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Meetup 025: Drama

Without too much ado, I would like to clap a cheer to our host this weekend, Aravind. He covered a bit and piece of one of the most important elements of writing and literature. 204 more words

Meetup Update

Just A Bullet.

Just a bullet. Just a gun. I walk in. The gun is stable in my hand. It is the man’s end.

The man wiggles. He tries to slip away. 177 more words


breakfast love

Warm as the toast that pops on your plate

Hot as the tea that is Earl Grey

Soft as the butter that melts on your knife… 88 more words

Prose & Poetry


Bushes by the side of a railway track,
Dance in a kind of trance,
Waving their hands gaily.
They dance about in unison,
Nothing to hold them back, 68 more words


That one moment — وه ایک لمحه

وه ایک لمحه جس میں آپ اپنا سب کچھ کھو دیتے ہیں، دراصل وه آپ کو بہت کچھ دے جاتا هے ــ

Muhammad Rehan Qazi…

12 more words
My Diary

Hit with a tide

Anger. Confusion. Sadness.

I feel lost in a sea of feelings . I try to walk towards land but I get hit with a tide of emotions. 322 more words

Wordpress After Dark: Something you don't know about me. My secret will shock you if you know me

I’m sure later I will regret this post and delete it but I’m in my feelings. This time of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas, has that effect on people. 382 more words

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