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Least/Alder/Willow Flycatcher

So this group is one of the toughest ID challenges going in North America. Sibley flat out states that Willows and Alders are essentially identical and you have to sort them on their calls. 89 more words

Galveston Birds

Some Hummers

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Dropped by Corp Woods before work yesterday. Last week I saw nothing but a singular Northern Mockingbird but now things are picking up. Fall migration is upon us. 99 more words

Galveston Birds

Yellowish Flycatcher - a resident Empidonax

Turn in The Sibley Guide to Birds  to the first page of the 11 Empidonax species that North American birders have to contend with and the scientific name of the very first species says it all: … 177 more words

In My Patch

Philadelphia Vireo, other field notes, Aug. 26, 2014

(Click on the photo for a larger image.)

Philadelphia Vireo (PHVI) sightings raise interest due to the relative scarcity of valid reports in the north New Jersey region. 420 more words

Morris County


Sure, when we begin birding the Blue Heron and Sandhill Crane can be confusing. Goldfinch or warbler? Sorting the cormorants on the coast can be daunting at first. 479 more words


15 September 2013 - Empidonax flycatcher, Traill's type

On Sunday morning, September 15th 2013, I encountered the 47th species and 144th casualty on the study.  The find was unusual in that the poor bird was not quite dead and that, despite holding it in my hand, I am unable to say for sure what it was. 261 more words

11 August: Lifer!

One of the two juvenile Cooper’s Hawks present.

Yesterday, my first day on the tower this season, I was surprised by the number of visitors on the 11th of August.   385 more words