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I am an Enigma, I will confess.

ENIGMA: A person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand.

I will own that I am complex and at times aloof, or distant. 

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The Source Of All Good.

IDEO: Design Thinking Can be used to Develop the 7 Mindsets needed to Develop Solutions

Identified by Design Kit at IDEO, Design Thinking allows us to gain insight and yield innovative solutions for any type of challenge that we face by developing key mindsets. 475 more words


See with your Heart - Imagine..

Nothing can really hurt us, but it is our thinking that makes it so. 

 So, if we can turn any challenge upside down and approach it from another perspective or advantage point, then we are in a better position to find that silver lining in that nasty old rain cloud.  424 more words

The Source Of All Good.

Untold stories

If one is asked the same question often enough, no matter how difficult, one sooner or later comes up with an answer that can be given without too much further thought. 704 more words


Daily Design Inspirations 21: Letter by two of the Greatest Jazz Musicians in the World reads like a course on Creativity (#DailyDesignInspirations)

I just read an Open Letter to the Next Generation of Artists by two of my favourite musicians in the world, and undoubtedly two of the greatest artists ever – … 1,343 more words