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“The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see.” -Barry Neil Kaufman

For years I was blind. Until one day in late July 2001 when the temperature was 118 degrees in Phoenix and my temperature was well above that. 484 more words

Overcoming my demons

So long story short, I’ve struggled with my weight for pretty much my whole adult life. I was a chubby pre-teen, but then when puberty hit I got tall and (fairly) skinny. 615 more words

About Me

Time Is Running Out...

Sometimes I feel so very alone. I know other people have gone through what I am going through…depression…emotional eating…grief…loss…and loneliness. But I can’t help but feel like I am on an island. 546 more words

The Dangerous Game Of Off Limits Foods

Just let the quote I have posted breathe over you for a few minutes. Think about it.  Can you relate on some level whether it’s now or at some point on your health journey ? 1,465 more words



Some people believe that I am crazy, but I get up at 3am almost daily to get some cardiovascular exercise in to begin the day. Zeus (my Dachshund mix) and I head to the small park across the street from our house to get some running in on the grass, some burpees (I do those while he smells stuff), and other forms of High Intensity Interval Training. 632 more words

Being In the Food

Right. In the food, not the mood. Or maybe, “in the mood for food?” You get the idea. In light of my recent roller coaster of relapse, I’d like to share what’s so fulfilling about practicing an addiction…and what’s so soul-sucking about it. 863 more words

Emotional Eating

Whole30 Review (at Day 21)

Greetings from a rather stormy Essex! It has been a LONG time since I last posted and much has happened, including establishing an addiction to expensive stationary in order to feed my newly found habit of modern calligraphy. 3,185 more words

Self Love