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Star Wars Rebels Mid-Season 4 Trailer - Emperor Palpatine REVEALED!

Emperor Palpatine has been revealed in the official Star Wars Rebels Mid-Season 4 trailer! The new Star Wars Rebels Mid-Season 4 Trailer (Official) shows Yoda, Emperor Palpatine (Darth Sidious), Kanan with a new look, Ezra, Sabine, Hera and many more of our favorite characters as they battle the dark side in the Star Wars Rebels series finale. 18 more words

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Star Wars: Darth Vader 10: Discussion

by Spencer Irwin and Taylor Anderson

This article contains SPOILERS! If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

Spencer: If knowledge is power, than so is wisdom. 1,738 more words

Spencer Irwin

Luke Skywalker: A Farewell to Arms

He hears the command the Emperor, the Sith named Sidious. The Dark Lord tells Luke Skywalker to “fulfill your destiny and take your father’s place at my side.” Young Skywalker, having battled Darth Vader, his father, had finally bested his foe. 548 more words

The Top Ten 'Star Wars' Villains

I love Star Wars for many reasons. I love the characters whether they’re significant or not, I love the vast array of interesting planets, and I love the stories throughout all of the movies (maybe not so much the story of  2,029 more words

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Bringing Salvation

Scripture: Isaiah 49: 5-15 (NIV)

And now the LORD says— he who formed me in the womb to be his servant to bring Jacob back to him and gather Israel to himself, for I am honored in the eyes of the LORD and my God has been my strength— he says: “It is too small a thing for you to be my servant to restore the tribes of Jacob and bring back those of Israel I have kept. 563 more words

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Fallen Empire

Scripture: Revelation 18:1-10 (NIV)

After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven. He had great authority, and the earth was illuminated by his splendor. 468 more words

Christmas 2017

Plans For Evil

Scripture: Micah 2 (NIV)

Woe to those who plan iniquity, to those who plot evil on their beds! At morning’s light they carry it out because it is in their power to do it. 624 more words

Christmas 2017