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Running to Stand Still

I’ve been running so much that I haven’t had a moment to sit down–let alone stand–to share my experiences here. And for the record, when I say running, I don’t mean lacing on my gym shoes and jogging around the neighborhood. 1,089 more words

Emotional Eating


It is so amazing to witness people change their lives for the healthier despite large barriers and obstacles. One of those people is Anne, a woman in her fifties who works at a physical job, has painful knees and shoulders, and has struggled with weight issues her whole life. 218 more words


I wish that number up there was my age. Instead, it’s the number of pounds I put back on between the end of May, when our heavy financial troubles started (right after the one year anniversary of my surgery), and the time I went to weigh two weeks ago. 301 more words

Your Mood Is What You Eat

I struggled for years with Major Depressive Disorder, constant mood swings, impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and lack of focus (ADHD). My outlook and relationships suffered, my self-esteem was very low, and life was miserable in ALL areas. 784 more words

Why are my emotions craving for icecream? 

Over the weekend I had so many emotions flying around it was crazy and I ended up spending the Saturday of my long weekend binge watching The Stranger Things while eating an entire tub of icecream, chocolate, crackers and goats cheese. 587 more words


Up and down but moving forward.

I started this journey of pursuing wholeness in my heart and body near the beginning of this year. I have wanted to write about it right from the very beginning, but I didn’t feel I should until I could show some ‘progress’. 453 more words


What would you choose?

One of the things that can make losing weight so difficult is being faced by choice.  This becomes even more difficult when something looks like a bargain and is sugary and sweet. 185 more words

Weight Loss