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Breathe to Stay Alive

Carefully move not to fall
Nothing left to fear
Standing, frozen legs
Scared within my sphere

The words crash upon each other
Confused within confusion… 82 more words

Emotional Poetry

Ask me

I burn to once again rise
With the one question I despise
No truth amongst the lies
Who am I?

Am I a father to a son… 90 more words

Emotional Poetry

Lost souls

The first soul i speak of is where it starts
Intelligent and quick just ready to learn
The eyes that look up with an excited heart… 177 more words

Emotional Poetry

Reflected Parasite

I can feel you inside of me,
I hate the way you make me feel
You come out in bits and pieces
it lets me know you’re real… 318 more words

Emotional Poems

Reality of Truth

Trying to fix the problem before it becomes an issue,
Upside down without flipping the pot of chaos.
I’ve been over run without knowing what I’ve become; 92 more words

Emotional Poems


Misery sews patterns
Defeat’s varied design
Granting birth to fight
A strength that we find

Misfortune is a wound
A splinter of the mind
Expiration is eventual… 127 more words


Song of Acceptance

Scars set trails
Of an empty place
A tease to a mind
That hides its face

Twisted thoughts
With poisoned hopes
Each step reveals
At loss to cope… 86 more words