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The Misogyny Trap

It is a poor thing to wish death by rectal cancer on the mother of one’s child.
My anger can be overwhelming. The last few posts give a solid idea of the level of betrayal and damage I suffered, but it would take a dozen more to show the full scope. 398 more words


Into the Beyond

Deep within my heart,

Where the broken pieces lie,

Is where I seek to mend,

My hurt left behind.

Into the beyond I walk,

The unknown awaits me patiently. 74 more words



by Volina Armstrong

I cannot even begin to express how much I H-A-T-E this word. I’m sure no one does, but this word is one of those strong disdains for me. 1,376 more words

A Better Me

Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast ~ March 26, 2015

Your personal number for 2015 is obtained by adding 8 to your month & day of birth. (2015 = 8). For instance, if you were born on December 20, add 1+2+2+0+8=13. 1,049 more words


Lifecoaching: let your inner child speak

Starting my day by guiding someone to express deep-rooted emotions is gratifying work. Many people have the tendency to overthink too much. Especially when it comes down to emotions like sadness mixed with fear. 79 more words


It's about Growing Up

I realize that part of the spiritual journey for humans is to grow up emotionally.  Our souls come into this world to learn life lessons.  Through these lessons, we begin to learn the truths about ourselves, awaken to our reality, and change our smaller selves to become closer to who we really are as soul beings.   247 more words


Boys (don't) Cry

Toxic Masculinity describes the idea that men are inherently less emotional than women, as well as being more violent, stronger, and more able to tolerate pain and stress. 200 more words