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Decluttering my blogs

Today I had no energy whatsoever for funky stuff like working at my desk for hours or running. Instead I slept, slept, slept and I guess my body just needed it. 165 more words


Mind blowing 

I am doing that work with Alaya Gold on how to remove the blocks to a successful business and it is blowing me away and giving me so much food for thoughts, even with my overactive supra brain I hardly process all the informations. 173 more words


Less pain, more gain ! TM

Find your niche

How many times have I heard that, read that, watched that on videos, workshop, books, blogs ?

It is all about finding your niche.

452 more words

Choosing happiness

Hello Gorgeous !

Today I shared something deep and important to me and I received a very judgemental comment back on it.

It angered me, it hurt me, it made me want to run away and smack the person. 581 more words


Crazy fear taming and self acceptance

Warning : crazy button-pushing matter in this post.

I did something completely crazy, i went to the gum just out of a liver cleanse.
To make it easier to understand, a few facts : 230 more words


Pushy pushy

Been surrounded by abusive pushy people for so long !!!

Today, got another bit of pushy, jumping on me because they wanted something from me. 62 more words


Walking away...

Hey fit fabulous family !

I have been consciously and meticulously unsubscribing from a lot of youtube channels. another way for me to keep decluttering my life and breaking free from the weights of the past. 160 more words