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Whiskey's Ice - video

Ice formations in whiskey always catch my eye and the crystals and their formations are beautiful, and that’s where I leave it. On the other hand, there was a Japanese researcher named Masaru Emoto who claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. 33 more words

Life Cycles

It's not always about YOU

I was standing in line yesterday at the natural food store recounting a story to the lady behind me about the rudeness of an old lady towards me years ago. 390 more words

Thoughts Impact our Health & the World

Dr Masura Emoto did some experiments on water and below is a video of his experiments, a few of his quotes and  picture of the beautiful crystal in water and the not so beautiful crystal in water. 467 more words



Doba, kdy jsem si pletla Twerk a Twitter, je pryč. Teď na Twitteru nadšeně sleduju Martina Veselovskýho, Mikuláše Beka i Abru a píšu si tam koupelnový myšlenky. 477 more words


Love & gratitude

I miss the 1990’s. I really, really do. I miss Leo Buscaglia and his, ‘love therapy’ books. I miss family friendly t.v., movies and songs. I think those were such happier times than what we must endure these days. 736 more words

Health & Wellness

Words matter!

Words matter, words matter, words matter!!! Get it?! In a culture that bandies about the word, ‘bully’ and where people can get sued for their words… 496 more words

Day 651 - Epigenetics

Epigenetics – inherited trauma/memories, trans-generational epigenetic inheritance, memories passed on to us from our parents.

So this “hot” topic of epigenetic, that separates scientist, about having memories inherited from parents and grandparents. 563 more words