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Nichol Kessinger's Tears on August 16th - Fake, or the Most Harrowing Moment in the Watts Case?

It may be that the original audio was edited down in the media to cut out Kessinger’s tears and emotion. Many – understandably – may not be interested in that story. 36 more words

Chris Watts

We Are So Vain?

The popular Prairie Home Companion, a radio show by Garrison Keillor has this line about the fictional town, Lake Wobegon – it is where ‘all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average’. 130 more words

Daily Writing

The Many Costs of Clutter

Many of us have clutter issues. We stock up on bulk buys, amazing deals, and books we will never read. But, did you know there are costs associated with clutter? 668 more words

February 2019

How Are You?!

Yes, I am talking to you.

What do you feel right now?

Dig deeper. C’mon.

What do you feel right now? Tell me.

Hmmm.. use your emotion to answer not your brain. 122 more words

Self Help, Reflection

Extrovert Happiness

Do we even need to cover how extroverts need happiness? I mean, look at them. They are so outgoing and doing their go-getter things. They don’t need us telling them how to be happy. 274 more words


Emotional : Unemotional

I am an overly emotional unemotional clingy but distant private person who likes to overshare at any moment and I’m still tryna figure out how that works.

Where Do I Go?

About two months ago was when I’d decided I’d had enough of being scorned and mistreated. I had been at my restaurant job for three months and was still not working in the serving position as I had been promised the first week of my hiring. 618 more words