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stay optimistic

Sometimes, things are really not as bad as you imagined.

Recently, I often overstress on every little thing that bothers me.

It affected me deeply. 137 more words


I guess I just like words

I think English words taste like pickles: crunchy on the outside with savory, meaty middles.

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Spanish is like a Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass window, its colorful geometry sliding into place like the children’s game Rush Hour. 116 more words


Digging Digging

Digging away,
For my mental health,

Digging up beds,
Over at Green Health,

Unleashing my aggression,
Burning off the rage,

Finally, some exertion,
Fresh air, and sun!! πŸ˜„

(Headphones hair)




People always try to change in certain ways they want, and despite the people who actually achieve it, most of the people fail to do so. 176 more words

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