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Thoughts Create Feelings?

It’s true that thoughts create feelings. But is that helpful to know if we can’t control the emotions that create our thoughts? If we can’t control our thoughts, it’s because the feelings that drive them are out of whack. 283 more words


The Miracle of Semantics

For me, intention, observing the law of attraction, and positive manifestation come second in creating the life I want. I find that they are the easy parts. 208 more words


Brain Trick of The Day

I’m at the coffee shop. I want donuts. I don’t want to want them. Resentment builds. I watch my internal reaction. What is the feeling of turning them away? 122 more words


Meditation for Job Stress

This video may help you get through the day at work when you don’t like your coworkers. Again, this type of dialog can be applied to any life issue, not just work. 53 more words


Dialog With Emotions: Emotional Paralysis

When dialog with emotions was first introduced to me, I thought it was really stupid. It sounded phony and like I was being asked to do something ridiculous. 277 more words