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Listen to Your Body

I’m about to get real with you.  I know I’m not on here often enough.  To be honest I’ve been trying to figure out how to utilize this platform, as well as my other social media platforms, to share what I’m learning in my training to be a health coach. 741 more words

Emotional Eating: Why do we eat our feelings? 

Emotional eating is not about food. Emotional eating is an attempt to feed the spirit with the wrong kind of food. 1,034 more words


Baby steps

Over the weekend, in the moments I had to myself, I spent some time mulling over my life and what I want out of it. (Running around after three little maniacs meant that these moments were few and far between…) Something that’s repeatedly been one of my goals is to lose weight. 468 more words


Stressful week!

I had a bad week this week having received a phone call from the police early on Thursday morning to say that my husband had been involved in an accident. 168 more words

Weight Loss

Weekends Wreck My Diet Every Time

Saturdays are usually my favorite day for the simple reason that I don’t have to work and my kids and I can enjoy our time together. 392 more words


Binge Eating Recovery Blog

Another new post is up at HealthyPlace – this week, I wrote about relapsing. I used to relapse and give up, but now I learn and continue.  79 more words


She died and I’m hungry!

It’s been a few years since my grandmother passed away. That was a pain like I never felt before. My cousin, Chelkie, called me the day my grandma had her stroke and she yelled,”GET HERE, I CANNOT DO THIS MY BY MYSELF!” Now four years later, The loss of Chelkie has left me broken. 349 more words