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Inoculating Our Kids Against Pedophiles like Larry Nassar

By Eva Basilion and Jackie Acho

Larry Nassar, once a world-renown sports physician to our country’s top female gymnasts, was convicted and sentenced last week for sexually abusing over 150 women and girls under his care. 797 more words





Long before the pink cinder block wall went up, and the balconies of the apartment house next door looked down into the squalor of our backyard, there was what had once been a bright blue picket fence, so weather beaten that when brushed against, its paint burst into plumes of powder. 544 more words

The Heartbreak of Conservative Christian Political Activism

I was reading an editorial about the Alabama special election Dec 12. The author Mark Galli was arguing that the real loser, no matter the election outcome, was Christianity’s image. 655 more words


Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Courtesy of: “The Snow Tree”

(and Avelena, age four)


This year, as always, and like thousands of other educators, I dust off my winter holiday books –   “Frosty the Snowman”, “The Polar Express”, “The  Penguin Who Wanted To Sparkle”. 574 more words

Close to Home

Following the disappearance of a teen, social media will light up with pleas for help. Tag lines like “Have you seen…?” and “If you have any information…” flood notification pages. 486 more words

MTHFRs, Wake Up!

“Do no harm.” – Hippocrates

I wasn’t going to write again so soon, but it’s happening again….

We are being misled about the health of our children. 403 more words

Social Neuroscience of Empathy

The phenomenon of empathy entails the ability to share the affective experiences of
others. In recent years social neuroscience made considerable progress in revealing the mechanisms that enable a person to feel what another is feeling. 158 more words