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I've Got The Blues

Icy steps with dog-safe salt

Falling down with voilent assault

Icicles crashing at your feet

Shoveling snow that’s 2 feet deep

Slushy roads that are so slick… 100 more words

Part 3, Don´t show, involve

The series “Don´t show, involve” builds upon the narrative as a cognitive process and how to go from a thought to the plotting of an involving experience. 4,119 more words

Narrative Bridging

Do you miss them?

As humans we get so easily emotionally attached, isn’t it..?

This is the problem.. This emotional attachment becomes the reason for our sorrow.. When people leave us, we feel bad.. 220 more words


The 5 Changing Abstracts- 3)Emotions

Hello friends, you all might have read my previous two write-ups on Perception and Thoughts . Going ahead with the series, today I’m going to talk about Emotions. 286 more words


Real Life

When we were little we read books about princess’s and fairy tales. We believed that to every story there was always a happy ending. We were taught through books and pictures that everything is almost always a happy ending. 978 more words

An Open Letter to A Lost Friend

I waited for you today at our spot. Everyone else was there too, watching, wondering where you were as I sat alone choking back the hundredth wave of tear to wrack my body over the last few days. 396 more words


The Little Wolf and The Eyeless Witch – A Tragedy

I haven’t yet seen the stars, not the sky that is filled with darkness. The lights around me have blinded the world with a colourful chartreuse and white; dots flicker at the corner of my eyes. 741 more words

Life Updates