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Barriers To Communication

In my last blog I talked about analysing communication climates and I wanted to take communication theme forward and look at some common barriers to communication in the workplace. 648 more words


Employee engagement starts with mapping out the employee journey

Blog op orteccommunications.com, augustus 2016. Designing the employee journey will give you insight on what’s really going on within your organization. 

Employee engagement starts with mapping out the employee journey… 298 more words


How Is Your Communication Climate?

Communication climates are the same as weather climates, the sun is either shining, it’s overcast or you feel like winter will never end. A long time ago now, I lived and worked in the Pilbara region of north west Western Australia and one of the first jobs out of school was working as a surveyor’s assistant. 615 more words


HR departments have to change

Just as businesses start focusing on being ‘customer centric’ and developing a ‘customer experience’ that will ensure customers want to repeatedly do business with them, there are many arguing that to be ‘customer centric’, is really to be ‘human centric’ and the same can also be applied to staff. 184 more words

Customer Experience

Architecting the HR customer experience: Design thinking applied to HCM technology selection

Posted by Arthur Mazor, Gary Cole, and Maribeth Sivak on September 01, 2016.

The business imperative
Two-thirds of companies believe complexity is an obstacle to business success and a barrier to productivity.1 Design thinking takes aim at the heart of unnecessary workplace complexity by putting the HR customer experience and moments that matter first—helping to improve productivity by designing solutions that are at once compelling, enjoyable, and simple. 877 more words

HR Technology

Your Guide To Employee Experience

Blog van Paula  Clapon op gethppy.com. Het creëren van een employee experience die  bijdraagt aan gelukkig werken en een hoge productiviteit zou het belangrijkste doel moeten zijn voor iedere organisatie. 887 more words


CONTROL, KAOS or somewhere in between?

When I think of the terms CONTROL and KAOS, I am instantly taken back to my childhood where there used to be re-runs of the TV series Get Smart with Don Adams talking into his shoe phone. 443 more words