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Victims and heroes

I had coffee with my friend Elyse yesterday to chat about where she is on the gastric bypass surgery journey. It was a surprising and rather sad conversation. 806 more words


Unplug & Get Connected: The Power of Self Care

  “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” 

All too often we neglect our own self-care. We often use the phrase such as “we have to take care of others, and then I will take care of me.” We carry around the belief that self-care is selfish. 357 more words

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We all need maintenance

There are so many incredible women in my life. Beautiful, remarkable, talented, and really genuinely care about the people in their lives. It amazes me the lengths they will go through to take care of the people in their lives, but then totally neglect their own health and their needs. 796 more words

Weight Loss

STRIDE Friday's: Sexual Assault Awareness

I am director of outreach for a student organization on campus called STRIDE (Seeking To Reclaim our Identity Direction and Energy) which “has a two-fold purpose: 1) to bring awareness about sexual violence to The Ohio State University and to the Columbus community through running/racing and 2) to provide support to survivors and allies through the power of social connection through running or walking. 288 more words


When hope finally outweighs the fear

Filing a  Protective order against your ex. Yeah, so that happened.

Most of us saw that viral Youtube video when David leaves the dentist. In it, he is bobbing his head back and forth saying “Is this real life?” That is what I did. 640 more words

An Introduction to Non-Attachment

I don’t know much about Buddhism and I’m not religious, but I completely support taking parts of religious teachings that speak to you and applying them to your own life… 500 more words

Emotional Health

Healing Wind...

Breathe in slowly, welcome the healing wind of your breath.

Slowly, naturally and relaxed.

The healing wind of your breath is very real. The healing wind of your breath is release. 32 more words

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