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MTHFRs, Wake Up!

“Do no harm.” – Hippocrates

I wasn’t going to write again so soon, but it’s happening again….

We are being misled about the health of our children. 405 more words

Social Neuroscience of Empathy

The phenomenon of empathy entails the ability to share the affective experiences of
others. In recent years social neuroscience made considerable progress in revealing the mechanisms that enable a person to feel what another is feeling. 158 more words


Dear Donald Trump - #OneSexyThing

by Jackie Acho and Eva Basilion

Memo to: Donald Trump

Subject: Fred

Dear Donald,

We have to admit, we have not been fans. One of our dads is though, and he’s beloved. 495 more words


Dear John Besh - #NotSexy

By Jackie Acho and Eva Basilion

Memo to: John Besh

Subject: You are #NotSexy

Dear John,

We are breaking up with you.

When we first met, you were living the Dream – the American Dream. 703 more words


Dear George W. - #Sexy

by Jackie Acho and Eva Basilion

Memo to: George W. Bush

Subject: #Sexy

That speech you gave last week? The one about empathy? It was so good. 431 more words

The Last Great Ape

I had the good fortune to meet at a conference the very excellent Frances White who is featured in this documentary. Frances is so much more interesting and empirically sound than the cultural anthropologists who typically operate under a highly derivative and lazy Marxist lens.

Evolutionary Biology

The Epidemic of Angry White Men

by Jacqueline Acho and Eva Basilion

Maybe we do know something…

Remember when AIDS was still a mystery? In the early 1980s, people in the US were suddenly becoming sick and dying of a strange new illness. 983 more words