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Quick Tip on Discovering a Career Right for You


A friend asked: how did you know that the career you chose was the right one for you? I’m totally lost when it comes to picking what I want to do.  110 more words

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How to Dance


Can’t Dance?

A television program was stating the sexiest dance is to give an “I don’t care about anything (but maybe you)” impression. To many, this could have different meanings, however, they went on to describe slow movements as if your body is nodding side to side, slightly slower than the music’s beat, even. 183 more words

Relationships (Family/Friends/Coworkers)

Anxiety Tip: The Month-From-Now Chair

Anxiety Tip: The Month-From-Now Chair

There was a time things were so bad I developed panic attacks. A good friend was there for support and continuously assured I was normal (anxiety stirs our flight/fight adrenylne making us panic). 84 more words

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Worry is like a Rocking Chair

Heard this saying today and just loved it…

Worry is like a rocking chair.
It will give you something to do,
but never get you anywhere.
31 more words

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Relationships are like Elastic Bands

Today I saw a sad photo of a woman sitting alone with a ‘if you love someone, you must let them go’ sort of message attached.   281 more words

Relationships (Family/Friends/Coworkers)

The Joy of Stress by Peter Hansen (Condensed Book Notes)

* just posting a few  book notes made from the Joy of Stress book.

JOY OF STRESS by Peter Hanson – Condensed Book Notes

The key to surviving and thriving on stress is control: 2,011 more words

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For Anyone Trying Balance Actions of the Heart or Brain

Was sharing this with a good friend recently as it’s something important to me….then thought maybe others might find it useful, so why not share it more… 289 more words

Relationships (Family/Friends/Coworkers)