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Just thoughts

How long can you look at a person before the imaginary timer is up and it’s time to look away? What number is too high when it comes to how often you think of a person throughout the day? 121 more words

Emotional Affair

Why Women Cheat

  • “Because I’m so lonely”
  • “I feel like I’m single even though I’m married because we’re so distant”
  • “He pays attention to me”
  • “He makes me feel alive in the places that have been dead for so long”
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Christian Women And Adultery

My Mistake

“Girl what’s going on with you and Eric?”

“Huh?” I looked up from what I was writing to find a concerned look on Pam’s face. 921 more words


I messed up

I screamed until all the air I had taken in had left my body. My goal was to send all these feelings that I had within me out with the breath I had just exhaled, but as I inhaled I realized the source of my emotions was a very deep well. 742 more words


The Last TimeĀ 

“Do you even want to be married?” He stood there looking at me. His eyes showed the pain he was feeling, but the set of his jaw let me know it was mixed with anger. 1,927 more words


Recovery Tools: Love Kindlers and Extinguishers-- Why They Are Important [Podcast]

During the month of June, we are going to explore the tools that a couple can use to reconcile their marriage after an affair.

So in this week’s episode, we discuss Love Kindlers and Love Extinguishers–but rather than going over the list (we have plenty of articles and blogs from the past for that), this time we’re discussing WHY they are important, and how to use them at the beginning of reconciliation. 103 more words


Throwing the Door Wide Open

I’m trying to troubleshoot a problem at work and somehow I end up logging into Microsoft Office 365. Frustrated I start to just browse around on the site and realize this is the “new Hotmail” login. 758 more words