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May 5th

today’s self care looked like making it though another very long, stressful day without breaking down and crying, and actually having moments of laughter.


lac nhip

Sáng nay thức dậy sớm, giật mình cảm thấy trống trãi và cô đơn. Mình cảm giác đã mất đi nhiều thứ trong suốt khoảng thời gian cuồng dại vừa qua. 499 more words


Your Story.

We each have a story. We each have a story that lead us to today. We have people and experiences and heartbreaks and joys and everything inbetween that lead us to this chapter. 403 more words

The Silence of a Moment's Touch

sun kissed flecks in ochre hue
trickling trails of wistful trod
pouring out as florid scents sail
yawning canopy doused clover

flailing gales of ghostly whispers… 55 more words


Do you love the outdoors, or want to help out the enfironment??  If so, go and see the board in the lobby about recycling to see what you can do to ensure the environment is in good condition!!


You thought you wanted her

You sought her out

Not knowing

That she was made up

Of thunder and lightning

And you

Were afraid of a little rain


I’m a sexual bein’.

For me to enjoy sex with a person, I need to be mentally and emotionally in sync with him or her. … 47 more words