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To My B.E.D Fellows: Prelude to the Binge Eating Series

I think there are people who wake up in the morning and they’ve just got it. They jump out of bed, do the same things every morning, every day, don’t question their choices, and go through their days filled with an intrinsic confidence. 1,151 more words

Healthy Happy Life

Food, alcohol and drug addiction

At 11.36am this morning – exactly four hours after I had committed whole heartedly to a long weekend of rice fasting – I was returning home from the local coffee shop with a large soy latte. 467 more words

April 2015

One day at a time

I feel a bit incredulous this evening. On a Friday night, my little cousin comes round to my Mum’s house and we do arts and crafts. 980 more words

Calorie Counting


Eating a meal – very often is just another task on so many people’s to do list. They eat super quickly, so that they can just tick one thing off their list and move on. 303 more words

Eating Right

Emotional Eating

Last week I went to an emotional eating seminar run by a local nutritionist. Emotional eating is something I have had many difficulties with over the years, similarly, apparently, to a large number of women. 1,029 more words


Hi there, and welcome to my first blog post on Operation Adresia. I suppose I’d like to start by telling you a bit about the intended purpose for this blog, and a little bit about me (nothing too heavy, we’ll leave that till a few posts in!). 1,033 more words

Calorie Counting

Day 32, Why can't I eat like this every day?

Clearly this is the question that plagues the modern human race. As evidenced by the abundance of diet books, supplements, nutritional counselors, drugs, surgical procedures and research, everyone is trying to figure out how to get the human race to eat in such a way that they can maintain a healthy weight. 290 more words