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Making Friends with Red Flags and Warning Lights

Negative emotions are a pain. Literally. We’ve all experienced them: sorrow, guilt, frustration, anger, discouragement, shame, grief, fear, despair, and the list could go on and on. 1,133 more words

Emotional Health

Gratitude and All It's Glory

Don’t worry about tomorrow or yesterday.

Think about today.

Think about this moment and all that you’re thankful for.

From the smallest thing to the grandest. 37 more words


2) Low point

From December 2014 to January 2015 I sunk into a rut. I got so used to feeling down and depressed, I could fake being “normal” with family and friends but as soon as I was alone, the weight of self loathing swamped my thoughts. 200 more words


1) Slow decline

For me, depression was gradual. There was no bolt of lighting, no snapping, no demented fairy clicking her fingers or waving her wand to place a curse on me. 248 more words


Brash & beautiful

This lazy evening, with the traffic rushing heavily down the busy road we live on, my wife remarked to me how the plants in the aquarium had anchored and rooted around the heavier boulders adorning the bottom of the tank. 137 more words

Emotional Health

So Many Things!

So, I hiked last weekend. Let’s talk about that, shall we.

On Saturday I hiked with the group that I like…until I hike with them. They just don’t go well with me. 1,780 more words