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How can I stop feeling numb?

This is something I see a lot online. ‘I feel so numb, is there anything I can do?’

I can relate to this so much. If I was asked what was the worst thing about being seriously ill, I’d say it was the numbness. 1,069 more words


Winter's Embrace❄️

Some people would argue that life made her that way. Other people would whisper and say it was just who she was. Nobody really cared enough to find out and others would just stay away for the fear of the unknown. 659 more words


Emotional Numbness

How to Overcome Emotional Numbness

Emotional numbness is where we experience mild to severe feelings of detachment – so it’s hard for us to access normal feelings any more. 342 more words

Wonder Woman

SHE is one of the strongest women I know. Over the years, she had lost her husband, a daughter, a son, her mother, and just recently (in October 2017) – her father. 75 more words


Days I Do Not Want to Feel the Pain

Not interested in feeling the pain of life every day. It hurts too much. It hurts so much that I simply do not feel the pain of it all today. 782 more words