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To be an artist is to love life, Jeannie Bogue

“To love art is to believe in life” – Henry Moore

Although much of her life has been characterized by heartache and tragedy, Jeannie Bogue creates art that embodies optimism and hope.

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Digging Out

Well… where to start?

Its March. Its nearly the end of March actually. Officially spring. The time of renewal and rebirth. New life. Warmer, brighter, and longer days. 896 more words

Contemplations & Introspections

Energy is Everything

We all admire something at any moment in time.  While much of our talk has been about “energy” lately, it is important to note that it takes strength to have energy.   277 more words

Who Do You Turn To When Your Energy...

takes a hit?  And when one part of your energy takes a hit, all parts of your energy are hit!  Yesterday, I spoke of Physical Energy, Mental Energy, and Emotional Energy. 280 more words


How Do You Manage Your Energy?

It is 5:30 AM, where is your energy?  When we speak of energy, it is in a very personal way.  It is a force within us that can be used up but then refilled.   484 more words

Sophia - A Single Voice Re: our History ~ Feb. 22, 2016

Sophia Love brings us another smidgen of “soft” disclosure. In this episode, Sophia’s contactee’s share with her a slightly different view of Earth and it’s humans. 1,325 more words

Are You Wasting Your Emotional Energy?

So I’m going to talk about famous people for a bit.  Just bear with me.

As I was watching the news on Tuesday morning, a story about the rivalry between Kanye West and Taylor Swift (both current pop/R&B icons) was brought to my attention.  367 more words

Sarah Jane Paton