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~jummyjeenz D.T.

When pastel breezes were blown

Upon the windows ledge

They morphed into

A  grenade of words

That could not be


Tepid rays… 43 more words


It's so Easy...

Going in circles…

Waiting for the moments,

the seconds of those minutes,

and the hours of those days.

Just waiting… and waiting…

for the ends of these times. 46 more words

Dark Poetry

On the Next Seat

Empathising with those tremors.

The spontaneous outbursts

in the ways that our minds work.

Reeling, and burning

in those old-time feelings.

Eyes, feet, hand-held relief. 47 more words

Dark Poetry



~jummyjeenz D.T.

You gave me a world

So colorful

So clear

Beauty as far as the eye could see


You didn’t see me… 22 more words


Things, the Same

Separate things:

Two people



Yet, lives so close.

Lives that I at least…

thought were close.

Despite the miles; those smiles

that went by unseen. 45 more words

Dark Poetry

Shudders and Shivers

Across the boundary, dark;

signals out of sight.

Deep inside, with that core of ice.

Shudders and Shivers.

Send the pigeons,

the horses too.

Winding roads, deep in silt. 12 more words

Dark Poetry

Bed Time

In bed with that heartbeat.

Words in the head

I can’t speak.

Back of the back,

please keep it.

Toes cold in the morning,

life’s irony;


Dark Poetry