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My Shero

Hope is my shero. She is a supreme badass.

I long to be as strong as she is, of course without all the icky stuff that made her so strong. 1,059 more words


Emotions Are For Everybody

I’m an emotional person. I’m passionate, and freely feel joy, sadness, frustration, grief. I don’t see anything wrong with allowing myself to feel. In fact, emotions are a healthy part of living. 464 more words


Discovering Your Thanks - 7 Benefits of Gratitude

During the Holidays it can be easy to slip into bitterness over comparing experiences.

My hope for you this year is to discover your own thanks.

454 more words


Words have helped me to realise that there are 3 causes for social issues: Money, power and religion. And considering that the third option is about the first two, it is all reduced to MONEY and POWER. 2,633 more words

How I Went From D's and F's at Midterms To A's and B's at Finals

I was stoked about starting college. My room was packed up 2 weeks before I left, I had created a Pinterest board full of decorating ideas, and my roommate and I had already been able to get to know each other pretty well. 899 more words

Recently, I moved back in with my grandparents to help them out and to bring some sort of light to my Mema.  Plus, it was easier for me to do it other than my mom to give up her life because she has way more to worry about than I do.  356 more words

5 Ways to Cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder

It is the season where the weather starts cooling down and the sun sets earlier. This can affect many people’s moods. Some may even get depressed. 473 more words