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Spicilege: Decoding Fear

Decoding Fear

What is this feeling,
we often come across,
that leaves us reeling,
and is worse than remorse.

Be it a thing we dread, 235 more words


Oh hi there England

‘What the hell just happened?’

This sentence goes over and over in my head whilst I sip on my jasmine tea from Hong Kong.

I’m not in Hong Kong. 745 more words


Having "that" conversation with your child...

The birds and the bees. There comes a time when you realise that you have to do the “talk”. You notice that you have a child with a serious girlfriend. 296 more words



Broken by the beach
High on marijuana
And doped, half dead in the water

The dock looks delicious!
A crimson brown
And hues, coffee… 78 more words


I’m only exist for you within you

Imagine I’m your heart, and I’ll say

Whatever you do to me, don’t be sorry

For I’m only exist for you within you

My job is to pump in courage, power, energy… 172 more words


Like water...

Our emotions are designed to be fluid like water, and throughout a single day, we will naturally shift from one emotion to the next.

Like water, which takes the shape of it’s container, emotions constantly change according to our situation. 34 more words

Mental Wellness

Conflicted Feelings

The sky is everchanging. One time of the day it is clear of clouds and startling blue, while other times it is stormy and gray. Feelings are also like that. 102 more words