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Exceptional P3 hAAT Guide !

The Team Skunk Republic Content Team has put together this exceptionally clear and concise narrated guide to owning P3 with everybody’s favorite Ewok/Sith Lord duo: Chirpatine!   6 more words



by Sunetra Senior

In a socio-political climate where rape jokes and racism are very much in the mainstream, let’s not be afraid to call a troll a troll. 1,807 more words


Star Wars Comics history-Crimson Empire

Crimson Empire is sort of the follow-up to the Dark Empire storyline, but it’s focus is a bit different. Although dealing a bit with the chaos after Palpatine’s “final” death in that series, it also pretty much ignores Luke, Han and co, instead focusing on one of the last members of the Imperial Royal Guard-Kir Kanos- who has discovered that the Emperor’s clone degeneration was the result of the tinkering of a fellow Guardsman-Carnor Jax, who has ambitions to lead the Empire-and also has some limited force ability as well. 533 more words

Rogue One Characters Join Star Wars: Destiny

Fantasy Flight Games’ collectible card and dice game Star Wars: Destiny will see its first expansion in the form of the Spirit of Rebellion booster pack. 135 more words

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Imperial Profile: Moff Ssaria

Making her only canonical appearance in the first issue of the Lando comic series, Moff Ssaria, Imperial Governor of the Castell sector, is nothing more than a minor character who helps (re)establish Lando Calrissian as the scoundrel we know him to be. 677 more words

Galactic Empire Hails Latest Invention: Railings

The Galactic Empire and His Highness, Emperor Palpatine, are pleased to announced our latest invention: the railing. This advanced technological achievement is guaranteed to improve safety and help crush the rebellion. 142 more words