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Wake ME Up Inside…

Today I found myself feeling a bit frustrated. Not only because there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all of the things I want to accomplish, but also because not everyone wants what I want! 1,168 more words

8-22-16 Food Diary

Breakfast: I had what I am now calling my bird seed oatmeal, because it looks just like birdseed. Oatmeal, flax seeds, shredded unsweetened coconut, chia seeds and a little bit of honey. 326 more words

Weight Loss

Food Fantasies

My relationship with food isn’t exactly easy. Over the years, it’s been a source of pleasure and pain, comfort and guilt, a never ending roller coaster of emotions. 738 more words

Positive Psychology

Juice cleanse - the reckoning

You may wonder why I’m doing this. Will there be before and after pictures paired with annoying hashtags?  Let’s not be dramatic. It’s only 5 days. 597 more words


Do you nourish or punish yourself when you are eating?

The process of eating is one of the most basic, nourishing actions we undertake in our lives on a daily basis, yet do you actually get all the nourishment you can get out of your food when you are eating? 612 more words


8-19-16 Food Diary

Breakfast: A banana smoothie

Lunch: My bananas were looking a little bit done so I finished them off in a spinach and banana smoothie

Dinner: Tri-color wheat pasta and zucchini with homemade tomato sauce, and when I say homemade I mean from scratch. 163 more words

Weight Loss

Food and Mood

So here I am once again trying to play with my diet to see if it makes a difference.  I’ve been attempting to get off caffeine, gluten, and dairy for the last couple of weeks.  476 more words