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Emotional Eating | Letting Go of Your Pain

Good evening, readers.

I hope everyone’s weekend was great. Things on my end have been well, but to be honest, they could be better.

Due to a series of personal situations, for the last month or two I have secretly been dealing with feelings of stress, anxiety, and personal unfulfillment. 746 more words

Dollar Diet Week 25: Going on a bender

I have indulged in some rather spendy. spendy behaviour this week – all because I was in a bad mood.  Not great when you are on a… 476 more words

Dollar Diet

Emotional Eating Manifesto

For years I avoided thinking of the term emotional eater, because that is what I was.  Yep, I freely admit it to the world.  Believe me, saying it makes me inwardly cringe.  944 more words

Life's Journeys

Eating to Thrive

“..when you just sit in silence the wind blows through you, the sun shines in you and you realize you are not your body you are everything.”

326 more words
The Emotional Body

Droopy drawers

The scale has been kind the past couple of weeks. . .showing down two more pounds.  My weight loss pattern is drop 2-3 pounds, hold for two weeks, drop 2-3 pounds, hold for two weeks.  326 more words

Weight Loss Surgery

Emotional Monday

It’s been a rough (emotional) day and half, y’all.

Today was filled with an unusual amount of tears. Some I can pinpoint their cause, but others I am not so sure what brought them on. 267 more words


BLOG: 8 techniques to manage emotional eating

You know the movie. The movie where the girl is sitting in her room crying with a box of tissues and a large box of chocolates by her side as she reminisces about her broken relationship. 1,132 more words