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Weighted Leaves

I can’t help it I feel all
the weight of each leaf holding on, the thoughts
of doubt, ridicule the dreams that haven’t
found their way through those memories left behind… 151 more words


Stress Might Make You A More Empathetic Person

There could be an upside to those worries.

Brain imaging research suggests that being under stress may make you more compassionate to others who are struggling or in pain. 695 more words


Skepticism Is Hard, But Don't Be a Dick

The best way to change the culture of the skeptic movement is to be the change.

-Michael Jackson

or maybe

-Lego Batman

Is there something you used to believe in, but don’t any more?

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Critical Thinking

To All The Empaths Out There, This Single Phrase Will Forever Change Your Life

An empath is one who has the ability to feel the emotions of those around them, from people to animals to plants. They absorb the emotional energy of others and take it on as their own, causing them to experience exactly the same emotional effects in their own bodies. 532 more words

Life is Simple... or Maybe Not (Deeper)

I’ve been writing this blog post for over a week now and can’t seem to write one that explains everything that I want to explain. Though that’s most probably because the topic itself is too general and can be applied to a lot of different situations, so apologies for the scattered thoughts. 1,359 more words


Being empathetic sucks

▶ Here – Alessia Cara

Words might help when communicating, but music is on a whole new level.

The moment when you realise you couldn’t care less, is the moment when you know you are screwed up.

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One year on..

It’s been one year,
since i typed on here,
one year has come and gone,
come in the form of promise,
of heart ache that shakes foundations, 163 more words