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Do I want to be saved?

I’m floating alone in a lake of my tears

Unsatisfied by the lack of peers

My body is flowing down the river bank

Into a tunnel of darkness, purely blank… 176 more words

Depresanxiety (I made that up...)

Depression. Anxiety. Depresanxiety. (Clearly, I should under no circumstances ever be allowed to name medical conditions.) I am not normally depressed, mostly just anxious. I can feel the difference in the movement of my thoughts. 142 more words


I Seek Dry Land

In a sea of emotions
Evoked by associations
I seek dry land
Untouched by feeling’s hand.
Tired of shades of gray
I sigh and turn away… 10 more words


I'll tell you a secret 

I’ll tell you a secret little bird
A secret no ears have ever heard
A secret these lips have never uttered
A secret that should have never existed. 169 more words


When it comes to me
Colours never touch
shadows never lurch
Near my existence,
does happiness think
she is too good to be near
dear to I, … 24 more words


The Last Goodbye

My gran was buried today… Only 60 (I thought that was ancient).

I just have great memories of her. Her laugh, fighting my battles (though I started 100% of said battles) and her similarities with my mum. 55 more words



Addiction is a wicked thing that

Destroys many lives. It

Doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor.

It doesn’t care how much you have to lose. 80 more words