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saying goodbye in fashion






Dee Gordon, who is best-friends with Jose Fernandez, hit a homerun in his first at bat after the tragic boating accident that Fernandez was involved in and was killed instantly in. 198 more words

This old bird is getting married

We visited Rome this year and were blown away with the beauty and architecture of this amazing city.

We walked to the highest point of Palatine hill, it was truly a beautiful location it took our breath away, as we stood to admire the view, we could hear music drifting across from the city it was ‘our song’ so  perfectly timed and so emotional. 66 more words


Making goodbyes easier for your toddler and yourself

I’ve always been soppy at times of goodbye. As a child, I bawled while leaving my grandmother’s home every year at the end of our annual vacation. 1,307 more words

Get Out and Relax! 

As school begins its important to get out and meet new people. The relationships we make now will be carried through our lives and have lasting impacts. 57 more words

Dear Best Friend..

Dear Best Friend,

I’m watching the cursor blink on the page as I realise I’ve never been at such a loss of words before. It’s happening again, I’m watching it disappear and reappear. 266 more words


Recovering from porn use /emotional affairs in a marriage (podcast)

Learn the signs that your husband may be ensnared with pornography, learn how to avoid unintended emotional affairs, and how to recover and heal from a broken marriage (Tammy Daniel) 26 more words