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Entry #9: Checking In & My History with Binge-Eating

That’s why I’m so tied to food and afraid to let it go; because if I lose the food, then I lose my ability to be… me.

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Weight Loss

011. habit shift

As mentioned in my last post, there have been a lot of changes going on.


First, I stopped myself from emotionally (and often impulsively) shopping. 633 more words

Social Media Detox

The Three Types of Hunger

Hi Guys! Today’s post is all about the three types of hunger. This will be very useful for anyone who may be vulnerable to emotional eating or binge eating. 297 more words

When You Find Yourself Emotionally Eating Ask Yourself This Question

There is nothing wrong with emotional eating! Our society that fears weight gain says it’s bad because emotional eating can lead to weight gain if done too often. 200 more words

When Not All Foods Fit Blog

What emotional eating looks like now #progress

I am a recovered bulimic. I was very bulimic. It made me lonely, ashamed and disgusted of myself.

Today emotional eating looks like a bowl of rice bran solubles with cacao nibs. 61 more words

Claire Samuel

busting at the seams...

I don’t do drugs,
she told herself in consolation,

yet she stuffed her face
and got sedated
on pies and cream cakes,

her righteous self… 34 more words


Setbacks Are Not Failures

Sometimes I forget I’ve only been on this journey for a few months.  It feels like it’s been forever and how could I possibly go back to old habits.   491 more words

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