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Emotional Trauma

Another form of abusiveness
I wish to stress upon.
How much can be tolerated,
before a light comes on.

This type won’t show a broken arm… 207 more words


The Story of a Rescue Dog - Who Saved Whom?

The Story of a Rescue Dog – Who Saved Whom?      By: Gary Hays

What I am about to disclose is of a highly personal nature, but as a staunch advocate of “adopt, don’t shop”, my heart feels the need. 754 more words


Client 2: Mary

“Ooooh, a lady. This doesn’t happen very often. What’s your name, honey?”
“Don’t call me honey, please, and the name’s Mary.”
“Is that your real name?” 549 more words


The Tyranny of Feeling

by Ian Adams

During a class last week, a lady made the comment: “That’s the problem with police, you don’t show enough feeling. You don’t feel enough.” She’s adopted without examination that particularly dangerous leftist idea that this nation’s protectors are inhuman security robots, walking through the world without experiencing it. 1,112 more words

Post Traumatic Stress

Author Vanessa Blakeslee on anxiety and depression as inspiration: The Handmaid’s Tale


“Anxiety and interruptions are the enemy of creativity,” John Cleese said to the audience at the 2014 Miami Book Fair International. “Relaxation and downtime are essential.” I didn’t count myself among the diehard Cleese fans who surrounded me, necks craned forward, a collective twitter of laughter rippling upon their breath at his every quip. 1,491 more words

Authors As Guest Bloggers

Desperately incomplete

There’s a question that keeps repeating every time I login to Second Life. No matter how much I try to avoid it…People have, probably, the right to know, why am I in Second Life. 723 more words

Finding My Path (friends...more Than Virtual)

Victims of Dating Scams: Psychological and Emotional Trauma

It is often described as a double trauma. Not just the loss of money, but also the loss of a relationship. This loss has been likened to losing a loved one in death or even to mental rape. 1,371 more words

Online Dating Scam