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I Am

I Am

I am the ebb and flow

Of every rolling wave

Crashing upon your shore

The roar

The rush

The gentle gush

Of tides… 207 more words


Heavy Silence

Heavy Silence


I lost my words

I lost them

Within a flood

Under quaking rubble

Land sliding

In the mud

Windswept thoughts


In wires and trees… 91 more words


Push And Pull

You want me
Then, you don’t
I do the same
Pull you closer
Then push you farther
It’s like the war
Between the opposite ends… 90 more words


Life Is A Circus

The little girl

You called her,

The innocence

You saw in her,

Oh! Her voice

How lovely, you said

When you heard her

But, behind closed doors… 311 more words


My Mums Tributes!

29th Sept. 2016

So it passed, is it really a year?

Since the Mum, we were blessed with, left us from here!

Back to the Father, yes, he took you home, 151 more words


Heavy Air

Memories deep in my heart
From somewhere else
An alternative time
Standing before you
How to start?

The bacwards upside down smile
Just keep digging… 76 more words


safe and sound

Sometimes, we’re living

In the heart of someone else

Where we’ve found a home

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

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