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Is Everything Okay?

Facing shadows you were into

Sitting in bed dreaming so slow

To think how far or near you’ll go

Never wanted not to grow.

Got your bag, left the home… 70 more words

It's all bollocks...

I am struggling to keep a lid on myself at the moment.

I want to go to war with the world.

Still tired to the point of crying, I feel strung out and emotional.  933 more words

Day 7: My zodiac sign

I am a Gemini, and yes, I do think it fits my personality. Social interactions are pretty easy for me, which they always say about Gemini’s. 390 more words

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Late Night Sober Saturday Thoughts

My Alcoholic Tendencies Are Taking A Quick Ten

For the first time since I came back to school, I decided to retire my tube top and alcoholic concoction and instead throw on my running shorts, put on a face mask, and snuggle in my bed and watch American Horror Story. 1,105 more words

WWE night!

Ever get so angry you can’t solve a math problem? So furious your roommate left the lights on? Miss your dog and frustrated it’s only Sunday? 64 more words


I have the worst taste in men. I’m attracted to men who are so bad for me. Sometimes mentally, sometimes physically but usually both. My choices in men that I get into relationships with are so unhealthy and toxic. 691 more words


The Love Of My Life Was Stolen

With this anniversary coming up, I wanted to post this again.

October 20, 2000

This one, it’s a really tough one. This was the day my son was born. 1,033 more words