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The Rule of Two: Tournament Report with the Emperor and the new Vader

With the advent of the Imperial Raider comes a card that has far-reaching effects across the board and across the meta of X-Wing: Emperor Palpatine. A local game store was having a pre-release tournament with Wave 7 ships – someone who plays there had brought a bunch back from GenCon and offered a few of them up as prizes! 2,987 more words

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Review: Lando #3

The relaunched and revamped Star Wars universe, as told in the pages of Marvel Comics, has been one with a focus somewhat away from where one might expect.   393 more words


Character Spotlight: Grand Moff Tarkin

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin is one of the most interesting characters in the Star Wars saga.  In his first appearance, A New Hope, he actually commands enough respect to stop Vader from choking a fellow officer!   1,784 more words

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Luke and the Dark Side

While writing my analysis of Luke’s costumes through the Original Trilogy, an interesting question presented itself.

Do you think Luke would have turned to the dark side had he not known Leia was his sister? 428 more words

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"Let the hate flow through you."

From: Return of the Jedi

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: Emperor Palpatine

The story behind the quote: This week’s quote comes from “Episode VI” of the Star Wars film franchise, Return of the Jedi. 182 more words


Vader and Gilgamesh: All that Pulses is Not Life

Vader and Gilgamesh: All that Pulses is Not Life

Since the earliest times, man has been endlessly vexed upon contemplating his own inevitable passing and has obsessed over the possibility of miraculously escaping death, with many famous tales being spun throughout the course of human history depicting this mortal struggle. 1,971 more words

The Nature of a Hero

Guest Talker: Michael J. Miller

When I was a child, Return Of The Jedi was always my favorite Star Wars film.  Yes, I know The Empire Strikes Back is the most artistic and philosophical of the films.  1,049 more words

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