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That Friday Feeling

It’s been interesting reflecting on employee engagement lately. A few weeks ago my status on LinkedIn was, “Do you have that Friday feeling? Do your employees have it too?” which was meant to start drawing attention to two things: 1) how engaged a leader is will reflect also in their workforce and 2) reminding leaders that they also need to feel engaged to enjoy work and perform better. 624 more words

6 Learnings from 6 months as a consultant

Once again this week, I’m digressing from my usual customer experience theme to share some learnings from my experience as a customer experience consultant over the past 6 months.   868 more words

Customer Experience

Do busy people have time for the environment?

I have a lot of sympathy for people whose work involves cold sales. Whether they’re knocking on doors to sell conservatories, stopping people in the street to ask for charitable donations or picking up the phone to call prospects, engaging people is a challenge. 529 more words


Employee Engagement Explosion!

Sure, chemistry class might have been more explosive had Walter White been teaching it back in the day, but I still remember 11th grade chemistry and of course the periodic table of elements. 69 more words

Employee Engagement & Corporate Social Responsibility (Part 1)

A recent session on employee engagement has me thinking about corporate social responsibility and its effects on employee engagement. Employee engagement is a hot topic, and research proves why—about a third of employees are highly engaged in their work; the other two-thirds are minimally engaged or disengaged. 1,424 more words

Employee Engagement

Are managers becoming the company scapegoat

A phrase I have repeatedly heard in the internal comms and employee engagement arena recently is ‘People leave managers, not companies.’

When I first heard it I did think it was a striking statement, encouraging managers to be more effective and to encourage companies to create better managers, which is where it does have merit. 585 more words

In My Opinion

Pink Hair Don't Care: Be Yourself No Matter Your Role

I’m not your average B2B outsourcing sales person. I’m a girl, in my 30s, and have a large family of four boys. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Tom boy when it comes right down to it.  553 more words