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Making paper bowls and healing my fear, anger, and grief

I’m sharing this art process in detail because it is an inexpensive and beginner skill level creative activity that can benefit others AND the end result is cool looking AND a bowl is a useful item in the home – even if you don’t paint it or do anything super artsy. 730 more words

Mitra's Art

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata…what a wonderful phrase! School can be very stressful, so use these five tips to live a happier, stress free life.


Just an Eating Disorder

She stares in the toilet, as every bad comment come rushing back to her

“You’re so fat”

“Loose weight”

“Oh, you could look like Supergirl of you were just less chubby” 87 more words

Daily Entry

Fake Mom?

“Oh! Your real mom, or your fake mom?” Being adopted, I hear these words all the time. If I say I’m going to the store with my mom, these are the type of questions that occur. 176 more words

Daily Entry

Day 3 Week 13 - Subjective Truth

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7 mile easy, plus 4 strides.

Truth are grounded in our subjective experience.  Hard to argue otherwise if you believe something is true.   164 more words

Daily Writing

I Wish That I Could Bottle Up This Moment

WARNING: This might appear too emotional to others.

Ever had a dress or a pair of shoes that you absolutely loved, adored, and fell in love with? 613 more words


Day 91: Flump is a scientific term

Flump is a scientific term. It’s not, but it ought to be because it’s accurate and easy to pronounce.

What is a flump? A flump is an unexpected bad mood which may be triggered or is the result of a sudden mood swing. 104 more words