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The Social Neuroscience of Empathy - eBook

After decades as the cultivated interest of scholars in philosophy and in clinical and developmental psychology, empathy research is suddenly everywhere! Seemingly overnight it has blossomed into a vibrant, multidisciplinary field of study and has crossed the boundaries of clinical and developmental psychology to plant its roots fi rmly in the soil of personality and social psychology, mainstream cognitive psychology, and cognitive-affective neuroscience. 119 more words


The anatomy of Empathy

Empathy, the ability to vicariously experience and to understand the affect of other people, is fundamental for successful social-cognitive ability and behaviour. Empathy is thought to be a critical facilitator of prosocial behaviour and is disrupted in a number of psychiatric and neurological disorders. 165 more words


Long division

A woman got onto the train the other day and sat down opposite me. She was fifty-ish, tanned and smartly dressed. She had come from the airport and was breathless. 722 more words


Serving Love


To be of service.

To serve,
to give,
to help,
to believe
in something
that is outside of you
and your daily needs – 275 more words

Higher Self

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Servant Leadership is LOVE Serving Love is written by Sandy aka youarelovenow

Listening to your heartbeat helps you understand the emotions of others

By Helen Thomson

You really should listen to your heart. People who are more aware of their heartbeat are better at perceiving the emotions of people around them. 634 more words

Déjà vu (All Over Again)… or What Am I Missing Here?

And I feel like I’ve been here before.  And you know, it makes me wonder what’s going on down under.  David Crosby (Déjà Vu). 1,105 more words