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How to be a good person in the month of gifts

How to be a good person in the month of gifts

It sounds a bit like a stereotype, but the fact is true. Most of the people around the planet become frustrated, nervous and obsessed about gifts and material things harder than the rest of year. 395 more words


Changing seasons

Strength and honor are her clothing, and she shall rejoice in time to come. Proverbs 31:25

Seasons. None of us are exempt. They consistently come…and go. 172 more words


Empathy- "I feel you!"

How often do we say, we feel for someone?  Or, we’re sorry for them?  One thing I have learned over the years, is this.  There is nothing like the connection you have with another person who has-or is-going through the same thing that you have-or are-going through. 192 more words

Sun goes down, streets get full

As the sun goes down, the streets start to get occupied. The stereotype to be careful at night is related to the fear of finding yourself in the midst of ‘bad’ people. 82 more words

alphabet of thanks, "U"

I’m thankful today for UNDERSTANDING.

Giving it and receiving it.

I think understanding is a lost art.

Let’s face it. When we give understanding, we can’t at the same time be intolerant or hateful. 769 more words


It's time

Tears cascading down the eyes of the innocent,

Ravaging wars and terrorism ruining the colours splattered on your canvas which turns red,

Trembling hands of the boy who is enmeshed in the fiendish world of abuse and tribulation, … 134 more words

n. a sudden outburst of emotion

Emotions are an important part of human interaction; it’s what makes us collectively unique as a species. We rely on them to express how we are feeling, in hopes that others will respect and empathize with us.

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