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This is not a pity party

First, please don’t think I am wallowing in self pity. I don’t. I do feel sad and angry and hurt and confused sometimes, but again, this is “Survive”, so I go on with my life. 75 more words

Life Challenges

The Enduring Power of Empathy

Growing up, I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation with my father all the time. One of the characters, Counsellor Deanna Troi, was a half-Betazoid/half-Human possessing extraordinary empathic abilities which made her particularly good at her job. 624 more words


How to not be overwhelmed by other people's pain

How to not be overwhelmed by other people’s pain…plus, why amnesia is a big factor is in diagnosing DID…plus, the possible meaning of a dream about an earthquake… 35 more words


Teaching and Immigration

Immigration, legal or illegal, is a touchy issue for many.  As a high school teacher in Houston, TX, teaching immigrants, legal or illegal, is a fact of every day life.   819 more words


Living at the Center

I like who I am, and want others to like me for who I am, doesn’t everyone?  The person that I devoted myself to for 30 years lives at the center of their own life, but can’t understand if anyone else desires to be at the center of their own.   165 more words


Explore the questions

Begin in your group by discussing the questions (find these on the Empathize page) and recording what you think the answers are. Share your own online personas as they are today. 91 more words

W2: Empathize

The first step in design thinking is empathizing, which is putting oneself in someone’s shoes. It sounds easy-breezy but it’s actually not as simple as it seems because I can never be you. 374 more words

Design Thinking