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Make Me Care

Opening scene. Funeral. A crying man in his thirties lays his deceased wife to rest. Sad. Depressing. Emotional. What’s the problem?

I don’t care.

Harsh, but true. 709 more words


E ≠ SY — Empathize

Earlier I had written a primer for Design Thinking. Here I would like to dwell on the first step of Design Thinking as it is generally understood. 802 more words


There comes a time in your thirties or just a bit later, when the place you’ve been born to starts resembling to the way you’ve dreamed of it all the nights of your youth.


Rings of Smoke

I have caught myself many times making stories in my head of the origin of those I see.  Chasing characters that passed my car window, that man smoking his cigarette on the bike lost in thought, that child aimlessly walking about with torn clothes and no shoes to protect from the heat that radiates from the road. 792 more words


Use Your HEART

Just remember they aren’t mad at you, although you may feel that way at times. Keep your emotions out of it. They are upset with the system, themselves or even the unfairness of life itself. 660 more words