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Far from Free

Sometimes, I forget I’m human.

I feel more like a caged animal or a wounded beast.

I’m everything wild and chaotic, but far from free. 53 more words

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Rise & Fall

The heartbeat of our galaxy is the sun,

and like it, my own heart, is constantly

in a state of rising and falling…

rising and falling… 67 more words

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Piece of Me

There is a part of me that aches to be freed.

It kicks at its cage threatening to be heard.

But every time I think of letting it live in the light, 42 more words

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Filters & Masks

I use filters like a mask.

We live in a world where flaws are corrected and concealed.

I can’t imagine you would still like me in bad lighting… 59 more words

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Guest Poetry from PARAS "MY LAST WORDS"



Youre familiar with the face of my darkness,
Shadows and shades of my brokenness.
My most beloved, forgive me
For the hurt I inflicted upon you.
205 more words


Still Pure

A defiled body

can have a pure soul.

Don’t let their actions

take their toll.

You are beauty.

You are grace.

You have value.

You have strength. 17 more words

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A Line in the Sand

He drew a line in the sand and said “We can walk this path together. You and I. Side by side… as long as you don’t fall in love with me, for if you do, you’ll find us on opposite ends. 108 more words

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