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All’s fair in love and war,
How many times have you heard that,
But has it ever crossed your mind,
That it can be unfair as well? 92 more words

Treat To My Soul

Chirping birds,

Dancing leaves,

Wanderlust winds,

Harmonious rains,

Charismatic Oceans;

Enthrall me.
Your soothing eyes,

Deep soul,

Unexplored heart,

Intoxicating talks;

Mesmerize me.
Our beautiful dreams, 36 more words


What is True Happiness?

I’ve begun a journey of researching happiness and finding out why it’s OK, even important, to be happy. I’ve picked up some books at the library and ordered some books on Amazon. 236 more words


You Still Care !!


You said you never loved him,
Then why do you always talk about him?

You said you don’t want to listen his name, 29 more words


Live Life Lightly :D

Ages since I wrote something and it was sitting like a heavy stone on my heart. Since it is my nature to do something only when I am absolutely comfortable and feel perfect, I was postponing the process of converting my thoughts into words. 276 more words

My Opinions


Just like that freshman year is over and i’m home working 40 hour weeks and walking on eggshells to not piss my mom off and i’m trying to get enough sleep and maintain relationships with people who i wont see over summer and i’m trying to haveĀ  768 more words

The Rationale of Emotions

I miss the ignorance of our youth when we could actually feel and ride the highs and lows of emotions, both happiness and sadness thrown in opposite throngs towards joy or despair. 38 more words

Human Nature