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Cool Shit I Saw This Weekend

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With my final projects completed and ready to be presented on Tuesday I spent time this weekend checking things off my NYC bucket list. 511 more words

Empire State Of Mind

Striking Back at The Empire

New York: The Empire State, The Big Apple, The Concrete Jungle where Alicia Keys thinks dreams are made of.

New York was always somewhere that I was afraid to go by myself and I am rarely afraid to go anywhere by myself. 906 more words

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Broadway: Something Rotten

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Last night I had the absolute honor of seeing the Broadway production Something Rotten at the Saint James Theatre. A Musical that makes fun of History and all other musicals? 144 more words

Empire State Of Mind

I've Got A Pocket Full of Dreams

If you had asked me growing up what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, my dream job if you will, I would have probably given one of the answers all kids give: doctor, teacher, or an astronaut. 634 more words


Empire State of Mind 

Getting over nerves before teaching, has been one of my biggest challenges! Before teaching a class my heart races, and I usually feel anxiety about how the class will go. 239 more words

The Lights Out Crew (@_BrianMalik & @bamboo1275) feat. @_ROCKNESS_ - "Empire State of Mind"

The Lights Out Crew is a group hailing from Baltimore who specializes in hip hop-reggae fusion and are most known for their recent inspirational track, “Make A Change”, which was dedicated to the fallen from recent headline tragedies. 119 more words

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