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Argentine Chicken & Beef Empanadas [2 Recipes]

Empanadas. Let’s talk about them. Because I made them this week and they are so good that they may ruin me.

Since I left Argentina I’ve been searching for a true Argentine empanada. 291 more words


Lucban's Ksarap!

A restaurant known for inherited original recipes from past generations.
They serve delicious food cooked the Bicolano way.
Empanada is their all-time best seller.
The restaurant has a relaxing ambiance and amenities that makes their customer’s leave with a smile. 47 more words



Tried another famous empanadahan, Irene’s. This does not have that mixed veggie and meat. They have pure veggie but most of their selections is pure meat. 6 more words


♡ Vegan Veggie Empanadas ♡


I have always been very into veganism and tried to be completely vegan many times. The longest i’ve lasted was 8 months. So I’m always trying to find vegan recipes that are also very delicious. 283 more words


Vigan River Cruise and Dep Ed

Because of one’s research, we had a ride to the river. It’s a tour LGU is trying to present to tourists but I say they need to improve it and make it more tourist friendly. 135 more words


5 mouth-watering reasons to visit Chile

When I told people I was carving out three days of my South American holiday to spend in Chile, specifically Santiago and Valparaiso, they were confused. 974 more words

Food In The Americas

Food Trucks on tour...yes that´s right I´m out for the day!

Street Food Fiesta – Puerto de la Cruz – 2017

I couldn’t explain exactly why, as I was prone to bouts of boredom in that geography lesson about warm air, big volcano, fluffy clouds and rainfall but if you’ve never been to Tenerife (or couldn’t tear yourself away from the beaches in the south of the island) it is an island of two sides…the north side being greener and cooler and the south side being hotter and more… 261 more words