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Should have known

Had an amazingly sexy 40 minute FaceTime chat with Rob on Thursday night. I know I’ve said this before but he stirs such a passion in me and I love the way he makes me feel. 115 more words

Am I a bad person?

Is it wrong of me to wish whole heartedly that the OW goes into labor early? And to not feel bad about wishing that upon her? 943 more words

Ramblings... and destiny?

I often find myself wondering… is this what was meant for my life? Did God have this in place for me, or is this the doing of the human freedom we have been given? 919 more words

Ups and downs... and everything in beteeen

I have had a rough several days, followed by a couple good days. Starting on Friday of last week. That was the day after the dream that my H left me for the OW. 1,296 more words

Conflicting emotions

Just when I start thinking my ‘positive comments about Tom resolution’ is working and I feel a glimmer of tenderness towards him, he then does something to annoy me and cancels it right out! 217 more words


In the last week I have had 2 very vivid, strange dreams. Generally I’m not the type of person to figure out what my dreams mean, but they are so odd that I have wanted to understand them. 1,030 more words

Maybe some sunshine after the storm?

Yesterday my blog post was about an old boyfriend contacting me and hitting on me, and being concerned that it wasn’t worrying H as much as I felt it should….. 629 more words