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Here To Stay

Evil can beat me up
kick me to the dirt
Drag me on deep down
Bring me pain and hurt

Dismantling me with it’s anger… 88 more words

Emotional Poetry

The Box Of Tears

There’s a place in my mind
Hidden from the rest
A box of tears you will find
When life gets over stressed
All pain received is taken there… 103 more words

Emotional Poetry

For My Son

It has been a while since I heard you
Since I cuddled you in my arms
Its been a while since you saw me too… 111 more words

Emotional Poetry


I hear you Percy, my dear friend

Wind brings me your words

And i hope they come from the skies

On the wings of birds, as a whisper of winds. 77 more words

Art Of My Heart


I wish to know what it is like
To fell nothing
How much easier it is to be devoid
Of feeling and pain
I wish to know what it is like… 111 more words

Art Of My Heart

Flying High

If you’re not flying high

you’re doing it wrong,

said he, as he threw me

on the ground.

Some eons ago he had instilled in me, 50 more words

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