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As I look around, I see many individuals suffering from diseases, low self esteem, poor habits and a sense of despair. In some communities, wellness is in a far away land. 87 more words


Unhook the Train

I’ve been really upset the last couple of days, first by an argument with my parents, and then by finding out that the sleep study I waited MONTHS for in order to get a CPAP machine (and hopefully kick some of this debilitating fatigue) came back negative, which I’m SURE is false. 351 more words


A Parable: Stuck In A Hole

A man and woman were hiking in a remote forest. They were hiking partners and often enjoyed these hiking experiences together. Along this particular journey they were having two very different experiences as the day unfolded. 1,183 more words

Positive Thinking

If you do nothing else today, think about what you’re most thankful for.

If you do nothing else today, sing in the shower.

If you do nothing else today, breath deep from your belly. 204 more words

On the Subject of School Violence From the Mom of a "Weird Kid"

We watched the fantastic movie Wonder last night.

Once the movie ended, our oldest cried because he understood a little too personally what it was to be the weird kid. 1,099 more words


A Winter's Fast

A Winter’s Fast

Richard Foster in his book Celebration of Discipline writes about how when someone fasts (intentionally goes without something for a time) they will quickly become aware of what darkness plagues their inner self. 1,395 more words

Articles On Fatherhood

The Seeds We Sow is How They will Grow

If you plant corn in a field you expect corn to grow and be harvested.

It is a straightforward natural law that what we harvest what we plant. 437 more words

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