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Speak the Truth (And other thoughts on being an INFJ)

There’s a little girl I know who likes to make up stories. Her nose gets a little scrunched up and her eyes twinkle and the pitch of her voices raises several notches and I know what she’s telling me isn’t grounded in reality. 683 more words

What Do You Do When You Know You're Too Much?

I’m a severely introverted and reserved person. These days, in person, I’m unlikely to impress you. I don’t emote much. Whatever I’m feeling (and I feel the full spectrum of emotion with deep intensity) this is probably all you’re going to get. 564 more words


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality // Peter Scazzero.

A timely and much needed book! As an emotional person, I grew up afraid to dabble in the tumultuous seas of my emotions: in short, I was afraid to unveil and see myself for who I really am with all the messiness and filth. 58 more words

Book Review

Jimmy & Jennifer, a Beautiful Rowdy Love Story 2.0 - The Camping Trip

It might sound a little bragish, but I think our marriage is exceptionally great. There isn’t a single couple I’ve ever envied and thought, “Gosh, I wish our relationship was like theirs.” Not that I haven’t been miserable and desperate for change in my own at times, but I have always considered the one I have worth fighting and even dying for. 2,447 more words


Emotions and Feelings and The Image of God

Everywhere I look there seems to be a different crazy rising up – crazy politicians, crazy families, crazy work loads, crazy weather patterns. Unmanageable chaos is the fate of us earth dwellers. 773 more words

Friday Finds

We made it to Friday!

I always feel so excited and relieved to make it another week and to have the weekend to rest and catch up at home. 224 more words

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Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: When Faith Almost Kills You

In Gary Thomas’s Sacred Pathways, it describes each personality type and how they best interact with God, after issuing an extensive assessment for readers to take. 1,389 more words

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