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Secret Cinema: Tell No One

So we did Secret Cinema. We dressed up as Star Wars characters. We wandered around London. That’s my eldest son in the photo next to me.  603 more words

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What 'The Empire Strikes Back' Got Wrong: An Abductee's Story

By Guest Writer Sam Scovill

One of the most traumatic experiences in my life is also one that few believe. One night when I was out  in the country getting high on mescaline, a bright light suck me up into the sky. 519 more words


Secret Cinema's Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (SPOILERS)

   Please believe me when I say I tried to write a non spoiler review. I tried, but I got as far as “IT WAS AWESOME” before I started talking about my favourite bits. 1,585 more words


Secret Cinema Presents: The Empire Strikes Back

Before the latest Secret Cinema presents was announced many were doubtful how it would top or even match last year’s Back to the Future venture mostly due to the sheer scale of the 1955 Hill Valley recreation. 646 more words


Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)

A personal reflection.

Star Wars, later subtitled Episode IV – A New Hope, introduced audiences not only to an iconic far, far away galaxy, but also to the formula of the summer blockbuster.

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Secret Cinema presents The Empire Strikes Back

Say what you want about Secret Cinema, and you do, at length, they know how to put on a good show. On Friday I was lucky enough to attend a screening of the down note that is The Empire Strikes Back in a secret location somewhere in our nation’s capital. 230 more words


Secret Cinema - Star Wars, 2015

My friends A and J are currently over in London for a few weeks and so being massive fans of the Star Wars saga along with myself (or so I like to think) we bought tickets to attend the Star Wars… 257 more words