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“Before LegalShield I was quoted $2,000 in Salem, Oregon for an attorney to handle my case (she charged me $100 to tell me that and say she thought I had a reasonable case). 311 more words


Which Health Plan Applies?

When your employees are covered by more than one health plan, you’ll want to know which plan is “primary,” insurance jargon for the one that pays claims first. 670 more words

Employee Benefits

All About FMLA

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1983 (“FMLA”) requires an employer to permit an employee to take unpaid leave for a certain amount of time. 338 more words

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefit Membership Cards

Las Vegas has many tourist attraction and magnificent shows that tempt to million of guests to come and visit this ravishing place yearly. Hotels in the Las Vegas, are one of the best places to go for entertainment on the westward coast of the United States. 261 more words

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Google / Alphabet Is The Best Company To Work For, Great Employee Benefits And Work Environment

Google, now known as Alphabet, is named as the best company to work for – again! With great employee benefits and an awesome work environment. 22 more words

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How To Get A Pay Raise: ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ Author Tells You

Do you want to increase your salary? Best-selling author of “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” tells you how.

So you’re sitting at your desk wondering how you’re going to ask your manager for a pay raise. 11 more words

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IKEA Increases Employee Salary To 7,300 Staff To Support National Living Wage

7,300 Ikea employees are expected to see an increase in their salary as a response to the national living wage. 

Good news for Ikea employees. Ikea UK is now set to increase the pay rates of 7,300 staffed employees as a result of the introduction of the living wage rate…Read more

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