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9 Things You Need to Know Before Marriage

Almost 18 years ago, I married my husband for love, acceptance, and companionship. Having both grown up in divorced families, we knew that marriage doesn’t always last and that problems can arise. 882 more words

Relationships & Marriage

How I love the things I do not like about myself

Society has a tendency to show us the many ways in which we are not enough, where we should be different, where we should be more like others (or them) and where we have major flaws or undesirable personality traits. 501 more words


Tinted Glass

Tinted glass. Closed windows. An air-conditioned car. Sunglasses on. A comfortable life, protected and isolated from harsh experiences. Barricaded from human interaction. An illusion.

Sometimes it’s more convenient to take the simpler route. 62 more words

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Be The Change Devotional Week 39: Be Vulnerable

I’m not one to wear my heart on my sleeve. Sometimes, if I want to feel emotions powerfully, it’s like pulling teeth. It’s as if they are a thousand miles away! 647 more words

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5tips of dating for women

Dating literally means a kind of romantic relationship or courtship between two individuals. But, dating, in reality, connotes a lot more than that between the partners. 353 more words

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It comes to us all

It comes to us all

It was another lifetime. My own. Where do you start? When did you start? At the beginning of memory? The first remembered face, action, image, smell? 957 more words


Holding a Grudge: Letting Go of Unfinished and Unfair Business

I’ve never been one to let things go emotionally. Whether it’s a snide remark or the sadnessĀ of watching a video of people dying in another country. 1,574 more words