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Time rolling over itself–

Years concealing agendas like

Waves hiding rocks beneath.

Separate lives lived in


Howling silence, heat-suffused fragrance–

Roses lying on floor– 9 more words

Poetry--Jorio Form

The Opportunity in Falling Out of Love

“Love is born in a glance, and matures in a smile.” ~ Brazilian proverb

Most people enjoy being in love, because falling in love is  a euphoric ride.

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Relationships & Marriage

Comfortable Separation

If it weren’t for the distance writing gives me I don’t think I would love it the way I do. It allows connection to people, to anyone that reads what you’ve written, but it doesn’t require you to give them your energy or attention. 200 more words

Streams Of Thought

I Don't Know What To

I can’t name you or call you by your name, at this time. You are streaked against the glass, your guts are spilling out.

Be brave and talk to yourself. 153 more words


To Prove Something

The best part of the sun, where it melts away for its own reflection.
To prove something.

We stand in snake skin and
leopard print, digging for… 58 more words


Understanding Relationship #1

As our children grow into adults, the confusion rampant in their inner world can come out in hurtful ways, especially toward their parents. In some ways, it is wonderful that they feel safe enough with us to let their ugly side out… but often we feel less than honored by the attacks. 205 more words

The Compromise

Hunger drips down her lips
with metallic intent;
the air is busy,
and unfortunate.

I follow her startled shadow
across the sky, where she carves… 45 more words