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Overheating (8/22/19 Dream).


In the dream, which I only remembered during my daily meditation, I’m driving when I casually look down at the temperature gauge. The needle has risen all the way to the top, vibrating there as if it’s striving to reveal a temperature that’s off the scale. 1,183 more words

A change of heart with my mum

As you know with I choose not to… and If you followed last night’s post… it was getting more of a tense time and I was considering cutting ties with my mum completely. 406 more words



Does anyone else feel… off?

Not bad, not sad, not angry, just off. I just feel like I am not quite right. I’m not depressed, in fact, I have been feeling a lot better since I started going to therapy. 84 more words

A World Without...#69

Of tomorrow I dream, and into the star

Filled night comes visions of truth until

The morning fills with light.

Living truth within, discovering both… 43 more words

Journey Through Life

Breaking down (emotional) walls- The Tower

Everyone has seen a wall. Walls serve two purposes: To keep things in, or to keep them out. In the same way, sometimes, we build these imagery walls inside our mind to shut out the world and keep us to ourselves. 591 more words

Left or Right

Life in the balance, I’ve got two choices! To hold this, I lived it.

Right or wrong, the decision lies with me! To paths, right or left? 218 more words


You Big Bully

Many thinking Americans sat incredulously in front of their television screens in 2016 as students privileged to attend some of the nation’s finest institutions of higher learning sat in circles in the middle of campus crying because their chosen political candidate lost an election. 1,246 more words

Word Of God