Tags » Emotional Poetry


My eyes will pierce the sun
As they trail far beyond
Shadows of doubt; clouding skies
Breaking life’s sweet lullabies

A knot will tie inside of me… 131 more words



Drips of despair
Thread my empty hopes
Leaving trails of loss
That never find their way

The absence of certainty
The lust for security
The holes that rest inside… 48 more words



Lies twist around my tongue
Hatred breathes a lullaby
I’d stop to look at myself
Yet years have stained me

I’m the derailed dream left behind… 93 more words


Still Standing

Blood is turning black inside
A dream is only half alive
Half a heart yet still composed
This emptiness unveils the lie

The sunset in this dream… 126 more words


In The End

I’ll take the pain
I’ll watch it rip me apart
I’ll feel the hole
Where I once had a heart
I’ll take the time
I’ll put the past behind… 196 more words