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My Forever Prayer

When the darkness is removed
Beyond the point of the beyond
When the lies of hurt are disproved
And the truth is free to respond… 156 more words

Emotional Poetry

Again and again

I can see your smile leaving
Again and again
I understand it is me you are needing
Again and again

This sorrow I bring with me… 76 more words

Emotional Poetry

A Peace And Piece Of My Mind

I wonder how far I can sink
Into the silence in me
How deep I can think
Becoming what I need to be

Will anyone be waiting in my mind… 131 more words

Emotional Poetry

Death Is Your Decaying Mind

Why after so long,
Could I not see?
You carefully weaving,
Your web of deceit.
As your silver tongue is not silenced
Your sickness seeps in my soul, 134 more words

Emotional Poetry

In Silence They Suffer

Through the tears and the lies
I see their souls and hear them cry
Not understanding what is wrong
So much poison for far too long… 75 more words

Emotional Poetry

Keep what's left behind

Standing in a hollow ground
As the earth swallows
Tainted roots all around

Fading away in a silent wave
Drowning with the last breath
Sinking to my grave… 69 more words

Emotional Poetry

That Picture

I always think of you
I always dream, and pretend
Living here in my thoughts without you
When will the suffering ever end

Walking, sunk head, somethings wrong… 100 more words

Emotional Poetry