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Appreciation of the Heart - Where Has it Gone?

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Elizabeth Vierra Hall

Today’s world has destroyed humanity’s view of the pure & kindhearted, empathetic people of our time.  A person with a true, good and empathetic heart used to be admired, appreciated cherished and respected.  1,159 more words

The inherent self destruction of overly empathetic people

There seem´s to be a notion that we are a culture very much lacking in empathy. We have those who care very little for others point of view and then we have those in rage and anger who protest the ones who are careless. 1,147 more words

Something I Won't Regret Writing

What kind of perspective do you have on the world?

Do you view it negatively, as if there are many forces against you and that you are constantly pushing and fighting against it? 619 more words


A home before death/Sacramento coalition wants to build a hospice for terminally ill homeless people

If it wasn’t for lifelines, we would drown, he said. And you can’t be so paranoid to think that everyone you throw a lifeline to is going to hustle you.

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Stories - Living Religion [10-15 Years]

A young man of about 18 years was just discharged from the hospital after treatment for 4 months. He was treated for the relapse of consumption. 1,419 more words


A Shock to the System - Loving a Narcissist

I have been giving a lot of thought to those compassionate empathetic people who have had bad experiences where they trusted and gave their heart, where their commitment and loyalty was taken advantage of, and most of all, those who have experienced the psychological tangle of narcissism in their relationships. 474 more words