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Biography, Biology, and Destiny: How energy psychology might break the chain

(by Sarah Murphy, LPC) Obesity. Diabetes. Depression. Heart disease. Asthma. Addiction. Cancer. What common denominator increases the likelihood of developing any of these conditions?

Adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs. 1,023 more words

Energy Psychology

What to Say When You’re “Tapping” with Energy Psychology

Beyond the Talking Cure: Talk and Tap

The practice of guided change has its foundation in psychotherapy, once dubbed the talking cure.

After more than one hundred years of psychotherapy history, we count many success stories, yet the question becomes: Is talking enough? 967 more words

Energy Psychology

You know you could help yourself here!

You cannot grow when you are in fear mode. Times are uncertain and unpredictable. Anxieties are hitting the roof. Yes, we got to be informed, but with every piece of information we are currently receiving, we are just jacking up the cortisol, the stress hormone, in our bodies. 507 more words

Life Learning

Stop struggling. Try tapping for weight loss and food cravings.

People who are overweight generally know what to do. Eat less, eat better, exercise more. Pretty simple, right? So why does it so often feel impossible? 871 more words

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