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Silence of the Soul

The roar of my inner silence
sweeps away all other sound
leaving a deep and pervasive
sense of solitude.

Alone in the midst of a… 36 more words


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... for these challenging moments in time... so, so apt. Thank you dearest Pat - for saying what I am feeling at this time...

Practice Mouth Yoga, and Smile.

When you are frustrated when your boss, friend or family member takes your feelings, efforts, time or anything else for granted, smile and see their clinging to their stuff for what it is – their stuff. 235 more words


Emotional Clearing

When you are deep in the middle of an emotional clearing, it seems as if it will go on forever.  The negative emotions will become an assault; wave after wave will continue to ravage your being with what will feel like no end.  58 more words

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I want to thank the wonderful Jennifer Farley of The Creator Writings blog for sharing this badly needed message of hope with everyone who is being affected by the changing energies at this moment in time. Yes, I am experiencing the very same clearing - a tsunami of difficult and sometimes searingly painful emotions constantly slamming into the shore. But hold on... continue to hold on. As my Sister also advises - 'the birth of something new and wonderful is always preceded by pain'. Everything will work out as it should <3

Empathizing with children's experiences - films

As adults we usually have forgotten what it really means to be a child by the time we have our own children. 190 more words


Empathy and Personality Part IV: Integrating Right and Left Hemisphere Algorithm Components

Before embarking on the series of posts that discusses how each personality matrix integrates and manifests its particular set of preferences within the Empathy Algorithm, I would like to offer a bit more of an introduction to the integration process itself. 316 more words


Buckle Up for Empathy

Loading the family into our Swagger Wagon (ok… minivan) I asked my oldest son to help my youngest son buckle his seat belt. I want to recognize as many “I can do it myself” statements as I can, but not when were in a hurry. 647 more words


Answering the Fundamental Question of Mindful Self-Compassion

by By Steven Hickman, Psy.D.
Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher and Teacher Trainer
Executive Director, UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness

To locate an 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion course near you, or to locate a 5-day intensive MSC program, … 1,149 more words