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Poem: The Spurned Bird

I crave your words
Like an alcoholic his poison
And dread them like a cockcrow
On The Day of Judgement
Though neither can ever sate me… 24 more words



The strain of shame
Forecasts of pain
Every step’s a mile
And every breath is poison

Looking into empty eyes
Broken from the tender lies… 137 more words



This isn’t as “deep” as some of my writing, a bit more straight-forward, but figured I would post it anyway.

These words are swallowing me… 152 more words


I Wish

I can’t get the film Labyrinth out of my head at the moment – and the whole theme of wanting to wish life’s problems away, but knowing you can’t without losing more than you planned to. 118 more words

Thinking in the Cloud Poetry Book

I hope you like the collection of my poetry I’ve chosen for this new book. Most of them are freshly written and cover a wide range of subjects which are close to my heart. 67 more words

Creative Writing

Life's Little Hiccups

I haven’t written for a while. I’ve had teeth out and mainly slept through this week… Before that I was pretty much just moaning about how much my teeth hurt and generally how crappy I was feeling. 81 more words

I'm only happy when it rains | Poetry Prompt

Let’s write a poem this week that is based on emotions and the weather. Pick an emotion and a bit of weather to reflect it (like rain for feeling sad). 107 more words