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NaPoWriMo: Week Two of the Poetry Challenge

Sacred Words

One never hungers

At the altar

Of the written word

Words and thoughts

Pray for release

To be eternally recorded

Scribed into history… 808 more words


Everything and Nothing

I stopped asking for permission
And started being me
I hung the old with the new
And began to believe

The ropes we climb
The balance we make… 174 more words


The poison on my lips
It seeps into my veins
As I taste the dark
And embrace my pain

Look me in the eye
Feel my pulse beneath… 23 more words


No Title Needed...

I cut my wrists to feel something
The numb stale in my mind
I’d hold my breath
But there is nothing left for me

Take the blade to my heart… 15 more words


Footprints in the Sand

I am not a believer of these things
But yesterday I couldn’t help but smile
With each footprint in the sand
Came a tale and a story I could tell another… 248 more words


Things That Never Seem to Last

Crippled inside, the side of a lie
The truth that I know to date
Accented pain, endless blame
A tattoo of burdened hate

Misguided thoughts, unspoken prayers… 71 more words



I lit the match, how about that
I watched the smoke
Coat the sky with black
I held my breath
For a second chance
Yet was handed a weight… 96 more words