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Emotional Affair: Have You Entered a Danger Zone? by Dr. Richard Nicastro

An emotional affair often occurs long before a physical affair. Everyone is vulnerable to heading down the path of emotional infidelity and because of this, you need to be prepared. 952 more words


Cheating Unforgivable or Understandable?

In today’s society where everything seems replaceable and short lived, what’s your take on cheating?

A few days ago, I was having a conversation with a close friend about different aspects of romantic and platonic relationships. 293 more words



It’s a fuzzy issue and when it happens in a relationship it can be hard to place the blame.

Now I know I’m going to receive a lot of flack for this, but let’s be real, … 608 more words


Is this ACTUALLY happening? Please tell me it's a nightmare.

I just found out my husband wasn’t alone on his trip this weekend.

He never once mentioned anyone else going with him.

He had an insurance meeting in Utah on Friday and on his way back, stopped to snowboard in Brian Head. 590 more words

Sixteen Changes

My word for 2016 is Change, if I go by one of those silly Facebook quizzes.

Good change, bad change, maybe just loose change, coins dropped into kettles trying to make change in someone else’s life, some little kid on Christmas morn. 810 more words

Everything Else

Blog Post #2 - Punching Into Overtime

So I had the pleasure to hang with very close friends this past weekend, friends whom I’ve known for sometime, when something peculiar distracted me from the chatter of what happened on the last episode of “American Horror Story” (one of my favs) and how cheap wine is so much more better than an expensive one. 436 more words


And so they meet again......

So yesterday was the first time my husband saw his affair partner since I found out about it….  Keeping in mind that it’s been over for them since July 2013 & it’s only me discovering it in Feb 2015 that has forced it to resurface….   772 more words