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Beyond our times.

​Galaxies are beyond our times. Memories are created in galactic moments and then they are gone. But: our brains still cling to the visions. Envision your life like an altitude of enchanted dreams and keep on questing.

Surreal Life

What I think is real, is not.

And what I cannot hold, I cling to.

© J.G.

Original Poetry

Let Go

There’s no way to understand all the insanity inside of my head.
Voices scream my name, they try to make me comprehend.
I lose myself to them slowly slipping away, 202 more words


The story.

Love escapes in forms of abrasion. But love also directs in the solititude of emotional circumstance.
What is your circumstance telling you?

Poem: Recalled

When you’re lost and out of control
Grab the grips of your gravity and release
Expense your own reports and belittle the external noise
Gravity will pull you in and bring joy to the broken parts of you.

The Monstrous Cycle

A monster spawned from the necrotic remains of my hopeless heart. He made splinters of my ribs and cobwebs of my flesh. But before he could vanish into the wild lands, the last scraps of me frantically clung to his fur, crawling in on his tongue, past his fangs and nestled within the warmth of his chest, cocooning in wait for a reckoning that may never come.

© J.G.

Original Poetry

I am the Alter

I am the alter, an offering to the gods of shadow.

Take these bones! Spill this blood!

Expel this soul from flesh

that can no longer hold its sorrow.

© J.G.