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Everyday Awakening... In This Very Moment...

While you’ve been busy with your attention captured by feelings and thinking of yourself as separate and limited, you’ve missed the absolute truth: you have always been all that you ever wanted. 810 more words


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Absolutely :-) Thank you to the amazing Ganesh for sharing Gail Brenner's wise words. Thank you <3

"Alone together"

One of the opportunities presented by flying,  is the chance to spend time isolated form the normal events which impact during a day.

So last week,  with several flights,  I took the chance to re-read parts of Sherry Turkle’s book  “Alone together – why we expect more from technology and less from each other”.  375 more words


The Surrender Protocol - Why?

The Surrender Protocol is what I have named the process I used to tame my wild, wondering mind. I once suffered from crippling depression and debilitating Bi-Polar disorder, but over time by practicing mindfulness and practicing meditation I have been able to achieve peace of mind, the wholeness of heart and tranquility of soul and spirit.

Jeff Turnbull


Leaders create a culture of empathy

Much has been written about the supposed lack of empathy in the leadership of Jeff Bezos following the article on the Amazon culture in the New York Times a few weeks back.  357 more words


A Few Inches To The Left

Driving home on the final day of high school, I fell asleep at the wheel. I awoke only a handful of instants before slamming head on into a telephone pole. 657 more words

Being Awesome

Great article from Dr. Peter Pronovost: "Walking in Another Caregiver’s Shoes"

“When clinicians shadow one another, it can help build trust and improve care coordination, writes patient safety expert Peter Pronovost.

Source: Walking in Another Caregiver’s Shoes”

Patient Safety