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“Being the richest man in the graveyard is not the goal.” Tony Robbins  There are many reasons to care for yourself no matter your age. Research shows that you will feel more confident, happier, and perform at a higher level in your job and other vital areas of life if you take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 177 more words

Triumph in the night

So, of course nighttime is when the desperate emotional eating happens. After I’ve waded and pushed through the day, often without much self-awareness, sometimes with emotional walls so I can focus on what needs doing, and often with a growing sense of dissatisfaction. 403 more words

Emotional Healing

I Struggled With This and Now Hope to Help You Not To

I am sure it is a shock to those who know me best but I am very susceptible to responding to stress with tremendous anxiety. Historically I have become very nervous in tight financial situations, sports, public speaking, some relationships, and traffic stopping me from making an appointment on time. 209 more words

Whole Lotta Rosie

I have legitimately been trying to lose weight since I finished high school, it started when I saw my formal photos and the image of myself in my head didn’t match what I was seeing. 1,753 more words

Mental Health

7 Truths I Learned While Fasting

Fasting for some people can mean improvement in health or weight loss, a deeper connection to religious beliefs, fulfillment of a personal goal, or experimenting with a trendy diet. 3,290 more words


There are lots of reasons to care for your health as you age. Whether you are 19 or 60, what you do the next 10-20 years of your life with the health choices that you make will matter more than what you did the last 10. 696 more words

Entry #4: Fighting off cravings and emotional eating

Today started out okay, but by now it’s kinda crappy. Lot’s of lectures this morning until the afternoon. I was able to absorb and understand more information today and I thought everything was doing great. 371 more words

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