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Dark-Side Luke Skywalker, "Darth Zoon"

A few months ago, our artists got curious about what would have happened if Luke had turned to the Dark Side, either by killing his father as the Emperor had suggested, or by teaming up with his Father and overthrowing the Emperor as Vader had proposed during their duel in Cloud City. 672 more words

Do you have just under 9 hours to spare?

Do you fancy listening to Emperor Palpatine being Satan? Sure you do!

This is one of the better Youtube audio books available, a lot of these free audio books are voiced by people with bunged up noses, recording from their bathrooms, but this was first broadcast on Radio 4 in 1992, hence the way it is in 41 parts, each book-ended with crazy dramatic music. 153 more words

Reading Rhubarb

Lando 1

Today, Spencer and Patrick are discussing Lando 1, originally released July 8th, 2015.

Spencer: Maybe it’s just because of the way superheroes dominate the medium, but when I think of comic books, my mind immediately turns to fighting. 1,877 more words

Alternating Current

Training, part 2...

I lunged at Vader full force as he deftly manipulated my blade, forcing me back.

“Draw on your anger, Aria.” he returned, “You lack the power needed to cast me back.” 457 more words

Star Wars

Darth Vader #6, Understanding us precisely...

Star Wars Darth Vader issue #6.

Writer: Keiron Gillen

Pencils: Salvador Larroca

Colorist: Edgar Delgado

Cover: Adi Granov

It’s time once again to take a peek into the dark lord of the sith’s view of things with this months issue of Darth Vader, issue #6. 1,403 more words

Matt White

The Top Twelve - Original Star Wars Characters

When I talk about my love for Star Wars, most of it is relegated to my affection for the original trilogy of movies: Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back  1,896 more words

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