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Sound Familiar?

•Your team members are working day to day with no clear vision of what the organization will be when it grows up.

•You and your team are running in sand. 231 more words

Thoughts Out Loud

Getting Out With Friends…For the Health of It!

It’s Thursday…a cold and wind chilling day in January and the last thing I have on my mind is to go out and play outside.  I decide to meet my girlfriends and go skating.  310 more words

Guest Bloggers

“In trying to discuss anything with someone emotionally involved one engages in the most purposeless and stupid attitude.”  Andre d’Aquino


The Other Senses: Challenge Doesn't Require Struggle

If you are struggling, it doesn’t mean you are working harder, gaining more benefit, or are offering better value to others. It means you are struggling. 417 more words


Emotional Energy Part Two: Sowing What You Want to Reap

Once you’ve raised your awareness of what you feel, when you feel it, and where you feel it, you can take full responsibility for regulating the emotional energy you bring to the events of the day. 658 more words

Emotional Energy Part One: Developing Emotional Self-Awareness

In a previous post, I mentioned the importance of taking full responsibility for the emotional energy you bring into the room. Any room. Every room. 757 more words

Decision fatigue and 6 ways to beat it!

Our world loves customisation, personalization and options. We expect these things from the brands and services we love but what impact are all these choices having on our ability to make the important decisions in life? 834 more words

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