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I've Been Such a Hypocrite!

This morning as Cheryl was mucking out the stalls, Bae escaped and was gorging on the lush green grass in the yard.  Cheryl was attempting to get her back in the corral but Bae was not having it.   446 more words

Emotional Health

The Benefits of Self-Love

#1 Benefit of Self-Love: SELF-WORTH

When we believe we are inherently defective, we then have to hide our real self, our essence, and try to become what we think we need to be, to be acceptable.

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Emotional Health

Visualize and Pretend

Note to reader: I am using this space and place to post parts of a new slip-fiction novel series I am working on, Left Brain Right, the story of a young girl who hears voices. 594 more words


Training #83 - The heart of the matter

Thursday morning, training with J. Big fun happens on training days, and today was no exception.

I spoke yesterday about my clumsiness and not having any sort of falls, tumbles, cuts, or scrapes recently. 2,525 more words


What does Adderall Do for People That Do Not Have ADHD?: An Affirmative Argument

In general, drug abuse is a very big and dangerous problem that many people face. There is a lot of information regarding the dangers of taking prescription drugs for people that are not diagnosed with ADHD. 403 more words

Why I Am Not Worried About the Election

As this bitter campaign narrows to a close, I for one am ready for it to end.

For months, many have used social media to fight for the cause leaving the rest of us feeling like collateral damage. 904 more words


"Finding" Inner Peace

Finding inner peace is not a passive activity. No one will bring it to you. You can’t wish it alive. You must create inner peace. It’s not an easy task nor is it a one-and-done type of deal either. 174 more words

Emotional Health