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The Golden Rule

Notes: Also from 2012. Must have been a feisty year for me. Haha.

People just do not have manners anymore. So I’m thinking why should I? 2,973 more words

Missing Keys & A Poltergeist

Being empathetic, sensitive to the energies around me, it’s not all exhausting and sadness.

Sometimes there are mischievous spirits around. Now and then, one will “borrow” something. 171 more words

The Anguish of Ancient Sites

Here I am, in my own home, watching television, and I paused in my work a moment to watch a documentary about Pompeii. It’s a newer analysis of the site, including extensive excavations and a new look at the figures that have been cast from the places where people died. 361 more words

Empathetic Evisceration: For the Greater Good

I really have to call into question the whether there are levels of empathy. Can you be both empathetic and not empathic at the same time? 268 more words



I’m upset with my best friend, and she doesn’t even know it… because to tell her would be to face myself and thats never an option, until its the only option of course. 264 more words

Who am I?

“Tell us who you are, what makes you you.” This has always made me uncomfortable because I feel like the answers always have to be geared towards who is asking the question or whoever is my audience. 416 more words

Who Am I?

Empathetic Isn't About Socializing

So many things I see assigned to people who think they are empathetic, when they are the meres surface of what “empathetic” really means.

“Empaths are tired after socializing and need quiet to recharge.” 487 more words