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Fundraising Plan: Key Components

This area of the plan is filled with landmines because there may be a large number of events that are totally out of your control… so expect the unexpected and plan for it. 516 more words

Care Teams - engaged as investigators, and solution finders

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.” ~Dalai Lama

“You are a miracle! You have dropped down from heaven to be here with me.” Those are the words I heard from an elder living with Alzheimer’s disease a few weeks ago. 729 more words

Professional Partners

You Can't Save Everyone, And That's Okay

I remember sitting there, the scent of sage pluming through the air, the pair of eyes across from me unable to fully focus, when I heard the words crystal clear: 523 more words

Talking hands, hearing eyes.

A meal with the experience of learning something new; that’s exactly what Talking Hands, an eatery in Hyderabad, offers. Sign language on table mats, sign gestures on the walls, and the employees communicating in sign language, making Talking Hands a unique place to be in. 293 more words

Daily Diaries

Empathy, Empathetic, Empath

My interest in the gifts of being an empath and having empathy began a long time ago. Having empathy or being empathetic means you can “put yourself in the shoes of another” to imagine, understand or feel like they do. 1,163 more words


Finding a Therapist That's Right For You: Part 3

What Will it be Like Working With Me?

I am pretty easy going and down-to-earth. I am not going to be wearing high-power suits. I wear little to no make-up. 1,474 more words