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12 Essential Ways You Need To Protect Yourself When You’re An Empath

1. Detachment.

Only what you give your power to can affect you. Thus the best protection of all is prevention. What makes the energy come into you is that you sympathize with others—you want to help them, or you are upset and judgmental of them. 1,281 more words

The Emotional Burden of Empathy

“Empath” has become a buzzword. Whether one is using it to excuse their emotions or another using it synonymously to describe a good person, the word has lost its truth. 476 more words


Studies Show Reading Fiction Makes You More Empathetic

As sales director for Kyriba, Paul Wakolbinger oversees all aspects of the sales process from territory development and prospecting to demonstrations and contract negotiations. In his free time, Paul Wakolbinger likes to read. 136 more words

Paul Wakolbinger

My Advice on Being an Empathetic Person

Lately I’ve noticed that all of the people in my life are freaking out about something. Every. Single. Person. From relationship problems to moving house. From having nothing to watch on Netflix to how bad it smells when their cat does a number two in their small apartment. 407 more words


Polite Insults

The phrase, “Bless your heart” is frequently used in the South.  It may sound like the person is being sympathetic.  However, it is frequently used as a veiled insult. 15 more words

The Girl And Her Companion

I’m tired of being the empath.
So much hurt.
So many days without sleep
without a warm bowl of rice
a soft body
a kind word. 158 more words

I Lost My Perspective

My mind
wandered behind
their eyes.

To see
what they see
feel what they feel
know what they know.

I was blind
to the suffering… 31 more words