Tags » Emotional Poetry

Walk Away

I’d give up the road
For that chance to hold
This heart’s final blow

It’s just not enough

It’s just not the same
I’m still waiting here… 152 more words


Streams of Moonlight

When the air is swept away
And you feel the cold of day
You can take a breath to say
Will you be there?

The breeze a peaceful tune… 85 more words



An empty feeling of hopelessness
Wreaking havoc within,
Causing constant restlessness
And tears for sorrow to sink in;

Hurtful whispers in the dark
Chanting pain as they slowly fade, 70 more words

Ethereal Immersions 

The unspoken

whispered between sheets,

your eyes beseeching

as my laughter

fills the space

while I slip away

into wisps of smoke.

Reaching from darkness… 77 more words



The last breath of a dream
The weight that pulls enough
The blank stare that becomes
The empty shell that’s left behind

I can almost smile sincere… 88 more words


Five Miles from a Moment

Five miles from a moment
That door of chance is closing
You could not convince me
To see another way

The break of day is passing… 108 more words



The weight keeps on pressing
It keeps the second guessing
It’s the fear that you find
A collage of past times
And the need to be okay… 157 more words