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No relationship is worth the sacrifice of your spiritual, physical or emotional health.

If you find yourself swaying in unhealthy relational patterns, stop. Remind yourself that you have choices, never sacrifice you… ~Stormie Steele

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Spiritual & Personal Development

Pranashakthi Emotional Seed Healing

The night before last I was blessed to learn an expanded form of  Pranashakthi Emotional Seed Healing. It not only helps with stress and with easing the flow of life but it also gets to the root of physical issues restoring the blueprint of to emotional wellness.   433 more words

The Father God respond differently

Many of us must have heard about the parable of the lost son, who took his share of estate from his father, squandered his wealth in wild living, spend all his wealth in wild living. 291 more words

Family/ Kids And Environments

"Healing Our Hearts and Releasing Our Creativity"

One thing we have observed frequently over the years is how the healing of our hearts can result in a release of our creativity. For example, we recall a woman who was a wonderful artist who had laid down her painting for years. 761 more words

Living From A Healed Heart

cracking open with molly

Last night I had the pleasure of participating in a workshop with author and therapist, Molly Carroll. Her book, Cracking Open, A creative journal for self transformation… 324 more words


Eighteen Months In: Life At SoulFullHeart Sanctuary

By Jelayan Awen

The deep ruts in the road made it barely passable, even in a 4 X 4 truck with clearance. The river was swollen after the rainy season, gushing by us with a force that seemed to mock our desire to gain access to the other side. 904 more words

Emotional Healing

Don't forget to self care

For all you ladies out there, on a mission to prove yourself: don’t forget to self care. Take time to nourish yourself inside and out.