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Companionship May Help Chimps Chill Out

No chimp is an island, chimpanzees exhibit fewer signs of stress when they are surrounded by “bond partners”—individuals with whom they share a strong social relationship—even when facing dangerous or otherwise stressful scenarios. 117 more words


"Why Do Old People Get to Decide Our Future?"

The kids are asking. It’s a good question.  If Millennials had their choice, we’d be in a different situation today.  Only 19% of them voted… 108 more words

How would you respond? [Inner Monologue]

What would you do if I asked you to fly?

It depends on who I’m asking.

Person with anxiety and depression:

“Fly? How am I going to do that?

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Health practitioners and self-compassion

Egan, H., Mantzios, M., & Jackson, C. (2016). Health Practitioners and the Directive Towards Compassionate Healthcare in the UK: Exploring the Need to Educate Health Practitioners on How to be Self-Compassionate and Mindful Alongside Mandating Compassion Towards Patients. 120 more words


Daily Design Inspirations 32: Design thinking can help Swachh Bharat (#DailyDesignInspirations)

An excellent, timely piece in Livemint.com. Can we go beyond the hype and soundbytes and use Design Thinking to change the fortunes of the movement? Can Design Thinking be used to better reframe the problems, change mindsets, and come up with real solutions?  125 more words

Design Thinking

Am I About to Destroy my Career by Writing This?

This question is the number one reason why I have tried not to share any personal information about my struggles with major depression online.

I love psychology. 632 more words


Move Along

Wow, we made it! I haven’t been so glad to see Friday since…. Ummm, well, last week. ;)

It’s been a bear of a week, hasn’t it? 226 more words