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Have You Checked Out On Life?

The Problem With Checking Out on LIfe

If we are not consciously molding our existence then we have most likely checked out on life.  The autopilot is on and we have settled back into our time and energy draining behaviors, waiting for it all to blow on by. 833 more words


Poor Decisions, Migraines

We’re going off of caffeine. Today is day one, because we had caffeine yesterday when we went out to breakfast. … …

I need to cut myself some slack this week. 585 more words

Its OK to fall, its not OK to stay down...

Well, what a little rant that last blog was!!! Could you tell I had gotten a bee in my bonnet!!!!

So, today, a few weeks on, where am I at?? 852 more words

Fitness Coach Jeff Pitts

moving the podcast – interview from February 17, 2015


Episode 39. Jeff Pitts is a super great guy with a heart for helping others. Today he talks with us about health and fitness, his personal journey from athlete to emotional eater to fitness coach, and why his favorite word is hope. 83 more words


Food for Thought

Yesterday I was supposed to see the doctor. I set my alarm, woke everyone up, got us all dressed, battled the girls’ hair into half ponytails, fed everyone breakfast, and even made sure to drink water so I’d be ready to pee in a cup. 417 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Emotional Cravings

If your emotions are often the culprits of your cravings – you eat when you are stressed, bored, sad, lonely or depressed –  what can you do to combat them? 185 more words


Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

BED is not a lack of will power as the dieting industry may try and sell you. Medical practitioners aren’t even wholly knowledgeable on the subject. 26 more words