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How to Combat the Rational Lies We Use to Rationalize Emotional Overeating

“Every day I get up with the intention of trying to eat better. I honestly do. I want to eat better. I want to be healthy.

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Making Choices

I blame.....

I’m a blamer. I blame everyone and everything for me being overweight. Then I blame my weight for everything else.

I blame my past. I first starting overeating when I was about 12. 762 more words


A Little Angry

So, I’m on a fantastic website, BariatricPal, that’s basically one of my three online support groups.  I go there for encouragement whenever things feel hard, advice whenever I have questions for post-ops, and browsing and reading topics that are relevant to me, regardless of how odd they may seem. 1,669 more words

5 Sure Fire Ways To Beat Cravings and Keep Control

Cravings are an unfortunate fact of life. One second, you’re on the road to healthy body fat and good healthy habit triumph. Then, bam, your willpower is torn to shreds by the physical urge to down some fat and/or sugar, no matter the form and once you start you can’t stop. 884 more words


Role over Sunday

Pull up my pants over the roll, or let it hang over? When you are not quite sure where to squeeze in all the jiggly parts to get into your clothes on a Sunday morning, you know you have hit a real low. 120 more words


Wk2: Always Maintain Only A Joyful Mind (Day 3)

Day 3

I’m pretty shapely.  Everyday I enjoy doing a little something to get me moving.  Today it was a hike and tomorrow I’ll be jogging with a friend.  507 more words


Can you notice deeper changes?

Everyone I counsel has one goal in common:  health.  Beyond that the details vary a little, but for the most part, almost everyone wants to lose weight. 862 more words

Healthy Weight Loss Tips