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New Stickers Next Week

Some new stickers will be in next week. Check out the design below.

To pre-order a sticker pack visit http://masslovedistro.storenvy.com/products/23511972-empathize-sticker-pack.


Week 9: Sexual Assault Bias - Presentation

Story-telling is a way to get others to listen and be engaged. In this week’s reading, we take a look into an interview with the world’s most respected screenwriting lecturer, Robert McKee. 408 more words

A little down time...

Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks!! The girls and I, both together and apart, have been busy with various activities that wouldn’t normally form part of our weekly routine. 206 more words

Au Pairing

Word Play Gone Astray

“I really empathize with that poor man over there,” Jessica said, looking at the homeless man sleeping beneath a tree in the park.

“No, Jessica, you don’t empathize with him,” Mitch said.   169 more words

Flash Fiction


Reflection: We tested our app with 9 students and 1 librarian. Overall the students liked the idea of a quiet room and the check system. They disliked the color and font of the app. 503 more words



We will design an app that helps use the library more effectively. This app will let a student create their account and sign in every time they use the library. 102 more words


The Need for Stable Housing

In “Searching for Home”, you heard the story of a teacher’s plight of living without stable housing. This story, which is mine, is sadly the reality of many new and veteran teachers. 562 more words