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Hung up.

My moods shift so frequently throughout the day I can’t keep up. I’ll start the day with a really warm and loving embrace from my husband and plenty of I love yous. 454 more words

Emotional Affair


When I first learned of my husband’s emotional affair I went to fix it mode. I researched how to recover from an affair, I found a therapist, I came up with tactics that I thought would help us like sending each other daily affirmations and creating marriage pillars together. 480 more words

Emotional Affair

Pride and love.

In the aftermath of the emotional affair, I’ve had to swallow my pride too many times to count. My husband had cheated on my about 8 years ago when we were in college – hooked up with some girl and then never spoke to her again and came clean to me right away. 546 more words

Emotional Affair

affair fog

The weeks following uncovering my husband’s emotional affair were strange. I have prided myself in being an independent, confident and strong woman. Well the affair rocked my world – I was suddenly a desperate, pathetic pile of shit. 618 more words

Emotional Affair

My husband's emotional affair

My husband began an emotional affair with a new colleague in late November, expressed his feelings to her in early December and confessed his feelings to me in mid January. 878 more words

Emotional Affair

Happy Valentine's Day, Husband

To my Husband on Valentine’s Day:

On this day for lovers, I feel nothing but sadness and emptiness.

I look around and I see happy people, happy couples. 531 more words

The Exemplary Husband

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time you know that PA Man “started” counseling back in Sept. I say “started” because he’s only been 4 maybe 5 times? 372 more words