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bf and i have been sort of discussing having children. we both agree that it might not be the best idea, given that i am on disability and that said disability may impede my abilities as a caregiver. 1,443 more words



so fucking upset right now. angry. shaking with panic and fear and anger.

gov’t wants me to go to one of their doctors next month and tomorrow they want to call me. 357 more words


A bone to pick.

So i have to get something off my chest.

I have seen and heard plenty of people saying that we should let kids wear whatever they want. 308 more words


when things go well....

when things ‘go well’, we have very little to bitch about. that doesn’t mean that shit doesn’t happen, just usually means the shit is small in proportion to the usual. 803 more words


Mental Health Support

I started a secret group with some friends on facebook to help and support anybody suffering from mental illnesses (of course it’s open to caregivers and other supporters), but as the days have gone on, I have realized that I am more than ready to support somebody else…. 485 more words


Mental/Health update

Since I am around for a few moments longer, I should add how i have been losing weight. about 100 lbs, now. it doesn’t necessarily feel it, or look it, but… it’s a start. 263 more words


Tough Love and other Encouragement.

I understand the need for tough love.

Moreso, i understand the need for tender love… and the sensitivity and big picture quality that comes with it. 392 more words