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How Understanding your Beloved Pet May Help You to be a Better Parent or Boss

I think this message is very timely with governments having completed the canine genome and are now relating domestic pups to humans in a more significant way, even with regard to treating CANCER!  590 more words

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The Implications of Organizational Structure on HR strategies and Its Practices

Part 1:

McCourt and Eldridge (2003:2) define Human Resources Management (HRM) as The way an organization manages its staff and helps them to develop. Bratton and Gold (2007) state HRM as a means of achieving organizational effectiveness through deploying employees’ talent by the use of idiosyncratic HR programs and practices while Thompson and Richardson (2000:58) point out that… 394 more words


An Overview of Psychometric Tests

Psychometric Tests, also called Occupational Tests or Psychological Tests -

can be defined as instruments, which are developed and used in assessing and evaluating individuals’ aptitude, personality and intelligence and provide information on how one person differs from another (CIPD, 2008). 484 more words


The Impact of National Culture on Organizational Culture

The National Culture of a country is highly dominant and shapes the culture of organizations where they function (Lindholm, 2000). England (1983 cited in Thomas, 2008) that… 1,316 more words

Employee Behavior

The Importance of Job Analysis in Performance Management

Job Analysis holds information relating to the different aspects of the jobs and it provides information regarding what activities to perform in a particular job, gives an indication how to perform them, the skills and responsibilities to assume in order to perform them well and its impact in achieving the individual and organizational performance expectations (Hong and Lin 1995; McCourt and Eldridge 2003). 625 more words

Employee Behavior


Metrics, or measurements, influence the behavior of people in organizations, in many ways. Commonly, metrics are devised to measure essential activities, with the expectation that their meaning will be clear, and that employees will take action in desirable ways as a result of seeing the metrics. 222 more words


Using the Digital Hawthorne Effect to Improve Safety at Work

I ran across a Fast Company article discussing a new 360 degree action camera that has been invented by former Apple Engineer Paul Alioshin.  What’s new about is is the ease in which it captures events from all angles.   363 more words