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Death Seems the Easiest Part

Sweet time; it is disappearing way too fast.
We need light; the darkness is so vast.
I am here but I am fading away.
I’m on earth but I may not be at the end of the day. 39 more words


Language of Flowers

You wove Forget-me-nots
in my hair, each one
a promise offered,
like the dandelion kisses
you place behind my ear,
wild and full of wishes. 52 more words


Home Sweet Home part 5

Later that night, I couldn’t sleep. My mind was rushing trying to figure out what to do and at the same time absolutely furious at my younger brother and his mom abandoning everything leaving me to do it. 1,436 more words


All smilesĀ 

I am less than 10 days away from completing my fourth month on Phentermine and I feel amazing! The weight is coming off much slower but it’s still coming off. 152 more words

Confessions of the Brokenhearted (Things I Will and Won't Say)

I find solace in words, and this is merely a product of trying to work through the hurt of a breakup (even if no one will ever read it). 314 more words


I had no idea so many tears could be held in one body. My eyes feel swollen and sore from a hard days work. They’ve gone from pools to deserts.

When things get a little rough...

This year so far has probably been one of the most difficult in my life. I have been brought to my knees by numerous things that life just keeps throwing at me, however, I think the most difficult thing is seeing the ones I love suffer. 495 more words