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Star Wars: Episode 3.5

Star Wars: Episode 3.5 was where I hoped but never expected the Star Wars franchise to progress after the release of Revenge of the Sith… 663 more words

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Lords of the Sith (a review)

Finished reading this bad boy last night, what an excellent book! #StarWars pic.twitter.com/VcIGEUTs2n

— Mark Griffiths (@Marrrkusss) May 21, 2016

Finished reading Lords of the Sith…

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Darth Vader 20

Today, Taylor and Patrick are discussing Darth Vader 20, originally released May 11th, 2015.

Taylor: The old adage goes that silence golden. If nothing else, being a middle school teacher has taught me that this is true. 1,605 more words

Patrick Ehlers

The 'Phantom' Menace

Not only did the Death Star seem small in comparison but Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader had fled in terror from the oncoming onslaught, these people had views and ideas than even made them weep in shame. 522 more words


Star Wars Episode III Cocktails

Coming this week is 4th May or, in America, May 4th (as in “May the 4th Be With You”), which makes it Star Wars Day. As such, I am creating some companion cocktails for each of the seven films. 422 more words

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Game Empire Pasadena Challenge League Week 3 (Kit Tourney!)

So, the Spring kit came in and Angelo decided to run a tourney for it and allow rankings to switch up as a result of the pairings! 366 more words

X-Wing Game

All-Time Favorite Lightsaber Battles (#1-#2)

Welcome to my first blog where I rank my all-time favorite lightsaber battles in Episodes I-VII of Star Wars! For the purposes of these rankings, a lightsaber battle is defined as at least two individuals fighting against each other with lightsabers. 1,080 more words

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