wasn’t going to contact him. Then he texted me; “I really hope you’re well. 130 more words

Affair Recovery

I work with many clients, where one or both members of the couple have gone outside of the relationship; these couples are often very traumatized when they first come in. 1,541 more words

Recovery From Infidelity

Feeling a bit flat

I still think about Rob, a lot.
This time last year I felt on such a high, though I knew deep down that it wouldn’t last and I could only crash down. 202 more words

Confusing emotions

I don’t know how I feel at all the moment. I’m not sure if I’ve shut myself off emotionally from my husband as a result of my feelings for Rob, or whether I had lost my feelings anyway. 246 more words


One of these days
everything about our lives
that is hidden and sacred
and beautiful
will be found out
and uncovered and exposed—
everything we’ve said… 54 more words


I miss him

My busy weekend hasn’t stopped me thinking about Rob all the time. I had thought that by me taking control and ending our affair that I would cope better, but I was wrong. 78 more words