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(Your) life is how you see it, not how (others say) it “is”.



There are times when we go through really difficult times and there are times when we go through really good times. On Wednesday, my cousin lost his wife; and today, my sister-in-law’s toddler nephew is undergoing another brain surgery. 758 more words



Human beings could hardly be proved guilty of anything; they don’t even acknowledge themselves.



up early… of course I would be on a day off, lol…

treated myself to a homemade hot cross bun made by one of my friends… every time I eat one my blood sugar skyrockets… must be the candied fruit because she uses whole wheat flour when she makes them… this was the last one so there won’t be any more temptation… 106 more words

Big Girl Pants

Be Human

Have you ever poured your heart out to someone and you were given a cliché response? You know the… “It could be worse,” or “Everything happens for a reason,” or “There are other people worse off then you.” These responses have been ways that people encourage others to look at their glass half full. 1,850 more words


Please, STOP! And choose to empathize, for just 10 minutes of your fast forward life!

I am not the kind of person who gets involved in humanitarian causes , either follows many of them.

I am aware of the fact that I would want to help everyone and that is impossible. 474 more words

I Am Me

19 Minutes Waiting + 3 Second Apology = Everything’s Fine

When you work a lot of late nights, you eat a lot of grab-and-go dinners. Even though we live in an area of town with a good restaurant selection, we’re still always looking for other choices. 537 more words