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Are you Black Friday ready?

I’ve gone shopping for Black Friday once, maybe twice, in my life. For some shoppers, it’s an anticipated fun night/day out. For others, it’s an exhausting and sometimes even dangerous event. 302 more words

7 Tips to Help You Overcome Nervousness before a Job Interview

Getting nervous before an interview is pretty common but it’s to your own advantage to get your nerves under control so that you can concentrate on establishing a decent first impression. 586 more words

Does Your Fun 'n' Funky Workplace Actually Make For Better Work?

This article covers some workplaces that have gone for the fun and funky motif – perhaps some others have tried to, but in the superficial way where all the mini golf courses in corridors and Harry Potter secret doors and fireman poles cannot overcome the dull, uninspiring work infecting dulled, uninspired inhabitants. 314 more words

Employee Engagement

Everything Causes Everything Else

Do you need to be engaged at work to be effective? Sure, maybe. But maybe not.

A provocative article by Alec Levenson from 2015 argues that… 488 more words


Invest in training and development programs to create Workplace Happiness

You probably have heard the story of CFO and CEO:

CFO: What happens if we train them and they leave?

CEO: What happens if we don’t and they stay… 491 more words

Happy Employees

4 Myths most bosses believe about employee engagement

Article by Stephanie Vozza on Fastcompany.com

Engaged employees are more productive, have higher job satisfaction, and are more focused on customers, according to a Gallup study… 421 more words

Employee Engagement

What made you leave your last job?

I bet if I ask that question, you’d be able to give me lots of answers: “I was offered something better”, “I hated my boss”, “I wasn’t being invested in”. 675 more words

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