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Forgiveness is not something we do; it’s something we stop doing. We forgive a person when we stop recycling a story in our head about what that person did to us. 311 more words

From The Counsellor

Longer Trips - Australia

My recent trip to Australia for our wedding almost felt more like a working holiday than an actual holiday, due to the large amounts of somewhat boring (though essential) jobs that had to be done, interspersed with crazy, emotional drinking sessions. 733 more words


I Don't Wanna

I’ve had more time to run lately and I’m super excited about the additional time but not so much about the running. I just have not felt like running. 264 more words


Random Thoughts; Obedient Wife?

“Go ask your mother for the money, after all she has a job ehn!!!”

My heart tighten in my chest as I hear my husband snap at our daughter, in reply to her request for the money to buy the book they were asked to get at school. 1,091 more words


A surfeit of emotions

I’m floating away, drifting aimlessly into space, disconnected from everyone and everything around me.  I don’t feel grounded.  It’s not that I’m having another psychotic episode and I’m delusional or hallucinating.   724 more words


Little plug

So this is a small plug. I just want to out my youtube channel out there because I am really getting into making the videos for my audience and I really want to connect my channel to my blog. 41 more words