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When Your Life Shatters

In 2012, the twelfth of December was a Wednesday. I was five months pregnant and lying down was just beginning to become uncomfortable enough that once I actually managed to fall asleep, every moment of it was cherished. 697 more words

Weight Loss

So Now What Do I Do?

Emotions can play a big part in why we overeat. If you find yourself using food to make yourself feel better – not to satisfy a physical need to nourish – then you may be one of many individuals that fall “victim” to emotionally eating. 195 more words

Emotional Eating

Let's Talk About Desire

It’s Valentine’s week–no better time to talk about the sensuality of food. Don’t worry, I won’t get all “TMI” here, but I’m going to use the food/sex analogy to explain my challenge with moderation. 726 more words

Emotional Eating

Our Relationship With Food: It's Complicated

Food is a ridiculous sounding word if you say it enough times in a row. Try it. Food. Food. Fooooood. (Note the close resemblance to Moooo … but I’m not gonna go there). 1,156 more words

What To Eat

It’s funny, and not funny at the same time. Here’s the truth: I wrote the book “Who’s the Girl in the Fat Suit?” with the hope I would never have to worry about my weight again. 112 more words


Eating Your Emotions

No round up of the week today. The week has been rather shitty, which is exactly why this topic *points* is probably a good one to cover. 606 more words


Cravings Rewired

Psychiatrist Judson Brewer poses some fascinating thoughts on how we can turn TO our cravings to eventually lessen them.

Try using this mindfulness and see what you learn!  72 more words

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