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In About A Minute

The bus lurched around parked cars as it dashed toward town centre. Monday morning commute. After the best sunny summer in years school is back in session. 504 more words


Coping with Non-stop Catastrophe

I can’t help feeling a bizarre sense of surreality as I enjoy a lovely, peaceful, golden September afternoon here in New England while at the same time being deeply plunged into virtual reality, watching the slow but inexorable progress of Hurricane Irma across the Caribbean and up the Florida peninsula. 513 more words


Empathy and moral emotions in post-apartheid South Africa

Moral emotions elicited in response to others’ suffering are mediated by empathy and affect how we respond to their pain. South Africa provides a unique opportunity to study group processes given its racially divided past. 166 more words


On empathizers and mentalizers

Although the processes that underlie sharing others’ emotions (empathy) and understanding others’ mental states (mentalizing, Theory of Mind) have received increasing attention, it is yet unclear how they relate to each other. 130 more words


A neural link between generosity and happiness

Generous behaviour is known to increase happiness, which could thereby motivate generosity. In this study, we use functional magnetic resonance imaging and a public pledge for future generosity to investigate the brain mechanisms that link generous behaviour with increases in happiness. 107 more words


On cognitive empathy

Cognitive empathy, defined as the ability to recognize what another person is thinking or feeling, and to predict their behaviour based on their mental states, is vital for interpersonal relationships, which in turn is a key contributor of wellbeing.  72 more words


On individual differences in Empathy

Empathy is a key component of our ability to engage and interact with others. In recent years, the neural mechanisms underlying affective and cognitive empathy have garnered intense interest. 166 more words