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No Contact

It has been two weeks of no contact with the other man. I’m going to refer to him as “Mr. London” since that is what my friend called him when I finally told her of what was going on with me. 575 more words


Verbal Vomit

He has been gone all week. I think this may be the reason why I feel so upset. He is at an industry show and the OW could possibly be there. 448 more words

It's been a year since I last wrote

So much has changed.  I have changed.
In fact, I’m unrecognizable these days, especially to myself.

Let’s start with my very last post regarding breast cancer. 1,020 more words

A message to my other

This is a message to my other. Things I’d say to him but I won’t. I’ll let my actions speak the words but since I need to get the words out they’ll live here instead. 936 more words


A Woman's Worst Relationship Fear

Cheryl feels as if her life has become an episode of a bad television drama. Her live-in boyfriend has started staying up late at night chatting with another woman on a social networking site.Whenever Cheryl walks into the room, her boyfriend quickly closes the lid of their laptop or he blocks the screen. 326 more words

"Goodbye, or whatever." The day I half-assedly tried to end my affair.

I didn’t realize at the time that it was only a half-assed attempt. I didn’t have the courage to whole-ass it. :)

Feeling frutstrated with the lack of communication on his part I posted this: 994 more words


Worst Case Scenario

He is out of town for business, near the the place where they used to be together.  Close to where it all began.   Of course, it’s work related, but my mind is going crazy.   539 more words