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No Smoothie Day 

I can barely eat and drink today so all I managed to do is home made almond milk and crying.


Which one ?

Had to choose today. Took me time but I chose to spend my energy, creativity, genius and uniqueness to make myself happy and move forward with my life rather than obsession over selfish dickheads.

What do you choose ?


Thoughts Create Feelings?

It’s true that thoughts create feelings. But is that helpful to know if we can’t control the emotions that create our thoughts? If we can’t control our thoughts, it’s because the feelings that drive them are out of whack. 283 more words


The Miracle of Semantics

For me, intention, observing the law of attraction, and positive manifestation come second in creating the life I want. I find that they are the easy parts. 208 more words


Brain Trick of The Day

I’m at the coffee shop. I want donuts. I don’t want to want them. Resentment builds. I watch my internal reaction. What is the feeling of turning them away? 122 more words


Day 21 of Self Love: Get a good cry/scream/punch

And let it all go. All that has been weighing your gorgeous heart down and making you look at your toes, chin down and boiling inside… 116 more words


When in a dark narc trap

Eat a bowl of riped bananas with coconut sugar and keep your faith up, it won’t last forever and you will soon be out.

Hanging on there !