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My Experience With the 5 Stages of Grief: Part 5: Acceptance

A lot of people have the mistaken idea that when it comes to accepting your dearly departed’s death that some magical moment will instantly happen where it’s like “Abra Cadabra!!!” and *poof*, they are no longer grieving. 1,398 more words



“A being requires a certain amount of stability
before they can safely venture
into the ‘unknown”

– Ruth Roberts


photo © Ruth Roberts


Being Met

“from the moment of conception….

As ‘somatic sensory beings’ we are touched and impacted by our immediate surroundings both in the emotional and physical realms. 109 more words


Guide and Student

“A being, no matter their stature, in their humility, virtue and compassion knows they can only be of service when appreciating they are both guide and student.” 7 more words



“I believe miracles arise when everything aligns.
There is no control in this state.
It is that we arrive.”
– Ruth Roberts

photo © Ruth Roberts


Recovering After Abuse

Here are some thoughts ideas and secrets on healing after mental, or emotional abuse… willow4u.com/abusive/relationship/

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Rita Harrison HPpt… 14 more words


Reiki for Cravings

I’m not sure if it’s the approach of summertime or some astrological event,  but I’m hearing a lot from clients and acquaintances who lament their struggles with food cravings. 664 more words