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Out of Hiding, one pair of bottoms at the time


Been wearing those leggings and pushing myself hard out of the comfort zone… I did it with such dedication I ended having one old ( like I had it for 6+ years at least ) pair of bootleg pants + one more recent and very body hugging, one pair of ankle cuffed pants ( with some slack on the legs, not a tight version ) and one pair of bootleg jeans in my Capsule that were actually providing a bit of ” hiding”. 222 more words



Tonight I just took a gigantic leap of faith.

I might have lost a friend. Someone dear to my heart and soul and that I care truly about. 368 more words


Looking back

Is only to praise how mych I acieved, survived, handled and solved. Period.


For the grey days

Grab your colouring pencils and draw a rainbow on your soul.

With all my Love ❤️❤️❤️


The Push-Ups Strategy

I bought that app for push-ups and I have been doing some… randomly. Nothing serious and committed.

So I am coming up with a strategy. 26 more words