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Refining the Authentic Self

To heal, we must inquire on our true authentic nature and take steps to align our lifestyle to the circumstances where we can feel connection, acceptance and purpose, which leads us to experience greater peace and joy. 2,372 more words

Linkin Park "Crawling" and the stigma of suicide

I had a different and brighter post to go on mixing up with the other two I have already posted, but some weeks ago something happened and this topic turned up and I consider important to talk about it. 4,103 more words

Healing Through Music

August 1, 2017

I look at Mama Mary as my model for Beauty, Purity, Goodness, Obedience and Love.

I ask for her prayers as I pour my heart out in this phase of knowing what has been happening in my life. 2,338 more words


Melting the icebergs in my soul

When the thawing started I distinctly remember the strange reality of not knowing what the hell I was feeling. Sometimes I would find a song lyric that explained my pain…but I just didn’t have the words. 649 more words


the stories we tell and keep

I started this blog post a while ago. Today, there is a new moon in Leo and Leo season has started. It’s a little easier for me to write about such deep spiritual and emotional matters since things have lightened up a bit (although the house these Leo transits are going through is not a light one (8th house)). 3,147 more words


The Trauma Factor

Healing: When Trauma is a Factor

Much of the information I put out is generalized so it can be applied to almost anyone’s life circumstances. The vital steps to health and wellness are pretty much the same for most people, and I try to keep it simple whenever I can. 638 more words

After the Hurricane

I call it everyday trauma. It sounds like sensationalism, but I assure you it is not. Our emotional systems are set for a time when we lived peaceful and content lives together in tribes. 334 more words