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light is feeble, temporary
it can be obstructed
and eventually dies
curiously, enlightenment is
supposed to lead you to darkness
a place of nothing
discarded desires… 19 more words


A Letter to Myself

Dear Emily,

It is time to get up out of bed.

These sheets you mummify yourself in

and pillows on which you rest your head… 214 more words


from one to the next: a peak inside my mind

Have you ever started anything and then said to yourself what have I gotten myself into? 

That’s basically my mind. every day.

I think “why did i decide to do this?” “how is this going to help me?” “is it really going to help?” and “am I selfish for only thinking of me?” 280 more words


The challenges of life

You know that feeling you get that tells you, WHY ME? WHY ME GOD? WHAT DID I DO WRONG ? Well i get it too and I cry so much and I feel like the world should just feel my pain or just maybe, maybe there’s a solution God sets aside for me , but oh well how would I know about it unless I lived with God or even knew his plans and so today I visit my mentor and she tells me that I just gotta pray and believe that there’s something good God’s set aside for me and that the situation am at is just a process to encourage me to act and do something about that not so good feeling am having, well I don’t know I can’t speak for everyone but the word HOPE does mean a lot . 129 more words

Attendance not required.

When I was in my early twenties I had a terrible habit of fighting everything and everyone head on. If something slightly out-of-the-way was said, I’d have to make it right. 927 more words


May 29th, 2015.

Lately I feel as if I can’t trust anyone around me.

I feel robbed of my kindness.

I give advice, give my heart, and give my time, just for it not to be reciprocated. 399 more words


The Funny Thing About Heartbreak

I constantly find myself sobbing when I get hurt. How could I not? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with showing emotion when you’re hurt. I happens. 432 more words