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Emotional cheating hurts more and you are probably doing it right now

So here are the symptoms; It really starts with one text message. “Hey, it’s been a minute. I hope you’re well. I miss you. :)”. 664 more words


Digital Cheating Causes Analog Pain

What does cheating look like? I mean, when you hear the word cheating, what do you think of? A middle-aged married person hooking up with someone other than their spouse in a seedy motel? 923 more words


7 Clear Signs You're Emotionally Cheating On Your Partner With Your Crush

“He’s just a CRUSH, that’s all”– the lie she’s been telling herself for a couple of months now.

It started as an innocent peek then that peek turned into a passionate gaze, then that gaze turned into a small talk which then escalated to a heart-to-heart discourse. 955 more words

Thinking of having an affair?

Are you a married person thinking about cheating or betraying your spouse? If you are, here are some things that you may or may not have considered. 550 more words


Emotional Cheating - Healthy or Harmful?

Emotional cheating. It’s scary to think how much this happens. Some believe it’s not “real cheating”, while others believe it’s worse than physical cheating.

Both are painful. 391 more words


3 Betrayals That Ruin Relationships (That Aren’t Infidelity)

Infidelity is the betrayal our society focuses on, but it is actually the subtle, unnoticed betrayals that truly ruin relationships. When partners do not choose each other day after day, trust and commitment erode away. 931 more words


baby, just give me a break for a day,
you make me work so hard for it,
and i have no one else to talk to, 456 more words