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5 mouth-watering reasons to visit Chile

When I told people I was carving out three days of my South American holiday to spend in Chile, specifically Santiago and Valparaiso, they were confused. 974 more words


Food Trucks on tour...yes that´s right I´m out for the day!

Street Food Fiesta – Puerto de la Cruz – 2017

I couldn’t explain exactly why, as I was prone to bouts of boredom in that geography lesson about warm air, big volcano, fluffy clouds and rainfall but if you’ve never been to Tenerife (or couldn’t tear yourself away from the beaches in the south of the island) it is an island of two sides…the north side being greener and cooler and the south side being hotter and more… 261 more words


On Empanadas!

So, let’s get real with food right now: Empanada. I can’t exactly pinpoint my desire to eat/make these yummy little pastry pockets of powerful flavor, but all I can say is, YES PLEASE! 670 more words


Empanadas again.

My students, okay one student, gives me a hard time for how much I have loved empanadas.  I love them in Chile. They’re awesome. In Argentina they would make a perfectly cromulent basis for a religion.  406 more words

Empanada Lunch @ Corrientes Pizzeria

It’s my birthday today and since I had the afternoon off, I took my Ma out to lunch.  It’s my belated Mother’s Day treat for her. 442 more words


Sunny Weather

The weather since our return from Easter Island had been lousy.  Cold, rainy, grey.  Late fall.  Fortunately (?), Mary and I both were quite busy during the week so it didn’t have much impact.  2,073 more words

Karl’s  Cal-South American Empanadas

I am barbecuing Argentinean beef and I wanted some kind of starchy side dish. Although it is from the other end of the South American continent, I suggested Venezuelan… 738 more words