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How to Deal With Difficult Humans

Ordinarily, I like to imagine my level of patience is comparable amongst the composed Thailand monks. However, as of lately, that seems to be furthest from the truth. 1,028 more words

Think before you stare.....

Being computer-less makes this whole blog thing a little harder so excuse my absence but this post has been well thought out and comptimplated at least. 1,041 more words

Regress to Progress

The bittersweet feeling of leaving home and venturing out to the unknown is a feeling that is not completely uncommon to me. I’ve done it multiple times during my adult life. 482 more words


When Words Collided

The words collided

And feelings escaped

Trapped within for long

Words bridged the gap

Between yearning hearts

Words exchanged worlds

Giving a glimpse

Of each other’s world… 21 more words


Here's Why Young Ladies Are Getting Married To Old Men - 

Once a lady is brought up without her parents inculcating the virtues of discipline and hardwork in her, just any one will climb her, so long as she will get money from the escapade. 913 more words


Peace Treaty

Oh. …Hey. Hello, me. She wanted me to… make peace with you. I want to make peace with you. I want to make peace with myself. 376 more words

This is All a Dream

Don’t set up the target for an arrow,
looking for places to point your aggression,
to lay your blame for this intensity
that has erupted in you. 70 more words