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What I Love about being an Introvert

Not too long ago, I was shamed for being an introvert. I was made to feel like I was not normal, because I didn’t like going out often, I don’t have many friends. 470 more words


Horoscopes Are Written within the Immune System

Horoscopes are great… for picking up chicks at a bar. But if you’re seeking a better predictor of personal attributes, offer that person some food. 288 more words


Empathy, Empathetic, Empath

My interest in the gifts of being an empath and having empathy began a long time ago. Having empathy or being empathetic means you can “put yourself in the shoes of another” to imagine, understand or feel like they do. 1,158 more words


What Kind Of Empath Are You?

Empath: Normal Or Paranormal?

The term Empath usually describes someone with a paranormal level of emotional sensitivity. This makes it painful to live in the world. 1,364 more words

No sleep in New York

I have had the worse anxiety yesterday right from first thing when i woke up yesterday morning. At that time it was not nearly as bad but i had a feeling as the day went on it would probably get worse and that it did. 1,140 more words


Appreciation of the Heart - Where Has it Gone?

Story & Photo


Elizabeth Vierra Hall

Today’s world has destroyed humanity’s view of the pure & kindhearted, empathetic people of our time.  A person with a true, good and empathetic heart used to be admired, appreciated cherished and respected.  1,159 more words

The inherent self destruction of overly empathetic people

There seem´s to be a notion that we are a culture very much lacking in empathy. We have those who care very little for others point of view and then we have those in rage and anger who protest the ones who are careless. 1,147 more words