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The Monstrous Cycle

A monster spawned from the necrotic remains of my hopeless heart. He made splinters of my ribs and cobwebs of my flesh. But before he could vanish into the wild lands, the last scraps of me frantically clung to his fur, crawling in on his tongue, past his fangs and nestled within the warmth of his chest, cocooning in wait for a reckoning that may never come.

© J.G.

Original Poetry

I am the Alter

I am the alter, an offering to the gods of shadow.

Take these bones! Spill this blood!

Expel this soul from flesh

that can no longer hold its sorrow.

© J.G.



Peter’s fairy fell in love with his wild chaotic nature…

but O what a tragedy for something so small to have a heart so big, 9 more words

Original Poetry

Death Unseen

Whispers lost under melancholy moon shadows,

like foreboding crows, murmur of death unseen.

© J.G.

Original Poetry

If Only I had Save You

I split my tongue,
and licked the flame,
howling and bleeding
out your name.

I left you flowers
at your grave.
Wishing it was you… 18 more words

Original Poetry

Nothing Grows

I open my heart to rain…

But still, nothing grows.

© J.G.

Original Poetry

Ode to Ophelia

Her skin was like moonlight

against the black velvet of

her coffin.

A tragically-pretty pout

of heartache forever upon

those sweet-virgin lips.

© J.G.

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