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A Brief Whisper

In other news: I’m officially moving to Portland, OR on June 1! Because of this, I am going through everything, and I happen to stumble upon some writing I did for my college writing class. 497 more words

Creative Writing

Cafe Crying

I am a sympathetic crier; if I see someone crying, or am talking with someone who is crying, or watching a scene in a movie and the character is crying, I tend to get emotional with them and start crying. 1,037 more words


National anxiety and depression awareness week

So today marks the beginning of a week that is so close to my heart.
This week is dedicated to those who have anxiety or depression. 211 more words


Reiki helps relieve pain

Reiki helps relieve mental, emotional, physical and spiritual pain.

Click here to contact Andrea and talk about how Reiki may help ease pain you are experiencing in your life.


Being Emotional In Public.

While pregnant before, my other children were still young and didn’t quite understand what was going on. Unfortunately this time they were all well aware of how emotional I had become. 662 more words

We were dead before the ship sank...

Well, we’re not dead… but the ship is sinking.

So the weekend was pretty good; definitely a step up from the previous weekends. Saturday started with book stuffs and was ended with Titan EX. 484 more words


This is me letting you go

So… We spoke over a week ago via text. They messaged my friend via snapchat telling her to make sure I was okay. I won’t lie, I was so angry. 624 more words