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Why I choose not to be a helicopter parent

I had a negative experience recently that caused a little emotional turmoil, but also caused me to think very hard about my role as a parent. 413 more words

Mom Life

Being Still

There is much in this world we will never find by looking for it
Only by being still and letting it come to us, will we begin to see all that is truly there

Emotional Intelligence

Human Skills Needed

Traditionally described as soft skills, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and communication are becoming increasingly important skills for the new work world.

The Business Council of Canada conducted a survey of major employers in Canada. 90 more words

Job Seeker

What Is Brave?

Today my attention wandered to the WordPress Reader, a screen where one can see a list of latest posts published by WordPress bloggers, feeling a little lost in the process of swapping computer screens, my day having passed fairly unproductively thus far.  970 more words


Quadrilateral Cowboy

I probably will not have time to finish Quadrilateral Cowboy, which makes me a bit sad, so I decided to post on it before my memories of the game fade. 721 more words

Genre Fiction

Observing Your Destiny

Accuracy of observation is the equivalent of accuracy of thinking.

Wallace Stevens

1879-1955, American Modernist poet

The last ten days or so have been a bit of a blur. 758 more words

Nature vs. Nurture in Integrative Thinking

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.  537 more words