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Silent Sound

We all climb to rise, to not be knocked down
To bring a meaning to life, which is profound
Suffering we’ll find the most silent sound… 94 more words

Emotional Poetry

SCARS - By Sarah Waters

via Letters to the Mind
Contributing Author: Sarah Waters

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi

The wonderful photograph was taken by Maria Victoria Heredia Reyes and acquired through…

301 more words

An Open "Now What?" Letter About The Election Results

Here’s an open letter to those who are shocked, saddened, angry and scared at the 2016 Presidential Election results.
Dear friends (and future friends):
I voted for Trump. 129 more words


Each Day

Same sky, same breathe, same me
Remaining two steps to the one taken
Gliding, coasting through eternity
Let yesterday be forsaken

Smile again just one more time… 65 more words

Emotional Poetry

Spring Delusions - Zahra Ammar

Capturing emotions with words takes determination, skill, and patience. Ammar shows an abundance of each of these traits in creating Spring Delusions: Chaotic Poems of Despair and Blooming Hope… 28 more words

4 Star

Poem: Still Startled

Suitable emotions pass through as I entertain the value of me and you.

Critical claims as I do run, for you burn moons against the sun. 25 more words

Here To Stay

Evil can beat me up
kick me to the dirt
Drag me on deep down
Bring me pain and hurt

Dismantling me with it’s anger… 88 more words

Emotional Poetry