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Not the first time

My thing with Rob is not the first time I’ve been attracted to someone else during my 16 years with Tom. It has happened once before, but my actions and feelings were entirely different then. 343 more words

Never a truer word spoken

So today I was out and about in the car with Tom and he said “what’s up with you? Not heard from your boyfriend?”! I nearly died with shock. 103 more words


Haven’t updated about Rob for awhile. We’ve carried on pretty much as before. Had a couple more FaceTime chats, the last one pretty steamy! Let’s just say I wasn’t too shy this time. 320 more words

Ups and downs

Had words on Friday. Tom was annoyed at me because of the way I apparently spoke to him when he asked what my plans for the day were. 195 more words

Talking To An Ex-Crush After A Year

In 2014, I had a huge, all encompassing crush on a co-worker named Johnny. For more than a year, I moped around like a teenager, bought cloths I thought made me look cute, and spent hundreds on my hair for “him.” The feelings were mutual (I could tell), but because we are both married, nothing happened. 519 more words

Hot and cold

It’s two weeks since Rob and I started texting again. We had a brief FaceTime chat on Sunday night which was great apart from me regressing to shy teenager and becoming a giggling idiot, how embarrassing! 222 more words

So you've had an affair....

Hello there.

If you’ve found me I’m guessing you’re confused and in pain or maybe you just enjoy gawking at a slow motion car wreck. Let’s go navigate this hell fire together. 47 more words