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Parenting My Sons in An Era of Angry Young Men

These are my boys.

They will be twelve and eight years old in the fall. They are funny and thoughtful and kind and generous when they want to be. 1,635 more words

Mirror Touch

There are some writers that are instantly take root in my heart. Oliver Sacks, when I discovered him in 2011, was one of those writers. When he died in August 2015, part of me died, as well. 407 more words


The Thing You Can Do For A Friend When Their Pet Dies

I’m the Angel of Death. It is quite accidental but it’s turned out that way because I offer one of the strange comforts — is there is such a thing as comfort — when a pet passes away. 424 more words


On Stories and Empathy

For the last few years, I’ve ended every school year by giving students what I refer to as my “empathy” speech, a 5-7 minute attempt to contextualize the importance of the subject I teach (English). 1,169 more words


animal instincts.

when glenn had to go through painful surgery

and was at last home again

tiny sweet olive

approached him gently

touched her head to his… 63 more words


Bipolar Belgium

In my life as an environmental educator and park ranger, I frequently worked with kids. I spent a lot of time out walking trails, planting gardens, and enjoying wild nature with them. 1,967 more words