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I have seen and evaluated many individuals with PTSD. It is a stubborn entity that does not relinquish its hold easily. A woman I have seen on a number of occasions was at work during a robbery and the assailant made her lie down on the floor and held a gun to her head while he emptied the safe. 549 more words

Magic Can Be Found in the Darkest of Places

This is one of my favorite sunflower pictures. I was in Upstate New York at Old Stone Farms, an inn near The Omega Center. It was a healing journey that August after getting my family (all five) through a cataclysmic transformation that left me emptied of who I was, am, and would become. 486 more words


Emotional Trauma

Find a current article related to a major event (where emotional trauma is highly likely) reported in a major publication within the past 30-60 days (i.e. 235 more words

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Aaron Carter Opens Up About His Eating Disorder

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Aaron Carter addressed his recent arrest on DUI and marijuana related charges and shared about hi

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What’s eating you is the question of the Week in honor of our topic page Celebrity of the Week, Mr.

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Eating Disorders and the Family: Turmoil and Solutions

Gejia Capasso, Family Therapist for Remuda Ranch at The Meadows discusses the role family plays in eating disorder recovery. Learn more.

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To my Scoop.It Topic Page: Health Care Issues and Concerns that are often talked about and Not” Announces its First Health Celebrity of the WEEK!

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Musings from a darker side

This post is from a darker and murkier place where I seldom venture much less blog about, and the content may be upsetting and triggering for some who read. 1,326 more words


Emotional Trauma~by rldubour

Emotional Trauma

Another form of abusiveness
I wish to stress upon.
How much can be tolerated,
before a light comes on.

This type won’t show a broken arm… 208 more words