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Rules of Engagement

There are many different types of intelligence. One of them is EQ which is emotional intelligence. Ignorance is not knowing something. When debating on view points and beliefs, the one thing that is needed is respect. 236 more words


Common Ailments ~ Ischemic Heart Disease, CVA and Stroke

Ischemic Heart Disease, CVA and Stroke

Age: more common over the age of 70

Gender: more common in males

Lifestyle: smoking and a high-fat diet are risk factors… 993 more words


Being our best selves

We have a choice about where to aim the lens of our attention. We can relive past injustices, settle old grudges and nurse festering sores. We can imagine failure, build up its potential for destruction, calculate its odds. 206 more words

Dennis Sparks

Emotional Creativity

It seems odd that in life, we experience so many emotions on a daily basis, yet emotions are the one thing that many people (including myself) try to hide, or mask as we try to take one step further on the various ladders we climb every day.   849 more words


Reading emotions

Imagine that you are sitting down to holiday dinner at which a number of friends and family have gathered. The host, Micaela is young, a bit nervous, rushing about trying to please the guests. 512 more words



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Form: Heaven. Sites.

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de-cappings. 45 more words