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Crush Zone

I did it again, I had yet another crush on a family friend. Single, 2 kids, smaller than me still … Total crush !

I don’t know why I am crushing so much. 51 more words


Naked truth about me

here I’ve said it 😝😝😝🐢🐢🐢❀️❀️❀️!!!



mood and suitcase…

Heavy heart and headaches…

Need some sleep and more Love.

Need more Love…


Weight training

starts in my head. And to celebrate my renewed health rage/amazing enthusiasm/ tremendous commitment / not-going-to-give-up-on-myself-ever I bought myself two apps :

-100 push-ups

-200 squats. 18 more words


Fear taming in the bathroom

On the Fear taming menu today, we’ve got a special ! Stuff in my mouth served on a bed of Fear of being ridiculous with a side of fear of trying new stuff and epically fail. 20 more words


Cranky me

when it ‘s TTOM and I can’t find my Lunette cup… Gotta stop by the Organic shop tomorrow… Where’s ma cup, bitch ?!?