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New York, New York - Day 1

Wow! New York was a jam-packed 3 days! Up and out every morning by 8am and barely making it back to the hostel by midnight! I was exhausted but it was definitely worth it! 751 more words


NEW YORK CITY circa 1930

I was at the Columbus Avenue Bazaar today ….and bought a group of old postcards from the 1920’s and 30’s.  All of these buildings and statues are still standing. 9 more words


#Weekendwanderings A tourist's #photo guide to New York City #NYC

Last week I spent 4 days in New York City. It was surreal to be in the city that never sleeps, and I can tell you from my 4th storey hotel room that song lyric is true! 442 more words


Drunk at the Empire State building

 The lights are so bright that you think it’s day time even at night. New York is a city that seems to breathe, live, and pulsate. 804 more words



Empire State Building by Robert Broadbent
(credit: robertbroadbent.tumblr.com)