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All in or on hold

It’s come to my attention that I can either be attentive, engaged, and, metaphorically speaking, right by your side or I can seem distant, which may come off as uninterested. 204 more words



Honestly, I’m not sure what to write about right now, but I made a promise that I’d post at least once a month. And well… its 9:39 PM on February 28th. 230 more words


Emotional Distance

Last time, we discussed our understanding of proxemics, the use of personal space to define relationships. As actors, we can consciously position ourselves among the others on stage to communicate how we feel about them. 596 more words

The Actor's Toolkit

Early Betrayal and Marriage Prayer

Stepping into crust of snow, I walk into the stinging white beside a man keeping pace, together faces pink with low temperatures.  He is alone this day.  803 more words

Lost In Translation

No greater distance exits
Than the emotional abyss that lies
Between two people who used to be
Love’s example. Words lost in translation fill the silence, thoughts tangled in a language of retreat. 37 more words

My Poetry

Not Wanted

“I’m not wanted.”  I can say the words and blood, it rushes fast toward face, fills with heat burn.  Hot tension, pounding the words into the shame place of flesh.  934 more words

Broken Safe Heart

Beautifully Broken.  A testimony shared in word and book form.  The story of Elisa Morgan, former president of MOPS International.  The telling of a teenage daughter pregnant, the shame of the thing, of the realization that we are all a mess, and this is a truth.   1,178 more words