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The New Year’s Resolution You Should Keep: Managing Your Healthcare Costs

The article below was published on January 3, 2018 by DigitalDealer, written by Contributing Writer Steve Kelly.

We came across this article written by Steve Kelly, co-founder and CEO of ELAP Services. 708 more words

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公司行號健保 可考慮按比例算住院費

【健康保險我該怎麼辦 】

The average cost of a 3-day hospital stay is about $30K. Do you know how your health insurance pays the bill? 47 more words


The SHRM Employee Benefits Trends for 2017

You are running a successful company and you have great employees on board. How do you keep them from quitting and joining another company? Here is where… 611 more words

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How the FMLA helps to Take Care of You and Your Family

It’s a typical day at the office and you are swamped with work when the phone rings. It’s your next-door neighbor calling to tell you your father has been in an accident and has been hospitalized with a broken leg. 606 more words

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6 Strategies To Create A Diverse And Inclusive Workplace For Your Employees

Google was trending in the news recently for creating a new offbeat resource towards inclusive workplaces. Bloomberg reported that its employees have started an informal internal weekly email list aptly named “Yes, at Google” which collects and sends instances of racism, sexism, sexual harassment and other unethical or unlawful activity at the tech company and its parent company Alphabet Inc.  455 more words

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