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Poem: Insecure Lobster


We have no


You might think you’re a crab

Or thick-shelled lobster

Or some indomitable pachyderm

With sandpaper skin

But that soft-flesh

Can always be pried out… 85 more words

POEM: The Passion of Now

Be a mother to all beings

Be so sensitive

That every moment

Eviscerates you with its intensity

Just sitting in a room with companions

Is enough to peel off your skin… 77 more words


The wound inside
A patch of time
A darkened void
Grasping forever

As forever holds on

Twist me
A tie of loss
Stranded still
Unforgiving ache… 17 more words



Inside’s a coat of hate
A list of broken fate
Cast out from my eyes
Across a dreamy slate

Steps, slow and cold
Cares that slowly fold… 122 more words


Web of Shredded Dreams

A web of shredded dreams
Imprints along my mind
Left as lost reminders
Broken past is there to find

Every breath I breathe
Like a crack inside the bone… 78 more words


A Reaper Of Misguided Time

The emptiest whispers
Cast the greatest shadows
They wrap inside the mind
Haunting a soul for hours

Insecurity spreads like fire
A poison without cure… 190 more words



Silent, I’m asleep
Pulse is feeling weak
Counting back the seconds
Inside my every scream

Aware, rage alive
Pain nowhere to hide
A crooked smile spreads… 51 more words