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Engagement (or any) surveying is not enough

Asking someone a bunch of pre-determined questions on one particular day, of one particular week, in one particular month in their career journey with your organisation is a standard way of ‘measuring’ employee engagement. 245 more words

Employee Engagement

3 Myths about Work-Life Balance You Shouldn't Believe

I have never understood the term “work-life balance”. Why is work something separate from the rest of the important things in our lives? Am I not living my life during those 40+ hours that I spend in a workplace… 988 more words

Employee Engagement

Who Puts The 'FIT' In BeneFITs?

I picked a survey online at random that supposes to know what the employee benefits are that are most appreciated by, you know, employees. According to that survey, the top five were health care, paid time off, performance bonuses, paid sick days, and retirement savings contributions. 820 more words

Employee Engagement

Dealing with Toxic Employees

By Nicole B. Dhanraj, PhD, CRA, RT(R)(CT)(MR)

At some point in our managerial careers, we encounter the daunting task of managing a toxic employee. Sometimes we hire such employees without recognizing toxic traits; other times we inherit these employees as we transition managerial positions. 412 more words


Top 3 reasons people leave

While pondering over 3 of the top reasons people leave a job or organisation, it’s easy for me to draw on my own experiences. It reinforces just how powerful connection and interaction with people in our work-life really is. 201 more words

Employee Engagement


I was a little amused seeing the above description of connection and how it differed in meaning with North America ! gun problem? …….never!

I observed something really interesting (to me!) last week. 867 more words

Recruitment Marketing - 'The Post'

Digital Sinkhole

LinkedIn is a constant stream of news, opinions, sales material and job adverts; we have no end of information at the touch of a ‘New Posts’ button. 764 more words

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