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Over for good?

I haven’t mentioned Rob since I left Tom. When Tom first found out we’d been texting, I let Rob know as I wasn’t sure if Tom would try to contact him or not. 426 more words

The Heart Affair: Chapter 1

“Abhay…Abhay…” whispered Reeva while gently waking up Abhay from his deep sleep.

“What…what happened? Am I late or what?” Abhay rubbed his eyes and quickly checked the time on his mobile kept on the bedside table ignoring Reeva. 1,087 more words


Muted to obscurity

It was Monday, finally. A sense of relief sprung through her as the alarm clock buzzed. The burden of not seeing each other throughout the weekend has finally ended and there he was in the office, just as pleased as she was to see her back. 607 more words

Breaking point

The revelation of my texting affair has caused Tom to finally accept what I’ve been trying to tell him for months. My feelings towards him are gone and not likely to come back. 226 more words

Playing with fire

So, last night Tom was eating tea and suddenly said he’d lost his appetite. He went out of the room and came back later asking if he could have a word and could I bring my phone. 303 more words

Folklores That Make Rakshabandhan an Emotional Affair

The 6 Folklores That Make Rakshabandhan an Emotional Affair

In the modern India, the festival of Rakshabandhan celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters – where the sisters tying a thread around their brother’s wrist as a symbol of their love and in turn, the brother pledges to protect his sister. 112 more words


Circling closer?

I haven’t posted about Rob in awhile. Things have progressed a little in that he opened up to me a few weeks back explaining why he’d been a bit hit and miss recently. 246 more words