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How to accept where people are at?

Are you struggling to accept someone’s choices or journey? Here is a blog I channelled on ‘How to accept where people are at’.

Amongst your community there are many people with low levels of awareness, that does not make them wrong or less than you or others who are more aware of life and the larger reasons for it. 648 more words

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The Root Chakra

Being associated with red; Our root Chakra is arguably the most important of all the various energy fields within our being. It’s  located at the base of Spine; Specifically, the Perineum. 771 more words

We Need Emotional Coaches

Emotional intelligence (EI) has changed my life. It is a lifelong discipline to undertake developing and strengthening your ability to regulate your emotions, to learn to recognise your needs and the needs of others, to empathise, to be self-aware, to healthily manage interpersonal relationships, and to realize all of this is just the beginning of a highly underrated area of health and intelligence. 371 more words

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Emotional Intelligence

Are you emotionally healthy? The question brings to mind a peep into self – mind too needs to be healthy? So, what is Emotional Intelligence? Commonly known as EQ or Emotional Quotient is “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically”. 336 more words

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They Call It the Art of Allowing

Put this into perspective:

You’re at the grocery store, ready to cash out. You walk to the register with just three people in line. The first man at the register looks to be in his early sixties. 746 more words

Emotional Intelligence

Well, here goes nothin'...

I have been gradually pushing myself out of the “fear zone” for the past 2 months now, figuring out the best approach to sharing my ideas & knowledge with people who seek it. 102 more words

Emotional Intelligence

Intentional Self Sabotage

Lately, I have noticed a personal trend. I am no longer preventing mistakes from happening.. I am allowing myself to fuck up, and it almost feels like self-sabotage. 563 more words

Emotional Intelligence