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He says I'm his ideal woman.

He loves my body. It’s the ideal shape for him. He also says I have a beautiful face, a beautiful soul, and loves my mind and personality. 1,034 more words


Things Couldn't Get Any Worse

It was five years and counting. If I were to look back now, I could see that there were clues that his contact with her had started back up; Again, he hid it well. 1,745 more words

Moms: Are You Having an Emotional Affair?

There’s a special friend that you love talking to — and this person is not your partner! What harm is there in a friend? Shouldn’t married parents have friends? 131 more words


Love is Seduction

‘More and more people are realizing to love their mate intimately and honestly is their spiritual practice; the two are not separate.’ ~ Aphrodite’s Daughters…

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Cheating is Abuse

I recently started reading Chump Lady (www.chumplady.com) -CL, and making my way through the archive. I find her point of view refreshing, and makes me appreciate the fact that my relationship with M. 790 more words


My new semicolon

Thanks to the few who read my last post. I needed to write it more than I needed someone to read it. Things are getting a little better. 536 more words

And so they meet again......

So yesterday was the first time my husband saw his affair partner since I found out about it….  Keeping in mind that it’s been over for them since July 2013 & it’s only me discovering it in Feb 2015 that has forced it to resurface….   772 more words