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"Singular Impressions" by Heather Goodwind

Heather Goodwind’s drawings are random and unadorned – with brief texts and strange splotches. “You Struggle in Vain”, “Who Do You Trust?” – they go. They are executed in childlike simplicity but speak to viewers of all ages with their urgency and frankness. 283 more words

Contemporary (roughly 1960s Onwards)

10 things to consider to make your relationship last forever

In this highly competitive times, with increased focus on career growth & job stability, many personal relationships either survive or stale. I thought it might be useful for my friends out there, by penning down a few important things to make your relationships last stronger & forever. 798 more words


God doesn't give us peace, to throw it in the face of others. 

Martin Luther King Jr. understood God is/was still sovereign and in control of all…yet that did not stop him from feeling outrage, pain, sadness and horror at the atrocities we faced. 160 more words


When words are useless

At times words are traps… they spin in your head weaving a web of insanity wrapping you up into a deadly cocoon. The worst is when they can’t even escape, except on paper or web, your voice deprived of the intended audience. 120 more words


Mind Map(s).

Lately I have had the time and desire to wander a lot around the intricate trails of my meticulously drawn mind map(s). It quite exquisitely complements my charisma of madness. 237 more words


Only the strong

Sometimes I want to scream

at the unfairness of life

Sometimes I want to open my arms wide

and thanks the gods for my luck. 58 more words


Compatible Laughter

Today I was planning on writing about some of my experiences in Denmark, but some Danish children changed my mind. My host brother had a friend over after basketball (which the Danes call “basket”) and he stayed for our taco dinner. 224 more words