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How do you handle pain-Full Speech

Hi Friends,

Here is the full speech I gave at a Christian event in Hollywood a few weeks ago based on my previous blog How do you handle pain… 28 more words


The Bond of "Bro"-mance

“Whether it’s a movie starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, or it’s Joey and Chandler from Friends, Hollywood tends to portray male friendships in a comedic light. 

447 more words

Pulling on strength

So let me shout out every last one of those Black Away from Home expats who pick up and move across the world to live in countries and locations where there may be no one who looks like them and may not speak the language. 829 more words


Lizzie McGuire and what she got right about our thoughts

What are you thinking about right now?

I’m sure part of you is focused on this article and wondering where this is going. You may also be simultaneously asking yourself if you’re hungry enough to eat the rest of your breakfast, or if you should stop reading this and do something more productive (definitely not), or regretting not going to the gym this morning, or worrying about work/school/your family… 534 more words

Health and Happiness: 5 Mood Boosting Foods

There are so many simple, easy ways we can boost our moods when we are feeling blah. Just spending time outside in nature and the sunshine is usually enough to do it for me and it’s been well documented as a very effective mood-booster. 383 more words


Will I ever love?

When I was a child, I met a person who would alter the course of my life. I was 12 and he was 38. It started one night at my cousin’s house. 960 more words

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