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Things were fine for weeks

I approached him and told him that I needed to tell him how I feel; that I was writing it out in a letter and that part of my recovery is the need to be heard by my husband. 274 more words


Post-Eclipse Life / Express Yoself

Well, it has been an interesting ride for sure lately. I spent most of September feeling stressed, depressed, heartbroken, and upset almost beyond my capacity to function, as I was going through a breakup with someone and trying to sort my energies out from his (he really did not want to let me go at first). 1,162 more words

Don't Leave Me Alone

I have stumbled upon a huge shadow of mine begging to be integrated. I have made myself a promise not to abandon myself anymore under any circumstances, so instead of dampening my emotions with some quick treats and feel better schemes I have turned the other direction and immersed myself directly into the pain. 909 more words

Absent makes the heart... Learn

So I know I haven’t blogged in a whileee. I’ve just been going through a lot of things. Lately the biggest thing I’ve been going through is learning how toxic my mother has been and can be to my psyche. 754 more words


Unintended Consequences

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Lately I have seen several notifications of testing and recruitment initiatives for fire departments across the nation that are specifically aimed at veterans of our armed services. 1,400 more words



I’ve stopped reading my Al-Anon book and it’s showing. My coping and self-control is shot and all I want to do is control and manipulate my husband into sobriety. 101 more words


a rough day

It’s amazing now, having a little more self awareness, what I can see are triggers to my panic. I am far more fragile than I realized and it seems that my poor coping habits are deeply set. 492 more words