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Upping My Vibrational Relationship With Cold Hard Cash MONEY...~*

Greetings Creator, Today I am feeling The Vibration of Not-Enoughness with regard to my finances. I came across one of those quotes that says, “I am a magnet for money” and decided to play around with it by writing a new story with that as my theme. 1,818 more words


Amygdala Hijacks and Triggers

Not too long ago I was in a planning meeting in Fargo, ND with my partner Jerry Nagel and two of our colleagues from Folkways… 889 more words


The Voice of Your Inner Judge

There is no more powerful limiting mechanism in our lives than the voice of the judge.  I don’t mean that other person – parent, spouse, child, teacher, boss, friend, co-worker, random stranger on the street or in the shopping mall.   1,091 more words

Journey To Openheartedness

Sleepless in Lincoln

It’s 12:30 a.m. on September 8th, 2015 and there is absolutely no reason I should be wide awake right now, but here I am. It’s storming outside. 628 more words


Defining Your Own Success (Part 1)

Define success and productivity by your own metrics

Everyone wants success. The problem is that we often stumble in defining our personalized metrics for success. It doesn’t help that the general consensus is to strive for typical stuff like expensive cars, large houses and luxury vacations. 998 more words


Emotions Are Your Guidance System

When on the openhearted life journey, we each have experiences that can take us to some deep places.  Depth invites exploration – if we want it to, of course. 789 more words

Journey To Openheartedness

Research shows extremely picky eaters could lead to depression

The typical kid menu consists of chicken fingers, cheese pizza and macaroni. Most eventually expand their palates… but some take “picky eating” to the extreme. And new research shows — that could be a troubling sign of disorders like depression and anxiety.  342 more words