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Live in Such a Way

I came across an article advocating legalizing rape on private property from Daryush Valizadeh (Roosh V) today. It is a year old but I had to respond to it. 2,548 more words


Right Speech, Be Impeccable with Your Words.

Seek your own counsel.  More importantly, mind your own business.  Don’t volunteer a negative.  If you have something to say that you feel may be painful for the hearer to be heard, but needs to be said, because someone has sought your counsel, be mindful of your words.  189 more words


Fantastic! 'How design thinking helped demobilize Colombian guerrillas'

This is the most fantastic thing we have read recently. How Design Thinking helped demobilise the Columbian Marxist guerillas. Can we not try this in other violence ridden parts of the world? 20 more words


Making Customers Feel Cool

Curves are the enemy of fast moving trains. Just ask Denzel Washington and Chris Pine in Unstoppable. Nearly 30 years before the movie, The British Rail Research Team unveiled the… 528 more words

Being Awesome

The Source of All Good is Within US.

I don’t need a deity to be good.  I am and can be on my own.  I don’t need to be good now so I can go to a better place later.  330 more words


Six Word Essays: Race in America

In this podcast, seven people tell their life stories to start a conversation about race in the U.S. But first, they have to tell it in just six words. 23 more words

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School Lunches from Across the Globe

Palestinian children eating pita bread sandwiches in their schoolyard. Photo credit: AP/Majdi Mohammed

First lady Michelle Obama has launched a campaign to improve the school lunches of U.S.

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