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Is This Even Legal?

Every morning at 4:30, I wake up, drag myself down the hall to this little makeshift meditation room I’ve created. It’s actually this small walk in closet in the extra bedroom full of all my books, old blankets, and lots of junk we don’t know what to do with. 264 more words


How Can I Learn To Say No? (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Kat Newman

Founder & Owner of: Ask Kat Anything

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor and Family & Life Writer

On my blog, … 373 more words


‘People all around me
Still I felt alone
So I kept myself busy
Deep in my own world
I may look like the crazy one… 34 more words


Finding the Good through Personal Development

This web site was started as a direct result of a personal development seminar I attended back in 2013.

I was floxed in 2011, and I spent 2012 going through the ups and downs of fluoroquinolone toxicity and recovering. 910 more words

‘She’s all soaked in
Drowned in her illusions
Her made up space
Covered in blank ink
A million thoughts
Swirling, scattered
Now a harmful storm… 13 more words


This Old Life

Tired of this old game,

Where every day remains the same.

I wonder if age breeds boredom,

Or if it’s just the curse of some. … 171 more words