Tags » Emotional Poetry

Shoulder To Lean

The blood inside turns to black
A point where there’s no turning back
I shut the door, I sew the seam
A broken soul, a pain, a fiend… 90 more words


Close My Eyes

The taste of pain is on my tongue
Memories of all I’ve done
I press the switch and feel decline
And spit on all I think as mine… 214 more words



All this pain is clawing
Inside my hopes are falling
A drift that leads to nowhere
Yet I’m seeking for a calling

A tune that makes some sense… 127 more words



Life is slipping through my hands
No matter how i try to stand
This empty spreads inside of me
The whisper we call misery

Is eating me alive… 106 more words


Mine Again

Lace my heart with false promise
The lies of your words
Whether they’re heard
Have left it forever bruised

When every thought of you
Is a glimpse into the dark… 119 more words


Press On

The fabric of memory
Disillusioned with fate
I’ve reached forever knowing
Counting time as I wait

My skin turns black and blue
The reaction of this pain… 141 more words



I tasted hope and
Felt it wither still
I felt the dagger
As it pierced into my will

The shadows inside
Won’t leave me be… 63 more words