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Entry Number 016: Craving that Piece of Ilocos

When we are asked for something iconic about Ilocos – Mom and I would answer you, ILOCOS EMPANADA. Farina’s Ilocos Empanada serves these babies freshly made and piping hot in the heart of the city to appease the growling stomachs of Manilenos. 70 more words


Nacho Fries

I grew up in a pretty suburban area. But if you drove about half a mile away from our house, you’d hit a bunch of mom and pop restaurants, our neighborhood CVS, and a bank. 289 more words

Food & Drink

Mini Buffalo Chicken Empanadas and Tarts

I’m well aware that you can buy mini appetizers in the freezer section of any grocery store. But are they really the same as a batch from scratch? 219 more words


Easy Pastry Dough

This is my go-to savory pastry dough. I’ve made crusts for tarts, pies, quiche, and even empanadas using this recipe. The goal for a quality pastry dough is achieve that coveted flaky and tender crust. 241 more words



At a recent business event, I discovered that working nomenclature has moved on somewhat from what I am used to. Instead of “unpacking” or “deconstructing” a complicated sounding but otherwise fairly ordinary word (no doubt in the belief that it makes the speaker… See the full post on my main site here… 6 more words



El año pasado tuvo de dulce y de agraz.

El apoyo de mi comunidad respecto a las alergias alimentarias de mis hijos fue muy emocionante, me sobrecoge ver la intención y la disposición por ayudar a Felipe y Gabriela a incorporarlos en las rutinas que involucran comidas: fiestas patrias, paseos de curso, celebraciones de fin de año, etc. 572 more words

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Apple pie galettes and empanadas

Let’s get started with something fun and a little different. Meet the mini apple galette. I love to make apple pie filling! It’s simple, delicious, and doesn’t need much added sugar. 246 more words