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Brittany Bailey adds a human element to Mark Fell's astounding multimedia compositions at EMPAC

Troy, NY — British artist Mark Fell is best known as an electronic composer. Starting out in the UK house and techno scene of the 1990s, Fell has become one of the most esteemed innovators of electronic music’s more experimental flavors. 427 more words


Music for the deaf and hearing impaired with Lebanese composer Tarek Atoui at EMPAC

Composer Tarek Atoui explores the potential for musical performance
beyond the limits of auditory perception

Troy, NY – It’s hard to imagine the act of listening without the use of the human ear. 318 more words


EMPAC streams Cally Spooner's live show around the world Feb. 13

From Ed Sullivan to Jimmy Fallon, the TV variety show is a well-known format to American audiences. The at-home viewer watches a cavalcade of performers entertain an unseen studio audience, while that studio audience is complicit in the show, laughing and applauding according to prompts and direction. 442 more words


Fugue States, Feral Horses, and the Choreography of Flesh at EMPAC Jan.31

Over at EMPAC in Troy, New York we look forward to “media-dance” pioneer and Merce Cunningham collaborator Charles Atlas who will be in residence this spring to develop a new piece of choreography tailored for the screen. 595 more words


10 Artists show 4 works over 10 Hours in one day at EMPAC October 4

Performance Intensive slated for October 4 at EMPAC

Troy, NY — On Saturday, October 4, EMPAC will present a day of contemporary art spanning disciplines, inviting the public to experience a festival of newly commissioned works that push boundaries of storytelling, along with one of the most technically outstanding guitarists of our time. 733 more words


A Cabinet of Curiosities Performed in "Death and the Young-Girl" at EMPAC in Troy, NY

There are several unusual – and endlessly fascinating – programs at EMPAC in Troy New York in the coming days. Most interesting is theatrical experimentation that conflates sound poetry, classroom lessons from a one-of-a-kind ballet instructor, songs, sculptures, and music by a string quartet which combine to form a multifaceted and symbolic portrait of “the Young-Girl”. 489 more words


Glistening music from Oneohtrix Point Never at RPI's EMPAC Sept. 12

Oneohtrix Point Never – a k a the ambient-noise musician Daniel Lopatin – generally forgoes percussion altogether, instead creating beautiful, glistening caverns of space that shift in sneaky, oceanic fashion. 509 more words