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Emotions Are Your Guidance System

When on the openhearted life journey, we each have experiences that can take us to some deep places.  Depth invites exploration – if we want it to, of course. 789 more words

Journey To Openheartedness

Research shows extremely picky eaters could lead to depression

The typical kid menu consists of chicken fingers, cheese pizza and macaroni. Most eventually expand their palates… but some take “picky eating” to the extreme. And new research shows — that could be a troubling sign of disorders like depression and anxiety.  342 more words


9 June 2015

Anytime you feel negative emotion, stop and say: Something is important here; otherwise I would not be feeling this negative emotion.
What is it that I want? 122 more words

Untangling the Messiness of Transitions

My mother died on February 8, 2012. That night, as I drove from Lunenburg to Halifax by the light of the full moon, I felt her dancing spirit, free of the confines of a deteriorated physical body and I felt joyous and euphoric, recognizing the beauty and tragedy of transition all alive at the same time in the same moment. 640 more words

Journey To Openheartedness

Using feelings not fear

Fear is not real.(meditate on it)   Although, now I can appreciate where it came from. I feel like fear was good intentions gone astray. It was supposed to be a tool to try to encourage people to behave well.   164 more words

Emotional Guidance System


I am an empath and I am a woman.  The concept of emotions is not a foreign one to me lol!

*in the event you’re curious about what it is to be an empath check out this article, although I generally disagree with one size fits all listing it is helpful in getting validation about things you’ve probably already know about yourself which ultimately helps you grow :)  368 more words

Resisting Resistance Is Futile Creator...~*

Greetings Creator, I have some information I’d love to share with you. Lately I have been pondering the purpose of Resistance and why it’s necessary to our Creative Process? 970 more words