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And then this curious reply inspired by Love Never Dies... entitled Another Perspective...? (2/2012)

How dare you try and make a claim on me?
How dare you try and invade my life?
You didn’t want me in yours you made that very clear… 365 more words

Holistic Healing

To my astonishment whilst in Ward 21 in September 2010, I channeled this

Don’t blame yourself my darling
You have done nothing wrong
It’s only because of fear
That I’ve loved you solely in books and songs

For as on the outside, so on the in… 255 more words

Holistic Healing

The Family Crucible

The title of this post is identical to the title of a chapter in Daniel Goleman’s book “Emotional Intelligence.” Goleman writes that research has shown that the three most common emotionally inept parenting styles are: 1,113 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

Light thoughts on a dark morning

Gosh, it was dark out this morning at 5:40 when I stepped out the door to run. It was hard getting out of bed knowing it was cold and windy outside. 513 more words

Christopher Cudworth

What energy are you emitting as a parent?

Speaking from personal experience, every time my child would act out, I would automatically have the negative thoughts of, “What is wrong with him/her!?” which very quickly turned to “What is wrong with me!?” and “How could I have a child act this way!?” Their negative behaviors triggered my insecurities. 470 more words


Love As Though You Haven't Been Hurt

How hard it is
To give your love to another
Without fearing the consequences

To not play games
To be completely open and honest
About how things are for you… 36 more words

Holistic Healing