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Dear NBC, Define Useless.

“To be an artist goes beyond usefulness; it is essential to the very nature of our humanity. “

I am going to go ahead and make an assumption about NBC’s (and our cultural) definition of “useful”.

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Subtle Activism

Anxiety in Children

It’s the half term break and I’m taking a step back to reflect on things.  Thinking about my experiences in both mainstream and special education this year, one thing that has struck me is the amount of creative inspiration I gain whenever I teach and see light bulb moments from my students.  997 more words

Pick me ups ...we all need them.

Not sure how many of you listen to music when doing something physical like a walk, jog, bike or hike. I’m fairly certain that while listening to the music, there will be one song that will come on that you really like, that get’s you pumped up, pick’s you up, more than the previous songs did, and pushes you to do whatever you are doing both with more enthusiasm and better form. 414 more words

Emotional Intelligence

5 Elements of Emotional Intelligence

In my newest episode on Loolia I have decided to bring up the concept of emotional intelligence to my viewers.

This concept has been really the topic of discussion in modern psychology and few people know the details of it and how it works and most importantly, how it is a clear determinate and contributor to success! 405 more words


Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Infographic 

Ηarnessed EQ to achieve incredible results in your career with the help of the Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Infographic

Source: Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Infographic – e-Learning Infographics

Emotional Intelligence