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Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money-Guest Post by Fretty Francis

A bigger motivation than money is hard to believe, but it does exist. The kick that we get from being applauded is priceless. Only a person with true leadership qualities can create an engaged workforce. 926 more words


3 tips to making your voice heard

Recently, a contact whose opinion I value gave me some feedback on my blog. They told me that whilst they liked the narrative style, it felt like sometimes my message got a bit lost in my thoughts.   497 more words


Create A Purpose Driven Workplace

A talk by Adam Smiley on what it takes to create meaning. Very entertaining talk with a strong message about finding meaning at work. Even more entertaining if you watch at 1.5x speed. 11 more words


Do well-being programs make employees more engaged?

For decades, employers have focused on well-being programs’ impact on cost savings. Today, they’re realizing programs may also affect less tangible, but no less important, engagement metrics such as employee attitudes, loyalty, productivity, recruitment and retention. 318 more words


Getting Answers to Your HR Questions

HR professionals manage the human capital of an organization and focus on implementing policies and processes. Questions regarding government regulations arise frequently and searching for the answers can take up valuable time. 588 more words


Megan's Maxims - Effective Engagement and Project Planning

Building off of Tuesday’s topic on Implementation and Kronos Paragon, here’s the last post in this year’s run of Megan’s Maxims. Search other posts for this Working Smarter Café Mini Series here: … 290 more words

The Link Between Organisational Alignment & Change Management 

How positively or negatively your employees feel about the experience of change is largely influenced by the leadership underpinning it.  No pressure, then!  Here’s our take on why keeping employee engagement and goal alignment front of mind is the only recipe for successful change management.  1,510 more words

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