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Emotional Energy Part Two: Sowing What You Want to Reap

Once you’ve raised your awareness of what you feel, when you feel it, and where you feel it, you can take full responsibility for regulating the emotional energy you bring to the events of the day. 658 more words

Emotional Energy Part One: Developing Emotional Self-Awareness

In a previous post, I mentioned the importance of taking full responsibility for the emotional energy you bring into the room. Any room. Every room. 757 more words

Decision fatigue and 6 ways to beat it!

Our world loves customisation, personalization and options. We expect these things from the brands and services we love but what impact are all these choices having on our ability to make the important decisions in life? 834 more words

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Christian Mystic Insights - Energy Watching!

I used to think that I was just anxious most of the time until I started to energy watch – both what is happening in my body/mind/emotions and mine and others’ response to their environment. 646 more words


#BacktoSchool Responsibly

When I was a kid, going back to school was both exciting and nerve-wracking. As a parent, I find myself once again careening between the same confusing emotions. 986 more words



I’ve mentioned part of this before, but it really came together in my head this weekend. I have a limited amount of emotional or mental energy. 374 more words


Speak Truth and Be Set Free

I can waste so much emotional and physical energy second guessing decisions or hitching myself to what should be instead of finding peace in what is.   69 more words