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Are you having an emotional affair with your "work spouse"?

Are you in a solid, committed, long-term relationship, but admittedly have a “work spouse”? Having a “work wife” or “work husband” is definitely a common thing in society today. 817 more words


Is It Cheating Or Do None Of Us Know How To Date Anymore

I’ve always had a clear definition of what cheating is. Knowing very well my own values and lines I wouldn’t cross out of respect to my partner and myself. 928 more words

Emotional cheating hurts more and you are probably doing it right now

So here are the symptoms; It really starts with one text message. “Hey, it’s been a minute. I hope you’re well. I miss you. :)”. 664 more words


Digital Cheating Causes Analog Pain

What does cheating look like? I mean, when you hear the word cheating, what do you think of? A middle-aged married person hooking up with someone other than their spouse in a seedy motel? 923 more words


7 Clear Signs You're Emotionally Cheating On Your Partner With Your Crush

“He’s just a CRUSH, that’s all”– the lie she’s been telling herself for a couple of months now.

It started as an innocent peek then that peek turned into a passionate gaze, then that gaze turned into a small talk which then escalated to a heart-to-heart discourse. 955 more words

Dangerous Flirting Outside Your Relationship!

In the video above Dear Sybersue talks about the dangers of flirting with others while you are in a relationship. It’s not as harmless as many people think it is and it could eventually lead you down the path of infidelity! 144 more words


Thinking of having an affair?

Are you a married person thinking about cheating or betraying your spouse? If you are, here are some things that you may or may not have considered. 550 more words