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Drawing a blank...

It’s the anxiety again, I know it is. I have too much to do and not enough whatever i’m missing to do it. I can only handle a couple things today, meaning only a couple things CAN be handled on any given weekday morning. 367 more words


No one tells you this, but a human life, just like the universe that cradles it, is always expanding.

One of the ways we experience this extension first hand is through the social connections we make. 1,036 more words

Emotional Energy Centers (Chakras) and the Body

I found this chart from the siteĀ Collective Evolution regarding the energy centers of the body and (some) emotional/mind connections. 55 more words


Gratitude 31May17 The Aura is Mine

I have always been interested in quantum physics and the concept that all living things emit energy. Or, their “vibe” so to speak. I began doing research on the emotional energy of an individual. 223 more words

Arguments that Kill Your Marriage

Good Arguments, Bad Arguments:

“In a marriage there are good arguments and bad arguments” begins Paul Carter in his article, Arguments that Kill your Marriage… 780 more words


Break Before the Breakdown

I spent my #MDW doing absolutely nothing. No predetermined plans. No beach trips or barbecues. Instead, I slept. I exercised. I shopped. I caught up on my favorite T.V. 681 more words

Life Advice

Queen of Wands, the Otter

The Otter is universally loved for its playful demeanor along cold coastlines. Otter colonies are full of social activity, learning and teaching how to hunt, eat, and sleep without floating away on the current. 185 more words