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Healing Emotional Black Holes by Jennifer Hoffman - 7-27-16 - Forever Unlimited

Healing Emotional Black Holes by Jennifer Hoffman| Jul 27, 2016 Have you ever been just sitting around, minding your own business, and then you get a phone call or text that sends you into an emotional tsunami?

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Choice empowers. Choice destroys.

“The freedom to choose is empowering.” – Anushka Sharma
The freedom to choose is equally devastating, I say. When we choose and choose not at a gunpoint, we possess abundance of power – the power to crush somebody’s life or worse, our lives – simply by choosing someone/something over the other. 246 more words

My first child

This little man right here. 😍
He is the sweetest, most headstrong, fun loving, active and smartest 3 year old I know. He makes my ❤ melt, then turns around and makes me so mad I could scream. 231 more words


Two strikes?

​Again I have loved

And again I have lost

Two strikes

Waiting for the third
Or for the resurrection

Of a love gone sour

One would have me believe… 112 more words


Placebo Training

By the time you read this, I will have just returned from the Dominican Republic. In order to allow time to adjust back to real life, this is a re-post for your enjoyment. 617 more words



We are like waves; we build up, go deep into the sea, and hit the shore.

We are so powerful that in between the building up and hitting the shore, 16 more words



police cordon

a chill wind

breaks through


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