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The First Time

The first time you told me

I didn’t know what to think

“How could this be?

Someone so bright and beautiful?

How could anyone try to break this? 225 more words


The Trauma Caused by Violent Protests

Social unrest, resulting in violent protests and dangerous acts, has been a constant fixture in the news for the past couple of years due to the discrepant relationship between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve. 573 more words

Affirmative Articles

White as Snow

After 15 years of dyeing my hair and desperately wanting it to be drastically lighter than my God-given dark brown, borderline-black, natural hair color, the universe finally answered my wish. 838 more words


Psychological and Emotional Trauma

This is a really good article on psychological and emotional trauma.  It gives some very good tips out on how to recover from trauma as well, something I experienced in 2013-2015, and left me unable to work.   38 more words

Three Life Lessons From Growing Out of Trauma

  1. Life is precious.

One day you are going to die.

I am going to die.

It could be tomorrow by getting hit by a bus, it could be in 20 years time with a horrible illness but the truth of the matter is that one day I will be a lifeless, cold, corpse and everything will be over. 1,360 more words


but with a whimper

Hey, friends. Can I take a second to unleash the shitstorm of emotional trauma we all experienced just a few hours ago?

As a woman who’s been gaslighted and manipulated and emotionally abused, Trump’s win feels like a validation for every man who’s ever taken the time to make me feel worthless. 488 more words

Personal Essay

Therapy Review - Ecstatic dance Ubud

Therapy Review – Ecstatic dance Ubud

It’s undeniable that dance is a therapy. In terms of exercise it releases a lot of tension in the body which builds up endorphins, music can also bring up your vibration frequency and, well it just makes me feel good really. 1,429 more words