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Shame On My Wishes

It is once again about 2 am. I woke up with the need to take care of business. Then a thought popped in the head. … 1,283 more words

Just My Thoughts

The battle for my praise

When news came that my cousin died the thoughts came rushing in;

Why God?

Why didn’t you heal him and answer our constant prayers?

How can I declare with faith and boldness that you are the never failing God? 538 more words


बचपन की यादें😍

बचपन की वो यादें जिनमें करता मैं फरियादें

कभी हंसता,कभी रोता,न कम न ज्यादे,

बड़ी याद आती हैं बचपन की वो यादें।

वो मां का प्यार, वो पिता का दुलार, वो भाई की फटकार न कम न ज्यादे ,

बड़ी याद आती है बचपन की वो यादें।

वो बेतुके सवाल हर चीज लगती कमाल करते हुए धमाल धीरे-धीरे बीत गए साल कभी एक कभी आधे,

बड़ी याद आती है बचपन की वो यादें।



Hindi Blog

Physical and Mental Health - how are they connected?

After what just happened to me, I cannot stress the importance of mental wellness enough. I always knew that at my busiest, I didn’t have the time to break at all, which means I definitely did not have the time to reflect about my life and about us. 598 more words


The art of divorcing: part 1

Silence. Anger. Separate rooms. Two ships passing in the morning, noon, and night. Side eyes. Arms crossed. Stomping and slamming doors. Yelling. Fighting. Hurting the other. 146 more words

WO: Weekly Obsessions

I thought I’d take a different approach this week, since a common theme has surfaced time and time again recently: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 224 more words


Heart Strained Eulogy.

Its night again.

Nah, its morning. Its three-fucking-twenty-nine am, on whatever day this is… And I feel like crap…

“Broken” news!!

An excuse of a sorry night, I call it. 68 more words