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Bringing Government Agency Contact Centers and the Internet Together for a Seamless Customer Experience

Taxpayers often turn to the government when they are overwhelmed and stressed out by personal circumstances. A fragmented experience across government websites compounds their distress both increasing the burden on call center staff and the cost of meeting taxpayers needs. 837 more words

Customer Service

The Paradox of Power: Part 1

“You can’t tell employees everything,” explained a manager.  “You have to select information that persuades them to do what you need.  There are things I do not tell my people.” 198 more words

Effective Leader

4 Reasons why Onboarding program impacts Retention and Engagement

Imagine yourself at a party where you don’t know many people, it’s just the one who invited you is known to you. Unless you are someone who was really looking forward to attend any party doesn’t matter what, you would look forward to the host to greet you and introduce you to other people at the party and guide you for what all is planned for the day. 684 more words


Flexible Work for All: Employer Benefits

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Last week, we looked at the myriad of benefits that flexible schedules provide to employees. This week we will delve into some of the benefits for employers. 624 more words

Human Resources

Where should you focus your HR Efforts in the future?

We all want to predict the future. I want to know which company will be the next AOL, or the next Apple. I want to know where to tell my kids to put their money so they can take care of me in in my old age in the same lifestyle they have grown accustomed to under my roof. 799 more words

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Are Gilovich’s research findings relevant to organizations?

Recently I was reading a consumer psychology research dialogue by Thomas Gilovich. While the research concludes that people derive more satisfaction and happiness from experiential purchases as opposed to material purchases, what really intrigued me was the underlying concept of how experiences create positive psychological impressions on us and its relevance to organizations and individual employees. 625 more words


Want to Improve Work Performance? Focus on Your Conversations

A new infographic released by The Ken Blanchard Companies shows that work communication isn’t happening with the quality or frequency people are hoping for.  The… 860 more words