Tags » Emotional Poetry

Alone is All I am

Bury me
Make believe
Churn this pretend
I can see
I can blend
But I cannot amend
The sins inside
Tears I’ve cried
It’s just gotta be… 168 more words


Nothing Left

The taste of loss on my tongue
Like a silhouette of me
At least what I used to be
The poison inside is spreading
I’m spending time regretting… 238 more words


On The Verge of Suicide

Frozen tears fall to the floor,
And sounding out are cried borne of the gore
I bled because of thoughts in the morn;

My prayers fade into thin air, 113 more words


Questions unspoken

Answers unseen

Truth often appears In the form of a dream

Dancers that whirl with death all around

Cameras that turn to record every sound… 105 more words


Tuck it Away

What’s left inside me?
You’d think I’d know
As the past surrounds
And puts on some kind of show
The doubt inside
Lives right through my eyes… 302 more words



Title: Pride 

The cold shoots through my eyes
The world bends in this pretend
The things I thought I knew
Gave a grin and ran me through… 234 more words



Title: Ghost 

Craft a tear
Place it somewhere near
Let it drift away
A touch of heart
To the story told
Lived out through the day… 109 more words