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TL: "Living with blinders on."

Had Mindless not told me on ultimate d-day, I would never have known about his chat room hook-ups. I was aware of his porn use, though only to an exceptionally limited degree. 788 more words

Our Story


So it turns out I’ve been living in Wonderland, or Disney or some imaginary place where dreams come true & people live happily ever after….. As I’ve talked about in my previous posts my husband was unfaithful by means of a secret friendship (or an emotional affair) with a female coworker that lasted for years. 737 more words


MC: "Emotional affairs and other sick lies."

The story of my first affair is a reminder that no straight married person needs a straight friend of the opposite gender. Friendly acquaintances are normal. 759 more words

Our Story

Why you ask?

Why…… It is a popular question I must admit…. Why do you want to know the details? Why on earth are you keeping a journal of the details you learn about their affair?   505 more words


5 Tools to Help You Decide If You Should Stay or Go [Podcast]

“Should I stay in my marriage? Or should I go?” “Can God even restore my marriage?” “How am I supposed to know if I should stand or divorce?” 2,065 more words


A Collection Of Shattered Pieces

I am a collection of shattered pieces and yesterday I thought in my broken state that drinking a bottle of red wine was a good idea… I can say I’ve never in my life done that on purpose. 778 more words


Apa Sih Emotional Affair Itu?

Anda yakin sedang tidak berselingkuh hati? Ladies, berselingkuh bukan hanya berarti Anda menjalin hubungan atau ikatan dengan orang lain selain pasangan Anda. Tetapi, ketika Anda merasa nyaman secara emosional dengan pria lain, maka Anda kemungkinan besar sedang berselingkuh hati. 360 more words