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Employee Case vs Tech Giants

My new piece for SHRM Online (the Society for Human Resource Management) provides details on an employee class-action lawsuit against Apple, Google and other leading technology companies. 13 more words

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Happy Employees = Happy Customers

LaForce has a force of employees determined to make our company a success. Amanda Cornelissen, LaForce’s Director of Human Resources, weighs in on the subject about LaForce’s recruiting and retention efforts over the past two years. 448 more words

Hiring an Employee From a Competitor

In certain industries there are employees who are in demand by the competing employers because these employees have special skills.  Whether an employer can hire an employee from a competitor can be surprisingly difficult to determine.  326 more words

Employee Recruiting And Retention Are Symptoms Not The Problem

A lot is said on recruiting and retaining employees; however, it is often overlooked that the two issues really go hand in hand. The inability to retain employees leads to not being able to find the right prospective employees to recruit. 681 more words

Current conclusions regarding social media

Social media is a fascinating subject. There are numerous websites, blogs, journals and other resources in the online community to discover information regarding social media and its relatively recent impact on organizations, employees and online presence. 1,722 more words

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A breif tutorial in online reputation management

I ran across this slideshow on Slideshare, yet another social media outlet. It presents some tips and tricks for navigating through the social media and social network world as well as managing your online reputation. 41 more words

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Classifieds are out; social media is in

Business Week Online featured an article by Dan Schawbel in which he declares that “LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and blogging are much better tools for finding jobs that speak to your passions than job boards and corporate Web sites”. 471 more words

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