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Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Review and Discussion

Yesterday my friends Abby, Jeremy and I discussed what is widely considered the best of the Star Wars films: Empire Strikes Back.

I watched Empire Strikes Back twice last week and each time I was truly blown away by it.  321 more words

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40 Thoughts During "The Empire Strikes Back"

Well, obviously if I jotted own my thoughts during “A New Hope,” of course I’ll keep that pen and paper next to me during “Empire Strikes Back.” Now a few more observations from a grown-ass woman who’s never seen Star Wars. 406 more words


The analysis of the film posters

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Release date: May 20, 1980 (United Kingdom)

The analysis of the film poster. The poster is similar to Fritz Lang’s film Metropolis Released 1921. 185 more words

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How Star Wars Conquered the Universe - Book Thoughts

There’s something different about Star Wars. Unlike most other media that has a captivated audience, Star Wars has been universally loved by million (Billion) globally. … 876 more words

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Reactions and Thoughts to the Final Star Wars Trailer

Dear Jess,

I have been trying to suppress my inner nerd for several weeks now. I’m trying to pretend that I do not have a countdown on my phone until December 18th, when  2,192 more words