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Criticism- Constructive or Damaging

via Daily Prompt: Criticize

How easy it is to CRITICIZE,

And just NOT realize…

The enormity of the damage done.

How difficult to just correct and NOT criticize… 86 more words


Problem of Practice: Empathize Mode

My problem of practice is students not completing their homework.  My focus is my caseload of 17 students including 8 freshmen, 5 sophomores, 3 juniors, and one senior.  593 more words

Problem of Practice Project: EMPATHIZE

I am designing a professional development module for teachers to learn about the Flipped Classroom. I transformed my Algebra 1 Honors class into a Flipped Classroom and many of my colleagues became intrigued as they heard how successful it ended up being. 554 more words

Want to Create Something Magic?

One of the things about Mr. Trump’s election is how it has opened my mind to how many people felt left out, unattended to, lost, and voiceless in my country. 682 more words

Mindful Living



The opposite of objectification
To humanize what is objectified
To stir empathy without sensationalizing, without tokenizing
To decolonize

A woman is subjective
She is her own interpretation… 269 more words


Stop Asking Me to Empathize With the White Working Class (White Idiots)


The only people who were surprised by white people voting for white supremacy is other white people. Muslims, black folks and other people of color have been petrified of this outcome for a long time now, because we know how white power will do anything to preserve itself. 1,219 more words

Daily News

Derive the Point of View

This is part three of the Design Thinking blog series I had initiated a while ago. The first part was  a premier on Design thinking  titled – 503 more words

Design Thinking