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The way the brain and body work together is such a complicated process. There are so many things involved in the choices you make, whether healthy or unhealthy. 764 more words

How To Get Your Diet Back On Track

I broke up with my boyfriend last week, and it seems I’ve been on some kind of huge “Break-up Binge” for the last 7 days. ¬†After writing my post on… 650 more words


Avoiding the Mirror

I have been fighting against this disease for most of my life. My 9th grade gym teacher told me ‘fat isn’t attractive’ and that if I didn’t fight this battle harder, and refuse to succumb to this epidemic, that boys would not be interested in dating me and that I would be alone. 493 more words


What's your "over"?

We all have an “over”. That thing we over-do.

For some of us it’s over-eating, for others it’s over-drinking, or over-working, or over-shopping. Even over-exercising can be a problem! 138 more words


Many of us have been given or chosen food as a reward for good behavior, a job well done, a long day, etc. The media and advertising also helps us with reward conditioning. 523 more words

You can manage your feelings without overeating or restricting

You need to know that you can manage your feelings without food.

You don’t need to do something to diffuse the situation, like the diet books recommend. 110 more words


5 biblical steps to heal an unhealthy relationship with food.

Have you ever found yourself staring at a beautiful garden? The chirping of birds, the wondrous scent and the visual splendor, transports you to a place of peace. 1,456 more words

Spiritual Keys