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I’ve stopped reading my Al-Anon book and it’s showing. My coping and self-control is shot and all I want to do is control and manipulate my husband into sobriety. 101 more words


a rough day

It’s amazing now, having a little more self awareness, what I can see are triggers to my panic. I am far more fragile than I realized and it seems that my poor coping habits are deeply set. 492 more words



I listened to a podcast yesterday entitled “Am I Crazy?” – it covered the wild emotions and thoughts a wife endures and then at the end, the doctors advised their listeners to take a PTSD assessment and proceed with the results, whether positive or negative. 362 more words


Living Dead

You must have asked yourself this at least once – “What happens to the soul after death?”  Questions like – life after death or the reasons of your own existence would have definitely come to your mind. 375 more words

Emotional Trauma

Working [It] Out

Today is my second consecutive of working out. I’ve had the itch for the longest time to get in shape, but more so, I want to feel better physically and emotionally. 116 more words



I spent years working with rape & incest victims for Pittsburgh Action Against Rape, many decades ago. Trauma is a big deal. If you are struggling with trauma or love someone who is, take the time to learn more about it. 287 more words

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The Mal-Practice of Psychiatry ... by Paul Levy .

Dear Ones,

Paul brings up some interesting points in the below blog. To me, these were the most significant: I feel psychiatry labels folks. It’s a little like a terminal disease diagnosis; once you’re labeled ____ by psychiatry, to a psychiatrist, that’s… 5,937 more words

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