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Crossing That Relationship Boundary (You Know, The 'He's Married, And I Have A Boyfriend' Thing)

I never expected anything to work out this way. I was a good person, or so I thought. I thought that marriage was sacred and that flirting with a married man or woman was wrong, but I guess that makes me a hypocrite. 372 more words

Freak Out and Confusion

I am sitting here, heart racing and feel utterly sick to my stomach. Why? Because I just found out my very best friend kissed someone I know. 701 more words

Just when you think it's feeling ok....

Question of the day: is it ok to check out people in front of your spouse….. Yes or no? And that will go for both. Not just “guys will be guys” but ok for women to check out men in front of her husband and he check out other women in front of her – with neither feeling disrespected or insecure. 203 more words



I thought it would be a good idea to drink a bottle drink of red wine. Turns out that wasn’t very smart.

It’s official. I am an idiot. 67 more words


Charlie & Molly & Going the Distance... or not.

“Amelia,” Molly sounded annoyed. “I know you’ve got a ton of your own stuff going on and I get that. I do. But I haven’t seen you since that night you rushed out. 967 more words



First he says

“I forgot about those girls”

Then he tells me

“It’s not a big deal

It was a long time ago”

Before admitting to… 52 more words


Does this Quote Sound Familiar, "I didn't Cheat, We Never Had Sex"

My explanation to this topic is simple, any emotional attention or sharing you deprive from your partner, and hand over to another is considered cheating. This has been my clear and logic rule in all my relationships and having sex with someone else is a surely cheating. 760 more words