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It has always been like that; in control. The music had him; not in an embrace; in chains.

He was prisoner to its will, its flow, its drive. 102 more words


Do You Recognise The Early Warning Signs Of Negative Emotions?

Ah overthinking, the art of creating problems that are not really there.

Who’s been guilty of this recently? I know I have and it’s killing me, it keeps you up at night and drains your energy the next day affecting all your relationships, work and your health, which i am sure we can all agree is less than ideal.

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The Seat of Emotions

There is but one galaxy chosen above all others to be the home of the most dreadful killers and holiest saints. And no matter which position is taken, every individual possesses a mortal soul. 195 more words


The Sweetest Candy

If only moments shared in passing could become permanent bonds in reality.

Or if the emotions gained from looking at just a picture.

Could be felt by the one in it. 180 more words

The World Of Poetry

Final Feelings

A phrase gathered from DBT and recited to myself on repeat is –“No feeling is final.”  I say it to myself when my feelings are at in the bottom barrens of awful and when they are gleefully pleasant.   947 more words


7.30 am

I hear the traffic murmur
Three streets from my door
As the sun strokes their bonnets
it almost seems a purr.

Random Rambling - time flies

When Reindeer was 5-weeks old, we attended our first baby group session. We were very tired and not entirely with it, but it was lovely to meet other parents. 474 more words