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Emotional Eating - Overeating and Obsession with Food

This is an in-depth document I wrote about halfway through my one year Australian adventure. In summary, it explains my personal journey as well as helpful tools to identify and conquer an emotional relationship with food. 2,700 more words

Emotional Eating

weigh day

230.1  This is where I am at.  It isn’t what I wanted to see but I know what I need to do to help this out.  161 more words

Food that Comforts

Moving is stressful, moving across the country is even more stressful. Sadly emotional eating is a comfort I am all too familiar with. The snow this week, combined with some anxiety about a situation at work has left me reaching for the ice cream (I know, I know, when its 20 degree that in and of itself is an insane option for comfort food). 163 more words

Emotional eating is my weakness

My internet is acting up.  By acting up I mean that some person decided to back up and obliterate the provider pole with their vehicle.  I have been with out internet for 3 weeks thanks to AT&T not having their stuff together in hiring contractors to fix it.  276 more words

A Mind That Won't Shut Off

I love writing about my successes and how far I’ve come. But I have to be real and talk openly about the days I feel like going backwards. 1,591 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery


Most people have suffered from things they wish they could overcome in their lives. I personally have struggled with weight, multiple addictions, depression, anxiety, and ADHD. 154 more words

What it's like being an emotional eater and addicted to food...

Food. I love it and I hate it. It’s heaven and it’s hell. It’s good and it’s bad.

My relationship with food is a complicated one because as you can see in the title of this blog, I am an emotional eater and addicted to food. 635 more words