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Celebrating 40 Years of Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

For many Star Wars fans, The Empire Strikes Back is the definitive movie of the franchise. Although the franchise debuted in 1977, Star Wars really feels more like a byproduct of the 80’s than the 70’s. 467 more words


Sons of Obi Wan Training Day

No industrial bar here! Join Britt, all the way back in 2015, when she visited the amazing Sons of Obi Wan.

Source: Novastream


Gorgie - Cloud City.

One of the very rare occasions on which a wander down Gorgie Road has resulted in a photo opportunity. Look at that sky. It’s something out of Cloud City … with the added bonus of an ALDI and a manky McDonald’s resting underneath.

Custom Creation - 1/4 Darth Vader Helmet - The Journey Begins...

Last year I saw a video on YouTube by Cosplay Chris. He took a Jakks Pacific Batman figure and totally re did it. It looked great when he was done and it really inspired me to go out and get that same figure and repeat his process. 953 more words


You really believe that don't you?

pity you are so lost in your delusions of grandeur… Nothing new – you always were.


Twenty Years, Part 2

It’s amazing what things stick with you and how clearly they stick. As I said in the last post, I remember with absolute clarity the first time I saw… 852 more words