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How Do We Know What Colors Help Us Heal? By Tapping Into Our Emotions

I received an interesting comment from my post Hospitality Hues; What Color Will Help Us Heal. I’m going to share his comment with you then explain how you can find these healing hues. 321 more words

Holistic Colors

An Unexplained Emotion-Love

Love…!!! One thing, one person, one soul coming to our mind with the broadness of the thoughts we shared among ourselves. Is that what we all call love..? 418 more words

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (Help!)

“I believe that faith is less like following a GPS through a precise grid of city blocks and more like being out at sea, a tricky journey, nonlinear and winding, the wind kicking up and then stalling.”   (Shauna Niequist) 1,153 more words


Watch your Thoughts

Watch your Thoughts

Most of the people these days forget to live with the present and rather stay engrossed with the obsessive thinking of the unseen future in spite of all uncertainty. 187 more words


How she longed to run
like a wolf through the trees.

escape into the mountains
through the forest, feel the breeze.

her own form she hated so much, 22 more words


Apathetic defence

And then the tides turn and the apathy hits.
The staring off into space
and the difficulty in focusing on conversation.

All my reactions are just a heartbeat off. 74 more words


Calling Church Home

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think about church? Do you think about worship? Serving the community? Listening and engaging with the message? 1,542 more words