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Hurt, angry and triggered,

I step outside to the smell of ripening lemons.

I seek the source and in the shadows under a leaf I find a companion … 21 more words

The Now

7 Secrets of Living Happily 3

The 1st two secrets mentioned are:
1. Living with a purpose brings unending happiness.
2. Deal with the moment before it drowns it.

The 3rd secret is Tame your emotion: emotion is a bastard. 61 more words

"There's No Crying in Baseball"

(This is the eighth post in a series on wisdom from baseball co-written with Mark Stanifer.)

It’s a movie line. It’s funny. It’s memorable. But it’s not accurate. 488 more words

Learning & Growth

Compatibility and the spectrum of cynicism.

I would argue that the main thing the prevents people from getting into relationships isn’t a lack of basic compatibility with others – but a mismatching of their level emotional cynicism and bad timing. 1,066 more words

Social Philosophy


When we spoke on the phone yesterday I loved your honesty — and you.

You told me you have some shame.

You too?

You gorgeous bouquet of cut flowers in a fine, crystal vase. 246 more words

Randy Hasper

I Feel

I feel forgotten and ignored, like the whole world has forgotten or no longer cares that I exist, that I have wants and needs that I would like fulfilled. 301 more words


Life Is Hard.

*Contains strong language and mentions self-harm*

I sometimes have days where I ask myself, ‘Why can’t I just be normal?’ ‘Why can’t I cope with things?’ ‘Why am I so sensitive?’ ‘Why do I let things affect me so much?’… Today was one of those days. 1,606 more words

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