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5tips of dating for women

Dating literally means a kind of romantic relationship or courtship between two individuals. But, dating, in reality, connotes a lot more than that between the partners. 353 more words

Attracting Men

It comes to us all

It comes to us all

It was another lifetime. My own. Where do you start? When did you start? At the beginning of memory? The first remembered face, action, image, smell? 957 more words


Holding a Grudge: Letting Go of Unfinished and Unfair Business

I’ve never been one to let things go emotionally. Whether it’s a snide remark or the sadness of watching a video of people dying in another country. 1,574 more words

How to Reconnect By Being Emotionally Intimate

Have you ever felt like your soul mate turned into your roommate?

You used to be able to tell your spouse everything. But over time, you learned what upsets your partner and you started avoiding those topics. 887 more words

Relationships & Marriage

Find Your Way Back from Extra-Marital Affairs

Extra-marital affairs are one way people deal with discomfort. Turning to another person who sympathizes with you can be very comforting. And many people act on what feels good in the moment without thinking about the long term consequences of turning to another person. 223 more words

Relationships & Marriage


Time rolling over itself–

Years concealing agendas like

Waves hiding rocks beneath.

Separate lives lived in


Howling silence, heat-suffused fragrance–

Roses lying on floor– 9 more words

Poetry--Jorio Form

The Opportunity in Falling Out of Love

“Love is born in a glance, and matures in a smile.” ~ Brazilian proverb

Most people enjoy being in love, because falling in love is  a euphoric ride.

819 more words
Relationships & Marriage