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Steps To Take To Identify Your Emotional Energy


There is no easy way to identify your emotional energy, it’s very difficult to recognize them when you have spent so long without any knowledge of what your emotional energy is. 503 more words


Title of My New Book... "In the Study of PSYCHOLOGY... the Brain is Useless !"

My question is this:  What am I implying & am I just being cute… or,  am I saying something very important ?

Peace, Brother James 7 more words

Special Education

Psychological Fact Worth Considering...

Most people do not realize that Depression is a symptom that indicates a MIND-level conflict within a person’s MIND, which is CAUSED by repressing  the emotions of rage and grief.  322 more words

Special Education

How snowy days help me think.

(I posted this a number of years ago but I could have written it this winter because we’ve had a lot of snow this month.) 565 more words


Health & Human Energy Bodies

With respect to the human body, there are five energy bodies, including the physical body.   It is important to understand the relationship between each layer of energy and how it interacts and the impact on the physical body when the energy flow is blocked or interrupted. 999 more words


Time out

Today I am taking some time out.

Today the little things are becoming big things.

It’s important we recognise this in ourselves and take time to readjust our emotions and re-balance ourselves. 12 more words

“Love is really something special. We take it from a few and we share with many.”  Andre d’Aquino