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3 Ways to See Your Relationship As An Investment

An article that was requested by one of my friends. It is about changing your mindset to treat your relationship as an investment.

“Many of us might think we are above the temptation of an affair, but believe me when I say this: many of us have already had one. 24 more words


Resolutions so far

I’ve managed to find something positive about Tom each day so far, though today was looking difficult. He phoned to say he’d gone to the pub straight from work and could I pick him up. 229 more words

Reluctance To Love

An emotional affair can happen to almost anyone, holding on to someone just within your reach but never truly being able to fully explore something you know, will be passionate, intense yet surprisingly exciting. 257 more words


Christmas highs and lows

Had a lovely Christmas Day at my parents and James enjoyed spending time with his cousin, though typical boys, they did get a bit too giddy together on occasion. 361 more words

Dumping Myself

I’m not good at breaking up and I hope never to do so again.  Last time happened right around Obama’s election in ’08, as I finished teaching and began Christmas Break. 1,013 more words

Like a moth to a flame

I know I’m stupid and playing with fire only gets you burned but I can’t help myself. I’m like a moth to a flame where Rob is concerned. 141 more words


Tom and I went for a meal out with friends last Saturday and though I tried to put on a happy face, I wasn’t really feeling it. 258 more words