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Tear me up

​They never left

Still here






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O Allah, ease all my affairs and provide me with strength, patience and compassion this Ramadhan. Keep me close to you as it is only to you that I prostrate and submit. 37 more words

Depression-NOT Your FAULT!

It’s not the candle’s fault when the wick runs out.
It’s not the candle’s fault it was made to burn so long.

“When you’re surrounded by all these people, it can be lonelier than when you’re by yourself. 394 more words

Life After Death

One loses his body, his soul, his mind

Losing his senses he leaves the world behind

As death quietly walks into his way

And takes him to a land far way… 157 more words


Let's cut the shit.

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Not just ok, but ESSENTIAL.

We can never be the 100% cheerful, happy, strong, objective, willful. We ALL have the other side of the coin within us: the soppy, sad, weak, confused, stuck side. 119 more words


The Rain

It started raining heavily when I was at the farm

The peacock began dancing, What a beauty! What a charm!

With wings spread wide it welcomed the rain… 108 more words


Questions To God

Sitting under the blanket of stars

I asked God,

“So many flowers in this universe garden,

Why did you bless just Earth with fruits?”

He smiled and replied, “My dear child… 116 more words