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There is always Spirit!

I love my new doctor.  To go along with the move, I now have a new HMO insurance, which brings its own frustrations, and a new primary physician. 776 more words

Emotional eaters shouldn't go grocery shopping when they're moody

I haven’t written a lot this week because I’ve been feeling crappy and eating crappy and I didn’t want to talk about it.

I’m so incredibly tired all the time. 230 more words


Eating and Emotion

I, like many others, need to learn how to deal with emotion without using food.

Today I was super excited for my lunch. I had cooked a meal for dinner last night, and then got a last minute call from a friend, so I did’t get to enjoy my meal. 369 more words

Its Not Always Roses

Yesterday I was reminded that this journey isn’t easy and its often times hard and downright sucks.

It was a tough day. It was one that I’m sure if I read my horoscope it would have told me to stay in bed with the covers over my head. 243 more words

Body By Vi

12 Week Update

Well hello there friends. It’s Tuesday and it is a workday so let’s just move forward and talk about how I’m doing on my challenge. To recap, here are the goals that I set for myself in this fun little challenge. 506 more words


Letting go of Control

As long as all my energy was going into controlling food there was no room for anything else in my life, especially not recovery. I knew that if I ever wanted to break the hold food had over me I needed to free up some brain space to work on getting better, which meant letting go of control. 603 more words