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Broadway: Something Rotten

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Last night I had the absolute honor of seeing the Broadway production Something Rotten at the Saint James Theatre. A Musical that makes fun of History and all other musicals? 144 more words

Empire State Of Mind

I've Got A Pocket Full of Dreams

If you had asked me growing up what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, my dream job if you will, I would have probably given one of the answers all kids give: doctor, teacher, or an astronaut. 634 more words


Empire State of Mind 

Getting over nerves before teaching, has been one of my biggest challenges! Before teaching a class my heart races, and I usually feel anxiety about how the class will go. 239 more words

The Lights Out Crew (@_BrianMalik & @bamboo1275) feat. @_ROCKNESS_ - "Empire State of Mind"

The Lights Out Crew is a group hailing from Baltimore who specializes in hip hop-reggae fusion and are most known for their recent inspirational track, “Make A Change”, which was dedicated to the fallen from recent headline tragedies. 119 more words

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MET is love, MET is life

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My favorite place on the tiny island of Manhattan is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, hands down. Here are my top 5 reasons why: 365 more words

Empire State Of Mind

Sarah Blasko on love and other uses

Sarah Blasko has it figured out. Or has us figured out. Those of us who will hear her fifth album, Eternal Return, and its songs of unabashed declarations of love and happiness and make assumptions. 2,144 more words