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As it drips from the tip of the the syringe, as it pricks and I whip in pain as it runs dip into my vein. My eyes flashed into the white lights then I drown into the clouds, in a veil i covered myself in shame when you say i was vain. 10 more words

Today Is A Sad Day

I’m really sad today,
and I’m not sure why,
maybe it’s a multitude of things,
maybe it’s hormonal,
or maybe today is just a sad day. 88 more words

Is It Well With My Soul?

I was perusing through a department store trying to escape my emotions. Honestly, I wanted to feel numb, even for just a moment. I slowly walked through each aisle capturing words on decorative wall hangings. 636 more words


What doesnt kill you makes you stronger….

If I tell the truth does that make me weak?

If I tell the truth does that make you stronger? 106 more words

Angry all the time

So, I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all that as I’ve been teaching on anger in one of my classes at work I have been struggling with anger myself recently. 419 more words



‚ÄčI’m tired of writing about you.

But that’s all I can do to forget.

It’s funny because I write to forget;

And, I end up remembering. 106 more words


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Feeling Guilt For No Reason

I don’t know why I feel guilt so often. If someone is upset, I feel as though it is my fault. Not only do I feel guilty, I feel as if I am responsible to resolve the situation. 120 more words