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emotional health vs happiness

My personal indication of having read a good book is if in the days/weeks following I can’t stop thinking about something I read in that book. 270 more words


New Book Coming in June

We as humans interact with one another, it’s what we do. To survive in this world communication and working together is just about as crucial as breathing air. 592 more words

Emotional Health

Pity Party While Wearing Designer Sunglasses

To start off my party I wanted to have some music.  I have been constantly listening to Melanie Martinez’s new album Cry Baby and thought “ 407 more words


The fear that comes with Addiction can be lessened. here's how...

As the weekend gets underway, I’m certain that many people are awakening to the fear that comes with loving someone who is addicted to drugs.  As a reminder to everyone, my book, 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction, is available and really can help alleviate that crappy-ass fear. 224 more words

Juan Blea

Saving Myself, not just helping

Detoxing while healing emotional debris that brought me here is not an easy task.  So I decided maybe a blog would help, not just help me, but save me.  180 more words

Emotional Health

The Pest, My Neighbour

I live alone, I have done so for the last six or so years and have enjoyed this time where I can sit after a long day and reflect on my life a bit more. 1,493 more words

Behavioural Patterns

3 Reasons Why You Should Meditate

When  you hear the word ‘meditate’ do you see images of pot bellied, bald headed monks humming in unison? Well I can’t blame you, but the truth is that mediation is becoming common place in the lives of ordinary people.  467 more words