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Am I Eating My Feelings Or Am I Just Hungry?

Lately, I’ve been eating two to three times a day and I’m just not sure whether I’ve been truly hungry or if I’ve been eating my feelings. 470 more words


Day 25: Actual Results May Vary

There are no guarantees in life, really, are there? Ridiculously clichéd, that, because it’s true.

Everything I am reading, all the apps I use, all the meal plans I research all come with intense disclaimers and fine print and escape clauses along the lines of ‘Actual Results May Vary’. 218 more words


Day 24: Onwards and Downwards

Today was the company year end function.

Acres of free food and drink. Piles of rich, gorgeous desserts.

Easy to say “Screw it, it’s a cheat day!” and be done with it – and to be fair, I did have two 200ml carbonated drinks and a bun with my lunch. 103 more words


Day 23: Thank You!

There was more control and much healthier eating today. There was even a half a slice of cheesecake, but I kept it all in the bounds of my 8,900 kilojoules. 89 more words


Day 22: What The Actual...?

Sunday. A day spent with family and friends.

Still, there is room to keep to the plan, right? No need to go meshugena – we’ve talked about this, the social eating. 207 more words


Day 21: By The Numbers

I’ve started tracking what I eat with the My Fitness Pal app.

I wasn’t particularly disciplined with my eating today, but I felt it was OK – the portions were not huge and the only snack I had was a single biscuit. 87 more words



There is so much that goes into letting go of weight.  The physical “armor” that in some way serves and protects us.  It’s as they say an “inside job”.  59 more words

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