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Gym vacation

What for most people is a simple choice feels to me like a major life-altering decision. It has been months since I took more than a single day off from my gym pursuits, but I am coming to realize it is not necessarily beneficial to me to go long stretches without a regular break. 918 more words


Day 115

I first heard this word in relation to my best friend. She was given it as a compliment and we were discussing it afterwards. I had to look up the definition because I had no clue what it meant. 132 more words


Saddle Up-Taking Care of Yourself

We’ve all been through seasons in which life simply gets too overwhelming. Whether you work crazy hours, deal with delicate family situations, have problems or drama in your relationships, have to study tons of hours to get good grades, or who knows what, we’ve all been pushed to want to numb; that is, forget what’s going on or escape from our situations or circumstances (for more information on numbing, view my previous post: … 661 more words

Emotional Health

Gratitude in Adversity


In the room — it doesn’t much matter which room — there is pain.

There is the woman whose middle child died four months ago today. 371 more words

The Spiritual Life


The New Moon is a time of darkness, introspection – a great time to go inward and pay attention to your thoughts and emotions.

Gemini brings about powerful self-reflections, gazing into the internal mirrors to see what appears. 333 more words


How to Overcome Shyness and Become Socially Confident

Overcoming social anxiety and becoming socially confident is a big challenge for people who are shy.

Fear paralyzes you every time you have to address people. 1,700 more words


Today's Wisdom Key

True humanity is: I don’t have to know you to be kind to you.