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The Wolf to the Moon

The Wolf stares up at the lonely moon
As the birds cross the dark night
Wishing that he may fly with them soon
To leave this life in flight… 63 more words

Emotional Poetry

The Backside Poem

The journey began with a lot of giving

Eventually forgetting the element of forgiving

Too small to call these four walls the globe

Let us walk out, shine and probe… 78 more words

Book Cover Writings

The Past Holds Memories

Standing between the chaos, with a smile
Thinking of days of old, just for a while
Reminiscing of where I have been
The paths I have taken, the people I´ve seen… 95 more words

Emotional Poetry


Whilst you are sleeping, I lie awake to comprehend,
Dreaming deep, I need to know,
Who is the one to whom you love?

I am the light you say, the one that is born to love you, 115 more words

Emotional Poetry


As life breaks a new dawn
Emotions are worthless;
The Ashes run white
That once was withers
Following tranquility.
The wind changes direction
As he sits with the rolling tears… 132 more words

Emotional Poetry

Summer Rains

Oh the sound, that stridulous noise you are emitting from your mouth
pierces my ears upon which they bleed and weep
How you dare face me with deception and dishonesty… 113 more words

Emotional Poetry


Tranquility and solitude are the express flight on the golden tips that we achieve playing the fiddle. This however expires when the fiddler collects his toll and everything becomes obsolete.

Emotional Poetry