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Making Healthy Boundaries and losing Buttons


I was chatting with a friend the other day and our conversation was about having our buttons pushed. She told me that it wasn’t as much about why they were pushed, but more about how they were pushed. 1,768 more words

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Practical Influences ~ Pisces

When the Moon enters a zodiac sign it adds instinctive reaction, unconscious predestination, sensitivity, emotions, intuition, imagination and emotional depth to influences that are at play; when the Sun enters a zodiac sign it adds vitality, individuality, will-power, creative energy and inspirational action to the influences at play; both affect the energy of our daily lives.  287 more words


6 Reasons why high EQ and Leadership go hand in hand for success

The subject of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been around for quite a few years and we are all born with it. Those who have high EQ tend to have more success in life and those the low EQ are more likely to be stressed out. 1,095 more words

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I Will Die as the Most Open-Minded, Teachable Old Man You Know

Nearly 20 years ago, in May 1997, The Wallflowers released the final single from their most famous album, Bringing Down the Horse. That song, “The Difference”, has always intrigued and confused me. 609 more words

Finn Learns the Importance of Talking About Your Feelings

Raising an emotionally intelligent child is so important to many of us as parents, and it can seem like a daunting task. The easiest place to start is by giving your child the words they need to describe their emotions. 239 more words


Teacher Homework Assignment 2

My second Teacher Homework Assignment from the Teacher Homework Project (explained here) was to create an account for the social media application, music.ly, and post a video of myself lip syncing a song of choice.   463 more words


PTSD, Anxiety and Reiki

Anxiety,more often than not, is a result of Post Traumatic Stress, and the reason for this is that physical, emotional or spiritual trauma creates an energetic blockage in our body causing us to “react” this way.  867 more words

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