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Chocolate aroma

She stared out the window while sitting in the habitual rocking chair. She grabbed a ball of yarn in the hand and two needles. She saw those two kids playing outside in the park, a girl and a boy laughing in the swings. 323 more words


"Oasis" In The Midst Of "7" Words#163

Yesterday – “technology” was fun, now – it’s addictive.

Deepak Singh

Strength and Courage 

I just need the courage for someone to ask me if I’m okay, and the strength for me to tell them I’m not.


Another year and I don't feel older

5 days ago (last Monday) was my birthday. I turned 43. I remember when that seemed so old. I also remember – not so long ago – when I didn’t think I’d ever make it to 43. 405 more words


Secrets and Shame

Dear Caroline,

This letter is a long time coming. I’m still not sure whether I want to password protect it or not. I guess I’ll decide when I’m done, when I’ve said it. 1,309 more words


PLEASE OFFEND ME! My Identity Protective Cognition Makes It Impossible (A Lesson on Emotional Intelligence)

I am inviting the entire world to attempt to offend me or hurt my feelings. You can attack my appearance, my personal beliefs (like religion, politics, or my crazy vegan lifestyle), or you can even question my motives for doing this in the first place. 335 more words


I’ve never been an angry person. In fact, if I’m angry, or snappy, there’s usually an actual reason behind it… or I’m hungry!! I’ve always gotten annoyed at people who have road rage, or who get worked up at the smallest of things. 615 more words