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How to Reel in Your Emotions and Keep Them from Running You

Reeling in negative emotions, in some cases, is very difficult, but not impossible.  Sometimes, the emotions we feel can get the best of us, causing us to say or do what we will later regret. 319 more words


My aunt remarked on how peculiar she found the responses to the “American Eclipse” experience. We, of course, didn’t take the time to stand outside and watch the moon pass over the sun but rather enjoyed the historic (?) sighting from the comfort of our living rooms/computer screens. 392 more words

American Eclipse


the sun must feel so much pain

as she waits for the moon,

only to meet for a brief kiss

the moon must feel so much regret… 15 more words


Am I gone

I love to read and think deeply about the meaning of things. I saw a man today who has failed badly in his health over the last few months. 167 more words



Totally irrational, absolutely inexplicable, because u r exceptional, it’s like a deviant obsession over and over again, like a huge stone stuck in my throat, not allowing me to breathe freely, making my skin shimmer even when it’s unbearably hot and my hands tremor completely out of control like after clenbuterol and the heart is pounding like an exploding mechanism…

I won't let go. 

I didn’t realize when it happened

But there came a time

In a very long time,

I couldn’t live alone.

Not anymore.

Not for quite a while. 772 more words



Caught in a quagmire
Of beautiful lies and
Hopeless truths,
I bleed,
I bleed, with the expectation
Of being healed,
Held close to the heat… 114 more words